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"You are"

Hey HAHA, I feel like I've been blogging so excessively this month but I really gotta remember this trip to Bangkok because I only get to meet my best friend twice every year (once when she comes by SG mid-year, and another time when I travel to Bangkok end of the year) and every moment we spend together is just so previous and valuable to me. This time, I actually intended to travel to Bangkok on my own, I've done it a few times to just have quality time with Pan. Also, if I were to go with someone to BKK, Pan and I just have too much to catch up on that my friend would definitely be left out. And Pan and I walks around holding arms, so...there's no room for a third person to be around HAHAHA. But anyway, Sam and Kimchi decided to tag along for two days, while I stay on a little longer to spend more time with my best friend hehe.

Also before you continue reading, I gotta warn you that the word of this entry is "bomb" and "ass" LOL and sometimes "bombass" cos I'm so fancy like that.

So Sam, Kimchi and I booked the same midnight flight to BKK and we met at the airport to have dinner around 8pm, then checked in early (for once in a really long time cos I'm seriously always late to a flight). We didn't get to sit together, not even near, in the plane, so we just did our own things. We touched down in BKK at around 1am, plus immigration, transport and all that stuff, we only reached our hotel at 3am. Pantita, Top and some of their friends came by the hotel cos we needed Pan to check us in (Pan's dad owns the hotel so we got to stay for free). It was so surreal to see Pan again I cannot possibly put those feelings into words. I think only people who have been in long distance relationships can understand. Our meet-ups are always filled with screams and long big hugs with tears almost welling up our eyes, and goodbyes are always just so damn sad. It feels as though time spent with her will never ever be enough for me. However, I gotta say though, that I think the distance between us actually strengthened our friendship a lot. I think that's rare, and that's what makes our friendship so special hehehe. Ok anyway I'm digressing. Basically once we got into our room, we got changed immediately into clubbing attire and took a cab straight to Insanity, which was the only club we knew that closes at 5am, while every other clubs close at 2am due to the whole mourning over the late King in BKK. I had friends in Insanity as well, so we just went over there to join my other friends. 

This was the only photo I found from the night at Insanity and I have zero clue why I posed like that LOOOOL. Anyway, we reached Insanity only at around 3.30-4am and first thing we did was open a table and get a bottle (we basically do this every night cos it's so cheap over there and we just look like ballers every night LOL). And it was also at that moment I realised I came with the wrong friends cos I was with all my guy friends and no cute guy will have big enough balls to come near and talk to me. So the entire night I was both Sam's and Kimchi's girlfriend (cos I'm greedy as hell) to chase all them cougars away from our table. One of the girls even came to me and asked whether I wanted Sam or Kimchi and she will readily take the other HAHAHA. And I was like BOTH I LIKE THEM BOTH. Sorry guys, I tried but those girls were really too damn persistent. They seriously wouldn't leave our table. Despite me trying my very best, the boys still ended up complaining that I didn't save them enough. WALAO WHAT U WANT. Ok anyway, I think we finished our bottle in like half an hour. I was super ready to drink cos first night in BKK and excited as hell HAHA. The club closed at 5am and we went back to our hotel room to play Circle of Death and drink some more. Thanks Mingwei for finishing the my King's Cup that I didn't even touch. Yes, basically that was what happened upon touching down in Bangkok, like WTH it's not even our first day and we got so wrecked I can't. 

I think we fell asleep at around 6am and the boys woke me up for 7-11 breakfast at 11am T_T. The plan was to go to Platinum Mall to do some shopping that day but I was so dead and hungover. The cab right to Platinum got me stuck in the toilet trying to puke for a good 10 minutes. Before shopping, we had some bomb ass wanton noodles (which I didn't get cos hungover and no appetite) according to Sam's recommendation nearby. Then I went off separate ways with the boys cos I am too paiseh to stop by and look at my girly clothes while they just stand there and judge my choices HAHA. I didn't get a lot of clothes though, I really just spent most of my time in the fitting room sleeping HAHAHA cos seriously I was that wrecked from the previous night. The boys called me not long later to meet them at Starbucks so we can head off to have dinner together. 

We walked to Central World which is just nearby to grab some food. There happened to be a lot of food stalls set up outside Central World so we went in to check it out and got my favourite super bomb grilled salted fish. We just hobo-ed it out and started a trend of sitting in the middle of nowhere and pig out on our food. HAHAHA oh and btw yes I wore a long sleeve top and boyfriend jeans and didn't break even a drop of sweat at all the entire day (plus night) because the weather was so good. It's apparently like "winter" in BKK every end of the year.

This is me eating my harkow happily at MK Restaurant, evidently before I died from over-eating.

After pigging out and desperately digging out every little pieces of meat we could still find from the fish bones, we decided that we were hungry and went into the mall to get some real food. We settled for MK Restaurant cos we in BKK yo HAHA. And we absolutely overestimated our appetite cos we ordered way too much and were really just so freaking stuffed. I wish you could have been there to see Sam's defeated face at all the food he couldn't finish HAHAHAHHA it was so freaking hilarious like he's just "I give up" "I cannot already". We were also quite a nuisance everywhere we went cos we were so loud and making a fool out of everything. We were literally like kids in a mall. Anyway, right after our dinner which we tried really hard to finish eating all the food we ordered, we took a cab back to our hotel room, freshen up a little, drink a little and head to Demo club at Thonglor street. Demo is my favourite club in BKK ever I met so many friends there and sighs, just so much memories with my best friend there HAHA.

This is me...back at it again with the same head pose that I had no idea about LOL

This photo of Sam is the funniest thing ever I just can't HAHAHA

Yeah ok we took a lot of photos that night cos...IDK WHY EITHER LOL, but I'm glad we did!!! All the photos turned out so cute and funny and looking at them felt as though I could remember every single moment that happened that night...even though I obviously can't HAHA. I remember being best friends with the cleaner auntie at the toilet though (I swear it's a thing with me and cleaner aunties at clubs, like we just become instant besties for no reason). Her name is Jit, and she is so so sweet. She either always look so happy to see me or I'm always so drunk whenever I see her HAHAH. Anyway, we opened a table with a bottle of Jim Bean at Demo that night at the hiphop section. I remember very vividly how crazy it got when they started playing Juju on that beat HAHAH it was so sickkkk. Also, Pan probably knows everybody at Demo cos she just kept bringing people to our table and I love how she made sure everyone gotta know I'm her best friend. I also think the highlight of the night was that I met Andrew (my very cute BKK boyfriend HAHAHA I'm kidding, he has a girlfriend, he's just really really handsome)...and forgot to take a photo with him ugh so angry with myself for that. Anyway Sam died that night, and Pan lost her iPhone 7 so the night ended pretty early. We ended the night with some bombass pork on a stick with bombass sauce. Damn it was good, and we went back to our hotel room where Sam slept like a baby but still managed to wake up at 11am the next morning for his favourite 7-11 food LOL. 

Oh here's a photo with Sam's half awake krunkkkkk face cos he's such a light sleeper. Also, Kimchi and I had the weirdest HTHT ever. I remember teaching him how to wash his face for a good 10 minutes in the toilet, and we also talked about armpits??? LOL what happened

Up early the following day to head to Chatuchak for more shoppinggggg. Also, this photo got everyone in hall calling me Sam's coco...thanks a lot bro. -_- I think my best buy from Chatuchak was probably my Paramore band tee cos Paramore's band tees are so freaking rare. I also got another dope band tee from ADTR!!! Band tees are my laziest outfits, I basically just wear them oversized like how I wore to Chatuchak, with shorts underneath and sneakers. I still look swag af and comfortable as hell HAHA. I also got some chiffon pants cos they're super comfortable. Ok, basically I'm super into comfy wear now and just try to wing it and look swaggy HAHA. I can't even be bothered to shave my pits now cos whenever I think about having to shave them, I'll just wear some sleeved top. I think being single for over a year killed my girliness...even more. I mean from the sorethroat I'm having now, I'm practically a guy lah. Oh I forgot to mention the bombass pork noodles we had at Chatuchak before we started shopping. Damn, it was so good. Also Kimchi and Sam got the same glasses I got from Platinum but in different colours so we're basically the swag team now. I told them we should do a squatting down photo and hashtag #squatgoals instead of the conventional #squadgoals but of course I am too lame and childish for them. Also showcased my bombass racist jokes to Kimchi that really needs to get on Sam and my level of racism. HAHAH I'm kidding I just really like racist jokes but I'm not a racist person c'mon.

Oh ya here's our swaggy glasses that the boys pressured me to bringing to a club...AT NIGHT LOL

Anyway we had dinner near Chatuchak and headed back to our hotel to get ready for another sickkkk night. This time we got table at the EDM side of Demo, but it's nowhere as good as the hiphop side so we shifted our stuff to squeeze at the hiphop side. It was really really crowded and we really didn't have as much fun as the first night. And three nights of drinking in a row is quite...crazy HAHA. We only managed half a bottle, and the club closes at 2am so still ended the night quite early. It was the boys' last night here so we headed over to Beam, that closes at 3am. We just danced for awhile that's all and decided to go for supper at Shakariki, which is a Japanese place that's open 24 hours, so duh perfect supper place. 

Here's me looking all swaggy in this super elegant robe from @tool_shop on Instagram. I told Top I was cold and he gave me this robe to wear and look all stylish and shit. Sighs, this is what friends are for guys. I definitely got a lot of stares while waiting for a seat outside, and even wearing it inside, but too drunk to care sorry. Also, Top is the ultimate friend you can get cos he loves taking photos of his friends and you'll get bombass photos to update your instagram everyday man. Anyway this Japanese restaurant is really cool, like WE GOT TO MAKE OUR OWN TAKOYAKI HOW COOL IS THAT. I don't even like takoyaki but we just ordered it for fun HAHA. We ended up not being able to finish our food cos we literally just ordered for fun HAHAHA. We got back to the hotel later, and the boys packed their luggages and got a cab to the airport. Annnnnnd they're gone sighs, I woke up in the afternoon with no 7-11 breakfast in the room all alone. :(

Pan and I met around 4pm late afternoon and headed to JJ Green, which is like a hippy market near Chatuchak that sells more trendy stuff. And we bumped into Mario Maurer oh my goodness. I couldn't tell it was him at first and Pan was all so excited over it, so I went over and ask him if she can have a photo with him. It was only later that I realised he acted in First Love which was a movie I love so much and cried so much watching. Ok I did regret not getting a photo with him, but seriously guys he's not that tall and he didn't dress very well and he wasn't THAT cute in real life LOL ok that's all just to comfort myself. I did afterwards went on to text Sam and rant about how I didn't take a photo with him UGHHHHHH. 

Anyway we just walked around and have random street food for dinner. I also tried Squid Eggs with Pan, it was...so weird. Kimchi Sam and I wanted to try it at Chatuchak but we got no balls to try it. It just sounds so gross right??? And it tasted squishy and like I don't know man. I'm definitely not an adventurous eater, like I don't even eat baby squid cos I'm scared to squish the head and the thought of it just really grosses me out like hell. I didn't enjoy it very much so I let Pan finish the rest for me HAHA. We just kept eating the entire day, and also I couldn't find a money changer so I didn't get to buy a lot of clothes at JJ Green, which actually nothing caught my eye anyway or maybe I'm just too tired to look around. We just kept circling around the same area and keep getting new accessories, especially earrings and studs. I started getting really into ear rings cos I realised my lobe piercings are still open after so long. I used to have like 9 piercings on my ear, cos yknow secondary school swaggy days, then I closed all of them together cos I was just so sick and tired of cleaning them and taking care of them every single day. Also, I always have my hair down after JC so noone can really see my ear anyway and there was no point in decorating my ear in fancy studs. So I only had my naval piercing until now, I got my lobe piercings back in action!!!!! HAHA

Gotta have selfies before we get food, while waiting for food, and when we finally got our food HAHA. Actually we look the same in all the photos LOL

Top came to join us with his friend, Stop, at JJ Green after awhile. We only walked for a really short while, and also died eating Mango Salad with raw crab cos it was so freaking spicy. Pan and I were tired from walking the entire night, so we headed back to the car. Pan went back to her condo to get some stuff back home, and in the meantime Top, Stop and I had a mini photoshoot session in her apartment LOL. As I said, Top is a really good friend to have for all his professional photography using his new iPhone 7. 

I moved out of the hotel to stay at Pan's guesthouse for the remaining trip. Probably the only bad thing about staying at her house is that we have to eat breakfast at 9am every morning with her parents, and it's weird because they can't speak English so most of the time I just eat in silence. And also, it's way too early in the morning for my body to function. 

Pan and I went to EmQuartier in the town area to get her simcard and all the lost phone stuff settled. And the toilet is so fancy we had to take some selfies there HAHA AND THIS IS ME AND MY PARAMORE BAND TEE I FREAKING LOVE IT HOW IS IT GUYS ARE U JEALOUS

We went to Audrey Cafe for late lunch cos I freaking love the food there, by that I mean all the food like the appetizers, the sides, the main dishes and the desserts damn they are all so bomb. Also, can we talk about the lighting there for awhile, it is so bomb as well???? Either that, or Pan's camera is the bombass one. HAHAHA I had more shots trying to look all fierce and sexy, but I can never do that. I can never do all those cool shots and look all fierce like I just end up looking so unnatural. I prefer doing laughing shots, especially now that my braces is gone I gotta smile with my teeth so much and blind everyone with my beautiful teeth hehe. 

Oh anyway, back to Audrey Cafe. We ordered my favourite tomyum pasta with big ass shrimps, bread with liver paste and smoked salmon pizza. We finished every little bit of all that bombass food. Then we ordered thai tea rosti for dessert which was SOOOOO bomb as well omg. I cannot get enough of Audrey Cafe. I need that crab souffle so bad, and that tomyum pasta was really on some next level shit. SO GOOD I AM SALIVATING RIGHT NOW

After an extremely fulfilling meal, Pan and I went to rendezvous with Top and his friend that I actually follow on instagram but I forgot her name LOL. Thai names are kinda hard to remember except Pantita, Top and Andrew HAHAHA. Anyway we met up with them at TWG for another session of atas dining, and we were just chatting about boys and stuff cos we're all girls there duh. HAHA, but I didn't talk much I just kept eating cos they mostly spoke in thai and they just told me to say all the vulgarities when necessary and I did as I was told cos I was clueless af so I can't be blamed for any offence taken. HAHAH

Later we headed to Thayekamai bar to chill drink a little with some thai music that everyone was singing along to and I was literally the only one in the bar who doesn't know the freaking song. I only know one song, which was Happy Birthday cos they had to sing the song for some birthday girl in the bar LOL. After some chill drinks, we went to Demo on a Monday night to finish our bottle from the previous night. I think this is my only photo with Top so I gotta write him a simple note of appreciation. I only knew him for a year cos we first met last year when I came over to BKK, and he was so sweet to meet me every single day with Pan and bring me places to meet his friends and all that. And he is so freaking funny??? The way he frowns and whines, and his random remarks are just so out of the blue are freaking hilarious. I am so glad Pan has a friend like him to take care of her when I'm not around. But also, I think Top needs a friend like Pan to take care of him when he's drunk af which is like ALL the time I watch Pan's instastory and snapchat LOL. Ok I doubt Top will understand all of this, but I'll get Pan to translate it for him. THANK YOU TOP FOR SPENDING TIME WITH ME. I MISS YOU ALREADY!!!

Oh I digressed again. Anyway we went to Demo to finish our bottle yup. It was a lot quieter on a Monday but there was still a crowd, and in fact I think all the tables in the hiphop area was occupied LOL. The "chill night" we intended didn't happen, and we just kept downing one glass after another. And then my dear friends realised I'm running a fever and I was sitting down and blowing my nose with lots of tissues all around me. HAHA basically Pan and Top brought me back from Demo to go Food Land to get some medicine, and I went back to to Pan's place to rest early. I was quite bummed out to have the night end so early for us and that I got them so worried about me, but I think the rest of the group stayed to hang for awhile more. Anyway, we had to recharge a little from all that partying as well cos the next day was my last day in BKK.

Ok I was wearing my bomber jacket cos I was freezing in the car and I should really have taken them off for this shot with the cutie fox ugh. Nevermind. Anyway on my last day in BKK, Pan, Top and Stop brought me to the Animal Cafe and Restaurant which really took us quite a while to get there cos of the traffic. If you checked out my BKK post last year, I actually went to the Little Zoo Cafe but the Animal Cafe is really a lot better cos there were more animals, and we really get a lot more interactions with the animals. The owners were less strict with the people interacting the animals, and there were less supervision. OK which doesn't actually make it a good thing for the animals, but it's good for us cos we get lots of cute photos with the animals!!! And I actually don't think the animals were traumatised or anything, cos of course everyone who went there really likes animals, and the animals were so little and harmless anyone WHO COULD EVER HAVE THE HEART TO HURT THEM?!?!?

This animal I'm holding like a baby right here is called a Caracal and it is so lovable!!! Completely harmless and super easily fascinated with everything. It will also cuddle into your lap willingly and ugh just super cute I can't. Can we also talk about how exotic it is to be able to find such an animal in a cafe??? It was really exciting for all of us and we were so eager to take photos with them. 

This animal right here is called a Serval. They are really active and doesn't like to be hugged but if you distract them the right way they will come onto your lap for like a few seconds, and at that time you should quickly get your friend to take lotsa cute photos for you. HAHA, but they won't cuddle into your lap like a cat or dog would. They will just try to find whatever that they were attracted to and just hop away after awhile. They are so beautiful!!! Also, look at that Caracal at the back biting a slipper HAHA. Omg it was really so fun at the Animal Cafe. I also came to a conclusion that it is the best therapy to get affection from cute little animals when you're feeling upset. If a cute Caracal cuddling in your lap doesn't make you smile or feel even a little bit happier, you have issues. HAHA ok I'm kidding. I just think...it'll really work wonders for me if I ever feel so sad. This is why I need a cat in my life ugh I MISS MY CAT!!!

Did you think that was all the animals they had??? NOOOOOOO, they have owls as well!!! They even had a huge snowy owl like the one in Harry Potter, but I was really too scared to get near it. I am actually not a fan of birds, like I just think they're so scary especially when they start flapping their wings. It's terrifying, and the snowy owl had HUGE feet it was crazy. Also, at one point it started flapping its wings and got really agitated (of course they had a rope tied to the feet so they don't fly away), and IT WAS HUGE I SWEAR LIKE IT WAS HALF MY BODY SIZE BUT WIDER. Crazy it was huge, so I didn't get a photo with the snowy owl, but THIS TINY LITTLE OWL THO!!! Look at it omg it is so adorable!!! And really so gentle, like it will bite your finger and play with you a little but it doesn't hurt at all. And it is SOOOOOO soft it's crazy, I just kept stroking it gently. Omg and I freaking love all the expressions it gives because its eyes are so huge and sometimes the brows frown a little and it looks angry HAHA SO CUTE!!!

Oh also I forgot to mention that they are also many cats at the Animal Cafe besides all these wild animal I took photos with. 

Ok we left the Animal Cafe after that and had a mini photoshoot session outside the cafe because yknow all the gram and stuff. HAHAH 

Ugh I miss Pan so much. Anyway, after Animal Cafe, we headed Siam so I can finish up my last minute shopping for make up and contact lenses. For anyone going to BKK, remember to stock up your make up supplies at Eve and Boy cos they sell the freaking cheapest make up ever. And their nail polishes are so bomb for only $1, and the colours are all so cute. Also, they sell NYX Lip Lingerie there!!! They even sell all the sephora brands like benefit and all that for a significantly lower price. They were selling Hoola Bronzer for 800baht if I remembered correctly. Anyway, I basically stocked up on my Maybelline mascara, Revlon foundation, Za eyebrow pencil, NYX finishing spray, liquid lippies from NYX, facial cleanser from Hada Labo and etc. I spent 3k baht there LOL. SO WORTH IT cos I just kept spamming all the mascaras. Also, what a waste that BKK doesn't carry maybelline age rewind concealer??? 

Then we went to some nearby contact lens store that was selling a pair for 100baht. All the contact lens store sell a pair for 100baht but not every store carries my eye degree, which is 400 and 300. So usually I just get a pair of 400 and another pair of 300 degree from the same design. I only get grey or brown lenses, and these lenses last for a month. And I got myself 6 pairs. And I still have lenses remaining from the previous BKK trip last year LOL. I basically have quite a supply of lenses lah, can't afford to not have them cos without them I iz blind. But seriously, it is so freaking cheap and I have tried lenses from Taiwan but BKK ones are still the best really. 

After that we went to check out Ramintra Night Market which closes at 2am. Apparently it's the place to do your nails cos it is so freaking cheap. Just don't even bother doing your nails before going to BKK cos you can do it here for about half the price for sure. I did matte gelish nails for 300baht (12SGD), and apparently some stall owner we stopped by later told us we could have gotten it done for 200baht WHAAAATTTT. It's already so freaking cheap I really didn't mind getting cheated of that 100baht. LOL ok usually in SG I'll do gelish manicure and pedicure, and it'll cost $50, and that's the cheapest I could find already. But over there my friend did gelish manicure and pedicure for 800baht, which is like 32SGD??? It's ridiculously cheap please, don't say I never tell y'all about this ok. DO YOUR NAILS IN BKK!!! Just do acylic there as well, cos Pan did it for 1.3Kbaht which is just 50SGD??? GOD

We spent quite a long time queueing to get our nails then, and a long time getting our nails done itself. By the time we were done many stalls were already closing, but it didn't matter cos I didn't have a lot of money left anyway HAHA. We just walked around killing a bit of time and Pan and I went back to her place cos I gotta pack my luggage for my morning flight. Pan and I had a mini HTHT while she fell asleep and I was trying so hard to not fall asleep cos I didn't wanna miss my flight. Morning flight sucks so bad, and I was sick which just made it a whole lot worse. I made it anyway, sleeping like a baby in my uncomfortable seat cramped in between two male stranger. Luckily noone had to wake me up for me to give way to them to go to the washroom or anything so I had quite an uninterrupted sleep. From Changi Airport, I just cabbed back to hall and slept like a baby the entire day.

(I really like this photo so much despite the poor quality. I can literally feel myself hugging her just by looking at this photo and I miss her like mad already.)

I knew I had to go to BKK to find Pan no matter what, and I really didn't mind going alone cos I needed to see her and talk to her about all my heartfelt feelings. And I am so happy that by the end of the trip I got the assurance I needed from her. She is really so important to me. I can be completely unfiltered and myself when I'm with her, and our personality complements each other so well. We are never selfish with compliments of each other, as well as insults. Our friendship is completely transparent and I am so so lucky to have her. I know she is not one to be flowery with words, and she's not like me to be able to come out with a whole paragraph of words of appreciation of her. She's not that good with words, but she always show me with her actions and simple gestures and remarks how she appreciate me. And ugh, I just really love her so much. I am so lucky to have Pan in my life. Thank you for loving me since we were 10 years old. We literally grew up together and I think one thing that never changed was how close we were to each other. Despite the distance, despite the little time we talk to each other, despite all the little squabbles, and all the times I posted photos of you that you disapprove (you look fine really) HAHA. All our HTHT in bathtubs, and on the bed till we fall asleep with the lights on. Thank you for everything baby! I really love you so much!!! 

Also here's a stupid photo edit by Kimchi to kill the sentimental feels a little bit. THIS IS SO FUNNY WTH??? A summary of our facial expressions this entire trip HAHA GOLD

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