Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's not the same, it's never the same.

Just came back from my class camp. If you ask me to describe it in one word, that word has gotta be 'AWESOME'. The camp totally rocks! Anyways, met up in school on Sunday, 19November. Had to report to school damn early in the morning, plus I pulled myself out of bed cos I wasnt really looking forward to it. If I'm really looking forward to it, I'll prolly dream about it or hop out of bed immediately after my alarm started ringing. HAHAHA. There were alot of late comers, and Ms Siti wasnt pleased at all. I dont blame her, because it's kinda disappointing to see people taking the instructions lightly. And what's more, it's just basic punctuality. Settled in class 2-8 for the girls and 2-1 for the guys. Our bunks are just next to each other, but they make it sound so far. -,- LOLOL. And our operations room is the spare classroom beside the guys bunk. Had teambuilding game after that. That game is damn cool. It goes like this. There's a big round circle in the guys bunk, the border marks the boundary. Inside the circle, there are 40 plates. And on each plate, there are quetions which answers are in numbers. There's only one person allowed inside the circle, and he/she had to hold onto a poe to point at the plates. So basically, the person in the circle is supposed to point the plates in the number order of 1 to 40 within one minute. Aiya, I dont care if you get it or not. We're competing in groups. There are 4 groups, my group is OPTIMISTS. At first there's only the pathetic 5 of us: Me, Jiawei, Dillon, Jieyi and Weilun. LOLOL but afterwards Eunice joined in. (She came late) And we were leading at first; I wa the one pointing the numbers with the pole. WOO, damn exciting I tell you. HAHA, there's a few stupid questions, but quite funny. And there's one asking for Dillon's level position. LOLOL and since Dillon is in my group, we all lied about his positin. And it really benefitted us. But what puts us in the more disadvantaged side was the number of people in our team. Too little and very little eyes to spot the questions. But the good thing is, we evacuate the classroom fast. Cos if we do not evacuate the classroom within 5 seconds, our time inside the classroom for the next round will be cut short by 10s. And 10s really meant alot to us during the game okay! HAHAH, we came in third btw, forgot who got first. But I know Yingjie's group got second. LOL. After the game, the game lasted for about 2 hours btw, we had lunch. The meals there were perfect. I enjoyed every single meal. WOO. HAHA. Afterwards we had a briefing on our National Heritage Trail. It will be held at City Hall. I was grouped together with Hengteng, Alicia, Jasmine and Tasha. LOL. We had to take MRT there, and the journey is damn long. By the time we reach there, I was totally not in the mood man. Anyways, Hengteng memorized almost all the answers and wrote everything down. All we had to do is find the station masters to help us sign the paper. But then we really took our own sweet time. We see other groups running and all that, but we're seriously just strolling and stuffs. I wanted to run, srsly. But then I'm not sure if the other girls in my team would mind looking like an idiot in public. LOL. But we did run a few times, mostly when crossing the road. YEA, without using the traffic light. HAHA, We came in third as well. Sheela's team got first, not sure who got second. Had icecreams at macdonalds afterwards. Slept on the train back, damn tired. Reached school, dinner and shower time. Sheela and I showered in the guys toilet. I showered in the guys toilet before, the only thing I knew was that the shower head water is really strong and painful. And it hits the door, so our clothes hanging on the door will get abit wet. And the water shoots out so high that I had to stand on the kerb. And that was during the sec two camp this year. During the class camp, I took the cubicle beside Sheela so that we could share shampoo. YEA, I didnt bring. HAHA, lazy la. And I knew some girls would bring them for sure. My door cubicle cannot lock, wth. And I was really scared the guys would come in when my door open or something, cos the door is like. Really just gently touch it only will open -,- I was damn scared and I showered really fast. I tried to stifle my scream everytimeI turn on the shower. HAHAHA, but failed ttm. It's scary cos the water shoots at my face. Went back to the girls bunk, some of them headed to bed. Sacha, Sheela and I were really restless. We sat on the mats and chatted. Halfway through, we admired Maria's sleeping posture. HAHAHA, damn cute. The first posture was the 'SINGLE LADIES', LOLOLOL. It's like the hands up in the air that kind. HAH, damn hilarious. Second posture was SUPER DUPER HIGH BUTT. And we even thought it was some cushion underneath the sleeping bag, and went to touch it. But turned our it's really her ass! BIG FAT ASS. HAHAH DAMN FUNNNY. We had no idea what made her butt look so high also, imitation was super fail. I went to brush my teeth afterwards. Sheela was being lazy and disgusting, she didnt brush her teeth. LOL. Afterwards continued chatting and I eventually fell asleep after changing our chatting spot to prevent our noises from waking other sleeping pigs. HAHA, and Zena actually snores.

Woke up damn early the next day morning, surprisingly I wasnt really tired at all. Woke up and showered with some of the other girls. I only bought two sets of clothes, so I wore back my clothes I wore the previous night. Yeah, and that was what made my bag look so small. HAHA, I didnt even know what to bring. Went to the canteen for breakfast after washing up. Cant remember what we had for breakfast, but I remember we had meesiam for dinner last night. Aiya who cares, it must be something nice. HAHAHA, had teambuilding games again. Played WASHING MACHINE, I dont wish to elaborate a sucky game. Then we headed to the yitiao area to play 'CROSS THE RIVER' (?) LOL, I dont know the name of the game la, so anyhow make up one. The game goes like this. In a group, you have to cross an acidic river by stepping on cardboards. Everyone have to hold hands and pass the cardboard. However, if there's one cardboard that's vacant, meaning like noone is stepping on it, the game masters will take them away. Meanwhile, the game masters will use balls to throw at us, and if we managed to catch two balls, we'll be given extra cardboard. Our team, OPTIMISTS, were strategizing. We decided to plac the cardboards vertically, so that it will reach the finishing line faster, DUH! HAHA, but the other groups didnt thought of that. HAHA, we took off our socks and shoes. The first and last person of the human chain will be good ball catchers, which is ME and DILLON. HAHA, yes, we did managed to catch a few balls, eventhough our cardboards are like MORE than enough. Seriously, cos we have very little people in our team. Nearing the end of the first game, the game masters took away one of our cardboards cos they realised our team have lesser people, making it easier for us to move faster. Eunice and I also noticed a fault in the game. The game should end when the first person reaches the finish line. Cos if the team had very little pople, the last person will reach the finish line faster. But overall, the game was damn fun! And our team won first! AND I DONT KNOW WHY WE NEVER WIN THE OVERALL BEST GROUP! D: HAH, but that doesnt matter. ^^ We all had fun anyways. Headed to the volleyball court for the next activity afterwards. It's called "SNATCH THE CHAIR". The rules of the game was abit confusing at first, but after the first try, we got the hang of it. And luckily I wasnt tapped, HAHA. Or else if lose need to do silly things siah. Kevin, Kokhong and Zena did super sexy dance. Kevin's was abit fail, BUT WE FORGIVE YOU. LOL. We headed to the Zoo afterwards by shuttle bus, thank god. HAHA, it was quite a short journey know! I didnt know the zoo is so near our school?! HAHA, didnt even have time to sleep to compensate for my late night la. But all the way I was playing KATYPERRY TAPTAP REVENGE on Sheela's itouch. HAHA, I increased my score frm the first try 100+ to 300+ okay! PRO LEH! LOL. Sheela, Maria, Sacha, Tasha and I went in a group. We tried the FISH SPA! Woo, it's $5 for 5min. I hate it, it's damn scary. I hate fishes. I think that $5 I paid is to buy the experience maybe? Cos I totally just wasted it. I didnt even dare to put my feet into the water. Sacha told me not to look. I tried, but everytime a fish touches me, my feet just flew up. That feeling is so disgusting! Then sacha told me to just do it, okay I did. Then alot alot alot, JUST HELL LOTS of fishes came. I didnt look okay, but I can bloody hell feel it. It's disgusting, OMG I CAN STILL FEEL IT. -,- and my legs just flew up in the end again. AHAH. We went to see many many animals after that. YESH WE SAW MY FAVOURITE OTTERS! But I didnt get to see the giraffes. D: Oh ya, we saw white tigers. And VOLLEYBALLERS! REMEMBER THAT DAY WE WENT TO ACRES? And the person showed us some videos on WHITE TIGERS walking back and forth on the rock. Liek doing the same thing over and over again? I saw the same thing at the ZOO! I swear, the white tiger was doing the same thing over and over again. And it never stops, it's like pacing back and forth on the same spot of the rock. I forgot what Acres said, but it's something due to stress right? OMG, I was damn fascinated. And more convinved after knowing that the videos are real man. SAVE THE ANIMALS. Sheela said something, the animals actually dont enjoy living in the Zoo at all. What's more, we went to see the Elephant afterwards. And the trainer is so fierce towards it, like the elephant just wanna lie down and rest. And the trainer is like screaming at it, and threatening to hit it, er okay, with a mop -,- LOL TSK. Anyways we went to see some animals in the water that looked like otters as well. And they were like mating! DAMN CUTE, and we were over there guessing which is the male and female. LOL, and the female is even more violent man! Saw alot of monkey-like animals. also the red butt baboons. HAHA, and there's one of them that looks like an obvious leader inside. He look different, and he sits in a leader-like manner. One leg up that kind, like ahbeng. HAHA, I forgot what else we did, but we were really excited to get to KIDS WORLD. LOL. I wanna see the Giant Rabbit like mad, it's stated in the map. Sheela and I shared a $15 BEN & JERRY's. It's damn nice, my first time trying it. I really love it like maddddd. :D Then we walked around aimlessly and finally settled at macdonalds for awhile. I played with Sacha's DSLR, every ugly thing turns out nice one siah. LOL. Rushed back to the entrance to meet the rest of the class cos we were alr late! Took a group photo and headed back to school. Sheela and I like CAT like that, go chop the back seat. LOL, had BBQ that night. There were two pits, Jiawei and I set up one of them. Our pit is the fail pit, we even had to borrow hot charcoals from Rebecca's pit. Cheyy. LOL JIAWEI LA! HIS FAULT! HAHA JOKE. But we started cooking afterwards, the first round of chicken wings were thrown away. Too black for consumption. HAHA, I cooked alot alot of food okay. All cooked! I SWEAR, uncooked ones are from another pit. HEHE. Jiawei took over afterwards, and I went to eat. I just realised I didnt really eat alot leh. But it seems alot. I only ate 4 chickens, a few crabsticks and hotdogs and one corn. That left me damn full. The drinks were nice. Had a heart to heart talk with Eunice at the podium. Why is it that everytime we talk, it always leave one or both of us crying? HAHA, but nice chatting with you oily nice. (YOU-NICE=EUNICE). LOLOL k la lame. LOL. Showered and went back to the bunk. And I saw something. Know what I saw? I saw Hengteng walking pass the girls bunk and walking back. And I was like WTH?! "HENGTENG WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" It seems to me that the guys are walking pass the girls bunk to look at us, not because they wanted to go to the watercooler or something. And I can confirm that, dont ask me how. Chatted with Jiawei, Sufei, Sheela, Maria afterwards outside the General Office. Played shoot, marry and do. DAMN FUN. HAHA, chatted about all sorts of things. But it got boring after we changed our spot to the podium. I dont know why. The rest were playing HIDE N SEEK in school. HELL YEAH WE HAD THE WHOLE SCHOOL TO OURSELVES. JUST HOW COOL IS THAT!

Woke up damntired the next morning. Zena even called Ms Siti to ask if she could let us sleep for one more hour. And she agreed man. LOL, she's damn nice. Had to wake up eventually, sian. Went to the canteen for breakfast. DAMN NICE PRATE FOR BREAKFAST. WOO. HAHA, had debrief in the spare classroom. Then home sweet home. I didnt sleep when I got home. Like stupid right? I went shopping for Christmas presents with Xinlerk. I was damn tired though. I bought things, aww, cant say them out. But yes, I saw something damn nice I'm really gonna get for Eunice. I swear, she'll love it. I can double swear. HAHAHA, met Yanni and Hannah at AMKhub afterwards Had HONGKONG DESSERT. NAICE, my first time trying. Had AJISAN for dinner also. First time trying as well, niceeeeeee!

I packed this week with homeworks, how great. Not sure if there will be plans for me on Christmas though. Mr Sung want me to pass up my history homework this Friday. Damn it D; BWTBTWBTW, I forgot to mention the babies in the camp! HAIDA AND AONI! They're damn cute. Class motto by Haida: MAK PUSHHH! :D

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