Monday, June 3, 2013

Soft kiss and wine

How did you spend your last day of school?

There were so many things I was looking forward to on the last week of school. Thursday's stayover, Friday's cross-country (or hangover HAHAHA). But all too soon, the last week of school has ended. Time really do fly while you're having fun. 

I spent my Thursday night and Friday morning with the best people I met in AJ this year: Jon, Jan and Pai. And our nicknames are too much of a coincidence, like c'mon, Pei and Pai, Jon and Jan. HAHA, it's fate! With or without drinks, it's always fun having these people around. This night was special cos we had my fave Tequila Sunrise! And yknow what happens when you have my fave drink around, I lost control and just kept downing the cup. Well well, I'll leave the rest of the story to your imagination alright. It's not nice to have drunk Pei around, that's all I can say. 

It's not bad to drink, and it's not bad to be drunk. It doesn't always feel horrible to have a hangover. Sometimes people bottle up so much inside them, and you say it's a matter of time they explode. But you know exactly when they will explode? When they get drunk. It's when you're drunk, you have lesser control of your emotions. If you're a happy person, you're a happy drunkard. And if you're a sad person, you're a sad sad drunkard. 

Sometimes you look at people and think "hmm tough guy", "fierce girl", "bubbly person". But everybody have a vulnerable side. The side of the story you haven't heard, the side of them you haven't seen before you placed a judgment on what kind of person they are. And at the end of the day, who will stay to hear your story? 

Thank you Jon for taking care of me that night. I might never find someone who will stay up the whole night trying to get me to shut up and keep calm when I was completely restless, hug me and assure me when I couldn't stop crying. And stay awake affected by things I can't remember I carelessly spoke. (I'm sorry) It's such a blessing to have you in my life. 

And I haven't mentioned how sunny these few days have been. Sister was so eager to go swimming to get a nice tan while I'm pretty reluctant. I think I'm quite tanned already. Both my sisters got the good genes that won't allow them to stay tan so they're both relatively fair compared to me. But on a side note, sunny days make good lighting for photos! HAHA

Went on a shopping date with my little sis and I'm quite pleased with all my buys! Bought 3 tops, a dress, a romper, and a pair of wedges for around $100 only. Yeah yeah I'm not the kind of girl who goes for expensive stuffs okay. I go for cheap branded stuffs cos I'm that damn good at shopping HAHA. It's like, you and I both have denim shorts, mine could just be from new look but yours is from a&f but nobody actually digs their hand to the back of your shorts to stare at the brand or neither do you leave the price tag on to flaunt how much you spent on the pair of shorts right. But of course of course, if you have the money why not. It just pains me to spend money like that cos I know how hard I worked to earn 1K+ during the hols and now I'm left with only 1/4 of it. 

Alright alright, I think I'm done with this blog post. I think I'm not in the right mood to blog right now. I struggled with these few paragraphs for nearly 2 hours already. Btw my Mom, oldie sis and lil bro are heading to my hometown in msia tomorrow and only coming back on Fri. God the house chores, and how much I'm gonna miss my baby bro. And I'm going to watch a movie alone tomorrow! HAHA, just trying out to see how it feels like. It's gonna be sooo awkward when I buy the tickets but whatever, it prepares me for the future if I'm ever gonna spend my life alone and widowed. Jokang

Here's a photo of baby bro making himself comfy on my thigh. So gonna miss him during the 5 days when he's away :(

OK I have no idea if I posted this before but look at lil sissy and I HAHAHA we sleep in exactly the same position so daddy took a picture. 

Who else loves my baby hair flying all over my face while I strut along hallways in school LOL kidding

Eating oreo cheesecake must camwhore
Got Jack Daniels must camwhore

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