Saturday, August 29, 2009

Went over to Yuying Secondary School for friendly match today, very disappointed that Tiffany can't go with us. I wonder if Kelly and Chaoxin will miss a friendly for Student Councillor stuffs. Eventhough it is 'just' a friendly for some of you. Lol, whatever la.
Anw, really had fun today during the match. The opponents were great, tough yet friendly.

Haha, yea, lost two won one. Congrats to juniors for winning all :D

In the bus, was talking about beijing. And I realised immediately that I missed Jinyan alot. Haha, I still remember Chaoxin and I were trying to figure out if she was a guy or a girl. Then when we doing the drill we tried to peep at her nehneh. Haha, then realised that all the volleyballers there were girls. haha, malu siah. Lol, okay enough of beijing and jinyan. I can keep on talking about it until the next day arrives lo. Lol. Okay, so stop. Haha.

after the match, went to S11 to eat lunch. As usual, i cant stop eating the Tomyam Mifen, haha, damn nice. Strongly recommended by me :D Then overheard that Jiajing and Yuping are going to Eunice's house to do homework. [Right, at first i thought they were damn serious as when i say i wanna do teacher's day card they say dont want. Lol, but of course, turned out that i was wrong.-,-] Haha, went home showered and met up with Eunice at the front gate.

Haha, that Yuping hor, me and her no 'me qi' siah, she go meet at back gate. But luckily Eunice very guai, come for me at the front gate first :D, haha. David came along too, I dont know him that well. haha, he was very quiet and keep doing homework. Other than that, we also played with Eunice's kitten, named 'NONO'.

Haha, like what you might be thinking right now, with NONO here, how can we possibly concentrate? haha, we kept playing with NONO lo. What do homework, haiyo, bullcrap siah. haha, but not bad la, i get to finish maths exercise 9.1. Haha. Eunice's house is full of food (Rasyidah, pls read this!). haha, so i shall go her house often. Somemore the food all so nice one lo. You can eat whatever you find leh. Wow, it's like playing 'hide n seek'. haha. So ended up stuffing myself with food.

Then ordered KFC Delivery. It took about 40minutes, so we wa
tched horror movie. It was quite nice, haha. Then KFC came and we ate happily ever after. haha. Eunice connected the computer with the tv, so we can have bigger view of th laptop, damn cool. haha. And, this is how Eunice connect the cable to the tv:

haha, so that's the end. :D Bye!

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