Thursday, October 15, 2009

FYI, we're not comparing dimples. Haha, chaoxin said we looked as if.

We had SEP Playoffs today, I was in good mood. As in normal la, everyday I also good mood one. Except my father's being abit unreasonable about our training schedule, but please. For 6 years, and he wanna complain only now? Haaha, so heck care him.

Alright, SEP Playoffs. My mood changes, swiftly. Seriously, from happy, to angry, to bushuang, to sad, then to worried.
Happy, for being the first team (SK and Egypt) to score
Ya, such little things right? But it's these little things that make my day.
Angry, because we seriously didn't purposely aim SK's hands just to get those penalty kicks.
Bushuang, for bad words used inappropriately on us.
Sad, for winning the game.
(Because I'm a human with feelings, and I felt that SK lost to us intentionally.)
Worried, for my friends.
(Because they're my friends, what more can I say?)

Yes, all for little things. But guess what? For winning the game, I'm not the least bit happy. I wouldnt mind losing, but what about my teammates? I wouldnt mind winning, but what about my friends in the opposing team? So many tears, so many laughter. I dont know which side I should be on. I was so lost, super lost. I dont know whether to be happy or sad. During debriefing, I see people jeering on the right, people sobbing on the left.

I dont know what I should do or say to Rasyidah, she's obviously sad. No, disappointed. Cos I'm disappointed too, in myself. For wanting to win, neglected so much. I dont know how my teammates felt la, whether they feel the same way i do or what. But I hope they didnt see the expression on my face when we won. Expression-less.

K la. Rasyidah, when she not happy she ignore me one siah. Stupid, haha. Everytime like that, you watch out ah. Next time I ignore you also. Hiakhiak!

Training after school, great! :D Played games, and drills also la.

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