Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Went to Causeway Point to watch 'Haeundae' with Xiaojun. Haha, she cried, I didnt. See, i so tough. No wonder Farhan calls me 'TG' = 'Tough Girl'. Haha, lame lame. I think the most touching part was the Prince of the Sea (the helicopter part) saved the stupid selfish man. Damn, the guy looked so handsome when he died. haha, before that I thought he looked like a nerdy person.

Then we wanted to play in the nursery, damn, but dont know that day what day, so many babies. Lol, so we went somewhere elseee :D

Went Malaysia after school with my whole family :D I love it, it was so fun. We went to buy shorts, I didnt get to buy la. There's a white shorts, the design so nice, but my sister take, then I already have a white shorts. But I bought a white sleeveless. lol. Then I bought colour paper, I gonna prepare for someone's birthday, my good friends, (note the 's') gonna put in alot of effort. Since holidays also not much to do. Lol, maybe prepare for Christmas also leh. haha.

Then we still went to eat at a old shop that we always went to eat when we stay in Malaysia when we were young. Long time never see them and eat their food alr, the food rocks man! Haha eventhough they use the same chilli paste for all the dishes. Damn nice. Lol, then went home. Home sweet home! :D

Gotten some of our results back, I'm quite satisfied with my results. Haha, okay, for some only la. Then training after school, quite okay.

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