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"I think reality is overrated"

Hello once again to this neglected space and loyal readers here. I know I have been away for awhile, and this blog is slowly dying. I used to blog every single day 6 years back, then it slowly decreased to once a week, then once a month, then now it's barely even once every two months. Many things happened while I was away and you might have a slight idea if you're following me on my social media (Instagram and Twitter). I probably don't feel as inspired to blog about the things I used to anymore, or maybe blogging is just no longer a thing these days. Anyway, sorry for the short meaningless rant, but the point here is that I really hope to get back to blogging frequently now. Writing in this space has always been a way for me to document my experiences and keep those precious memories, and I enjoyed reading my old posts and reliving the moment all over again (and also realise how much I've grown). It's been close to 10 years in this blog and I really hope to keep this going. Also, I finally decided to include an archives drop menu at the bottom of my blog so that people can go check it out if they're interested. Some heads up, my earlier posts are lame and embarrassing as hell, so forgive me please. 

Before I jump into all the things that I've been up to these few months, here's a little rant about growing up. I know I'm not the most mature adult out there, LOL because friends know I'm childish as hell. But like every other normal human being out there, I face setbacks and just a lot of unexpected shit that makes me stop and think and doubt my entire existence. Growing up, I realised how important it is to love and accept the person that I am. There are people that I invested so much on, with the silly mindset that our friendship is unbreakable and is bound to last a lifetime. I will always regret opening up to these people who eventually left. They didn't deserve to know me like that. They didn't deserve the time and effort I invested in them. I would have moved mountains for them, but they turned their backs like our friendship meant nothing at all. But I guess life is unexpected (will always be), and sometimes pain is part and parcel of life, and learning to let go will always always be so hard. I took a break for awhile in solitude a few months back to just reflect about the person that I am. Maybe there is something wrong with me yknow. It was impossible to fall asleep, hell, it even made me scared to make new friends because I felt as though no one deserved to have a shit friend like me and I'm also too scared to invest in someone new. It was a month of self-doubt until I finally turned to the people who had my back since many years back. The people who never questioned my decisions, never judge, and completely understood me. I don't know what I did to deserve them, but I really hope they know how much they mean to me. I wouldn't have been able to get out of that hell cycle of self-torment without them. Of course, this does not mean that I have nothing to improve on myself. I know I am too straightforward, and tend to say things on impulse without considering the feelings of others. I am also always late and can be really self-centered at times. These are the things that I have to try to change about myself, and I only ask for my friends to be patient with me in the mean time. 

Ok I actually typed one entire long ass paragraph dedicated to my ex-friend in caps cos I was so agitated LOL but ok there's no point making this an angry post cos I'm over it (trying to get over it). I think I should move on to what this post should really be about.

These two paragraphs actually kinda summarised my two resolutions from this point on (not new years' resolutions cos they're so damn overrated LOL). Basically, I wanna try to blog more often, and I gotta learn to love myself as cliche as that sounds. Also in line with the second resolution, I really gotta choose my friends more wisely man. I mean, seriously, some people really didn't deserve the things I did for them.

Ok now seriously moving on the the things I've been up to since the last time I updated this space.

Life in Temasek Hall

I get asked about this a lot, like "why did I change hall" "how's temasek hall" "is there a difference" and so on, so here goes. To start, I was in Eusoff Hall for 1.5 years since Y1S2, and I recently shifted to Temasek Hall this semester which is just beside EH. I am currently in TH's Track and Volleyball team, and also got notified today that I'm now part of their Bash Committee! 

Ok first of all, I changed hall because during the 1.5 years in EH, I was actually squatting for one whole year, which basically meant that the room I was staying in wasn't really under my name in the system cos I didn't have enough points to stay, so because of that I wasn't involved in hall activities at all. In fact, I was never involved in any of the EH activities even when I wasn't squatting because I didn't know how to go about doing it, and when I tried to contact the sports committees or the captains, they just seem to be unable (or reluctant LOL IDK) to help. Wait, I should do a disclaimer first that I am not trying to throw shade at EH (especially when I did mention in one of my blog entries before how much I enjoyed staying there, and my experience there is after all what made me still want to stay in hall, regardless EH or TH), I'm just speaking from my own experience ok. Ok where was I. Hmm, right, basically I didn't wanna continue squatting anymore, so I applied for TH with the help of some friends and managed to get master-listed for Track and Volleyball. Master's list basically meant that I must join these two sports when I enter TH, and have to attend 70% of their trainings. In essence, that's how I ended up in TH, cos they accepted me in and EH didn't. 

Initially when I got into TH, I planned to phantom and just not participate in any hall activities besides the ones that I am master-listed in because I barely know anyone here. I only know Sam who is a good friend of Joel, and Jo made Sam promise to take care of me. HAHA, basically that's also how Sam and I became good friends. Thing is, obviously my plan to phantom kinda failed because Sam is really accommodating and he invites me to join him whenever he is off to do something in hall, like poker, dinner, night cycling and so on. I'm like his little bitch that tags along everywhere he goes HAHAHA. To add on, my neighbours are really so nice like they invite me to join them for dinner all the time. And they always help me out whenever I needed. And being the typical gossipy girls, we will sometimes just chat for 30-40 minutes along the corridor or by the bench at our level. I am seriously too lucky to have such nice and friendly neighbaes! We also played angel, mortal and devil in hall, and my beloved angel helped to decorate my room into a one piece paradise and give me random snack surprises in my room. I really love the wanted poster on my door with like my face kinda hidden so it kinda feels like I'm Usopp or Sanji HAHA. At the same time, I pranked my mortal like crazy throwing grass all around his room (his room was at the first storey so it was very acessible to nature HAHA) and messing up his wardrobe but also being very generous with the snacks after every pranks in case he gets mad. So first semester in, I feel very included into this homely community at TH even though I missed hall orientation from being away in summer exchange in Korea, and I am honestly very happy staying here.

Night cycling:

Cat Safari:
I signed up for this alone and didn't really know anyone who went there because I love cats so much HAHAHA. 

I also played Inter-Block Games, and celebrated Lantern Festival with the people from my block. Oh, and I also went for Thrill Night (Halloween event in TH) and won myself a speaker cos I had the highest score in darts (had to put this in to show off a bit LOL). 

So is there a difference between Eusoff and Temasek? My answer is definitely quite a stark difference. I'm not trying to say that Temasek is better in any way, I just feel that TH's environment really suit me a lot better, especially the people here are more welcoming I guess. Or maybe it's cos I'm not squatting anymore, so I get to interact with more people and really get to know them. But all in all, I'm very happy with my stay here. I probably won't have enough points to stay for the following year though, but I will stay if I manage to get master-listed again. 

Ultra Singapore
Day 1:

I was psyched pre-ultra, extremely psyched during ultra and extremely depressed after ultra LOL. It was a mini getaway for me away from being an NUS student and mugging my ass off everyday, so I was definitely looking forward to this day like mad. I basically spent Day 1 of ultra with a hangover cos I went to zouk the previous night and obviously had too much to drink. I was supposed to just hang with the people in my hall but I bumped into Kamarul baby!!! We have never partied together and I haven't seen him in ages. So we partied together for the first time that night with his friends (who are bloody hilarious). Also, it's my first time actually in a like a legit mosh pit cos it drizzled a little earlier that day and the grass patches were muddy as hell, but the rave never stopped and people just continued dancing with muddy shoes. I freaking love it! Also, when I was in a cab to Marina Bay, you could feel the vibrations from the sound system at Ultra. It was super insane and it just made us more excited in the cab, like I just wanted to get out of the cab as soon as possible. Ok I can't recall much from Day 1 of Ultra, but I remembered having a really good time, and queuing super long for food HAHA. 

Day 2:

My girls joined me on the second day of ultra at the VIPs and we had so much champagne to drink, hence my flushed face. I was more excited for Day 2 because of above and beyond!!! I swear I wanted to cry when they started spinning I love them so much. It's the kind of music that makes you feel every single word and beat from the song. Like I'll just close my eyes and wave my hands, and try to hold back my tears HAHA. I'm not kidding. Ugh, omg I would do anything to go back to that moment. Also kinda died when Axwell started spinning. Quite a pity Ingrosso didn't make it, but Axwell was sooo good. I swear I melted when he went down on one knee and proposed with a ring to Ultra Singapore. Kamarul just looked over to me and couldn't stop laughing. I actually enjoyed myself more dancing at the very back where it's not as crowded, so we have our space to go crazy and really rave like mad. HAHAH, also you make friends there and rave together so it's insanely fun. Everyone was just having so much fun, the atmosphere was insane. Damn it, now I really cannot wait for ZoukOut even though it can never match up to Ultra's standard.

Mayday Parade Concert

This is also one special day that I've been looking forward to for soooo long. In fact, a couple of friends from my block in hall were also attending Mayday Parade's concert, so we all kept counting down whenever we see each other. When the day finally came, it was one of the rare days I got ready super early and ended up being 3 hours early HAHA. The initial plan was to attend this concert with Jo, but turns out his brother was going as well, and Sam is going and his siblings as well. So we all hung out together like a happy family HAHAH. I knew most of the songs they played because I went to google their set list HAHA yeah I couldn't wait. Also, I got to get ready for the new songs that I wasn't really familiar with so that I can still sing out heart out along with Derek Sanders!!! SCREAMING OMG, cos he was soooo good. His voice is amazing, and it sounded exactly like how his record sounds like. It was awesome, even though the drummer wasn't present, and the song "Oh Well Oh Well" just sounds super weird without drums, but I really enjoyed myself still. Especially cos they played "Three Cheers for Five Years", which is my all time favourite song from Mayday Parade. The song is just so sad, and I feel it every single time I listen to this song. I swear the entire concert I was just mesmerised and smiling and enjoying every single moment before it was gone all too soon.

Singapore Fashion Week

Kenneth the idiot told me to get ready only an an hour before we were supposed to reach SFW venue for dinner, and I ended up wearing super lupsup, just head to toe dressed in black. My outfit was not cute, so we didn't take much pictures that night HAHA. Kenneth and I literally just went there for the free food LOOOOL. Anyway SFW was definitely a night to remember for me because we got treated like VIPs with photographers and videographers following us everywhere we go like we are some big shot. Also, the food was freaking amazing. We had like spanish octopus, sea urchin, oysters, and all the fancy stuff. It took us 3 hours to finish the entire meal course, and to be honest, I was full by the last appetiser dish. LOL

Also, we got chauffered from the dinner venue to National Gallery in a Range Rover, which was so sickkkk. Even when walking to the fashion show venue itself, all the photographers were everywhere around us which of course turned a lot of heads, and I bet people were just like who the hell are they I don't even know them HAHAHA and we aren't even anybody really, but we acted like we were cos we really got the celebrity treatment everywhere we went that night. We even had a manager attached to our group to tell us where to go, and to take photos everywhere like it was important that they have a photo of us cos we were VIPs. HAHAHA, it was also kinda embarrassing cos Kenneth and I were dressed so sloppily. But whatever, I had fun receiving all the celebrity treatment that night, and also mad respect to the real celebrities out there cos those papparazis are really everywhere man. 

Quite bumped that I missed Halloween at Zouk for SFW, but I'm really glad I went SFW in the end because it was definitely a night to remember. We don't get treated like VIPs everyday!!!

Zouk's Finale Night

Zouk has been my go-to club for 4 years and I made so many friends there during this period of time.  I could probably navigate myself around the place with my eyes closed. I understand that people might not like it because the music is always the same and stuff, but I really enjoyed the company I had there. It was always a fun night, especially on nights with guest DJs, or events like Halloween (favourite day ever), National Day, even Chinese New Year. They also have Mambo Night where they play all the old songs from my childhood, and Solid Gold which is just my favourite hiphop all night. Many of my fondest memories were made at this place, excluding all the memory loss caused by this place as well LOL. 

I'm not sure how the new Zouk at Clarke Quay will be like. I definitely expect a lot of changes with the whole vibe, people and so on. It's just not the same to have Zouk so exclusive at a place where no other clubs are around, and have our usual meet up spot at the hot dog stand, LCD screen, carpark and so on. Dayum, many things are gonna be different. But I hope events nights and drinks will stay the same. Except now we probably cannot order special drinks anymore if the bartender changes. In fact, most of the staffs are not going over to the new Zouk. I will miss chitchatting with the cleaner auntie while waiting in line for a cubicle at the toilet. Sighs. Well, to look at the bright side, food is more accessible around Clarke Quay for sure, and we have many other clubs around when Zouk is full house HAHA. It's definitely not gonna be easy getting a cab though. 

Anyway, back to what actually happened on the finale night at Zouk. As usual, I'm dressed super lupsup because you don't dress up at home do you? HAHA. We got our chops from beloved Wan after stopping outside winebar with our jug of long island tea for damn long just chatting with our friends. Also, stopping and chatting every single time we bump into a friend who are all at Zouk that night. We also decorated the wall outside Zouk (where they place all our confiscated stuff) with our names. Then popping lots of champagne bottles and downing lots of sour plum shots at members. After a long while, we headed out to wine bar where I met some friends to drink some more long island tea, and then right before my memory was completely wiped out I had a drink called the witch, which is basically just another killer drink at Zouk. LOL, I also will never forget the night Cynthia and I ordered Sun Special from Sun, and complained that it wasn't so strong so he gave us another one on the house, which really killed us so badly. Also the night that I drank so much (and in my drunk state I was still drinking so much and making everyone drink so much) that I can't remember shit, so my memory was based off whatever my friends told me, and apparently in my gone state my unconscious self still knew how to remove my make up and contact lens, shower and brush my teeth before heading to bed. The only problem was when I woke up the next morning, I was still drunk and I couldn't find where the hell I placed my contact lenses the previous night. HAHAHA it was hilarious. Damn. Thank you for the memories, Zouk. :') On to create more precious memories at the new Zouk!

Some more photos from random days:

Photo dedication to my dentist and assistant dentist for the 2.5 years of braces and the sweet outcome!

Back to school on the first day of Y3S1 with this babe (Isshani!)

Kenneth the smelly friend that comes over to my hall to study, and my hall friends thought he was a homeless guy cos he was asleep in our common lounge and I wasn't there to claim him as my friend HAHAHA

Lunch date with Tyler!

Halloween Horror Night at USS with Sam, Kimchi and Debbie (and their group of friends)!

Birthday dinner to celebrate my gramps birthday! 
PS: my grandma is older than my granddad by one day HAHA SO CUTE!!!

Brought my baby brother out to play bowling and laser tag for his birthday!

Met up with half the group of friends I spent most of my Korea Summer Exchange with after finals at Holland Village!

Lunch date with my favourite lecture buddies in NUS and welcoming Jez back from her exchange!

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