Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Galaxies in my heart

So I'm finally blogging about my Bangkok trip which was from 26 Dec 2013 to 2 Jan 2014, and yes we celebrated the New Year in Bangkok and it was by far my most enjoyable New Year countdown with the people I absolutely adore. 

Our flight was in the afternoon and I do not recall feeling any hint of excitement until I finally arrived at the airport. I was just hopping around and my mind constantly circulating around the thought that I'm finally going to see my best friend again. Yes, long distance friendship. The distance definitely makes me miss her like crazy (I cry every single time I see her and even harder whenever I had to leave her again), and it gets annoying when she's not really active on social networking sites and she can't be there for me physically (she gives the best and most comforting hugs). But with so many other people I've met along the way, no one could ever take her place and in my heart, she'll always be my very special friend. The distance is worth it.

So when we finally arrived at Bangkok's airport (late and Pan had to wait for 2 hours), Marz and I ran around looking for Starbucks where Pan is waiting for us. And we were screaming before we even saw her and Pan recognized us from the scream and creeped up from behind us. Then comes all the "I missed you I missed you I missed you" hahaha, I really missed her and I am missing her right now.

We went for dinner at some really nice place and started our tomyum streak from Day 1, which lasted all the way till Day 6 or something. Settled down in Pan's guest house (NOT ROOM, HOUSE OK HOUSE with living room and kitchen included.) I wasn't kidding when I said her house was a fucking mansion and now finally both Jon and Marz can be my witnesses hahaha. 

First night was crazy as we finished one bottle of Baileys and started drinking our bottle of Tequila. Pan and I were dead drunk and puked out everything we ate for the day. But I puked in a bag, and Pan puked in the sink and left it clogged overnight and made the toilet stink like hell. HAHAHA she couldn't stop apologizing and we couldn't stop teasing. 

Day 2, we woke up at 9am to have breakfast and went to Platinum for our first round of shopping! I was so excited because I haven't shopped for ages and I am not going to take a picture of all the things I bought because it's so fucking mainstream. Lol I'm kidding I just didn't but I'm very pleased with all the things I got when I was in Bangkok because everything fits perfectly on me for once. Usually the things I buy from there are either too big or too small or the cutting is just really wrong but this time everything went really well.

We spent a lot of money on food but all the food did not disappoint us so it was worth it. I think Platinum is not a good place for guys to go because there's like 6 levels and only 1 level has guys clothes, and it's not even all the shops on the level. So Jon was really bored on the first day hahaha. It was impossible to finish walking around the entire Platinum mall and we finally got to sit down at Starbucks where Pan and Marz fell asleep. Following that day, our legs were really sore from walking too much.

Do not be surprised that Jon is actually wearing a jacket because Bangkok was freezing cold when we were there! The temperature was never above 21 degrees and drops to 18 degrees at night. We were all puzzled as well. I brought all shorts and tshirts in preparation for a really hot weather and had no long pants or shirts to protect me from the cold so my skin became really really dry. My skin is very sensitive to cold temperatures. 

Pan and I had a successful bargain

Chatuchak the next day (Saturday) and had some really good buys because everything was crazy cheap there. It was also impossible to finish walking the entire area because it's so big! Besides, we couldn't walk any longer either because our legs were aching so bad. We settled for body massage later in a mall at Chatuchak. 

I had a Katniss Everdin moment

Went to Terminal 21 and was pretty disappointed with the things there because they were so expensive! Xinlerk highly recommended that place because she thinks the clothes are more up-to-date but I beg to differ because I found a dress that is exactly the same as the one I bought from Chatuchak but at a higher price. I think clothes there are not worth buying unless it's off the racks of little booths outside the shops as they're cheaper. Besides that, the place is designed with a really nice theme and we were really fascinated and took lots of pictures. The toilets are amazing. It's my favourite part of the entire mall lol.

Pan's family treated us to dinner after that (which is the same place the parents brought me to the last time I went there) and the prawns were amazing, and the clams. Went to a nearby grocery mall and Pan and I started playing volleyball with a rubber ball, then pretended like nothing happened when someone went to complain to a security guard.

Later at night we went to swim when it was 18 degrees!!! It was so cold I swear Jon's penis would have shrunk if he came in but too bad he didn't because he had a wound (*rolls eyes*). Went into the sauna afterwards. Yes I know right, Pan's house not only has a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, but also a sauna!

Went to Siam pretty late in the afternoon and decided to just catch a movie "American Hustle" which turned out fucking boring I fell asleep. By this day, we were already extremely broke and could not afford to shop anymore but I still managed to hehe. I became super pro at changing my shorts in public using only a piece of cloth to cover myself while everyone else was staring lol. When buying shorts, I have to try it because I'm super particular about the length and size. I hate buying a pair of shorts that ends up the wrong size and I have plenty of them in my wardrobe I couldn't bear to throw away because I haven't worn them yet. I'm still praying for that one day I become super skinny to fit into those that are too small in size, and also at the same time prepping myself for the day I become super fat so I could fit in shorts that are way too loose lol.

Finally it's New Years Eve and we managed to get Pan to celebrate it with us instead of her own family. It was not easy negotiating about it after dinner with her family the day before. Without her we would be extremely lost. I have no idea how people manage to find their way around Bangkok all on their own without a friend that can speak Thai because we can't even order a meal on our own. We went out for dinner and head down to Wip 168 (it's a club) for countdown! We could smoke in the club how cool is that, like on the dance floor, not a separate smoking room or anything. We also took a tuk tuk fitting 7 people inside and randomly waving to strangers along the streets as we pass.

We went to a nearby mall to do some shopping with our leftover money (which was really pathetic). I did my manicure for 8 bucks and we bought a lot of snacks and fried chicken (Thailand's fried chicken along the streets are the best thing ever). We managed to finish all our snacks and our alcohol within one night. For a few nights we watched movies in Pan's theatre.

While we were in Bangkok, we woke up at 9am every morning to have breakfast and had to reach home around dinner time because of Pan's strict family rules and tradition. The door way along the guest rooms (or balcony) is our smoking corner. The 4 of us shared a bed and our room was fucking messy and dirty. There's like super a lot of hair on the floor and cup noodles soup and snacks packet all over the floor hahaha. In the end someone took the initiative to clean it up and the rest of us helped.

Our eyes were so red from crying

Finally the next day it was time to say goodbye (photos taken from her dslr that day are not uploaded yet). I really hope Pan will be able to come to Singapore this year so it will be my turn to bring her around the places we used to go and show her the many things that have changed and tell her about all the things she missed out on while she's in Thailand. The 7 days in Bangkok was really fun and surprisingly not awkward for Jon to be around with my friends. I think I am very fortunate to have an extremely sociable boyfriend who actually wants to get to know my friends. He also agreed that Pan gives the best hugs ever. 

Till we meet again, best friend. 

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