Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh ya, I cut hair during the trip in Malaysia. So it's a bit different, but not very obvious. I wanna cut away my layer, make my hair neater :D

Haha, school as usual today. Had assembly, hey, the assembly was not bad at all! The speaker was super animating, the way he walk through the crowd, LOL (if anyone noticed la.), then how he engages the audience. Cool, at least it was one of those assemblies that made me wanna listen. Haha. And was shocked at Chaoyi's reply of the question ,"Why watch pornography?" haha, his answer was "it's exciting." Wth.

Anw, planned to go fishing with cliques. But it rained unfortunately, Farhan gave me a fishing hook. Hey Clique members, I'm sorry I cant attend our outing very often lo. Everytime I wanna go, something crops up. I swear I wanted to go fishing with you guys k? Haha, I wouldnt waste the fishing hook Farhan gave me :D

So I went over to Xiaojun's condo instead. Wanted to swim, but some bitch standing around the pool. Lol, so we waited for the pool to be bitch-clear then we went to swim. Actually we never swim lo, Xiaojun la. Lol, we only go there chat chat. Seriously, Xiaojun and I share alot in common. And there's nothing to hide between us. Ask me her bra size, I KNOW I KNOW! haha. We already started planning for the holiday's activities long long time ago, KBOX hor! Then hiakhiak, gonnna buy alot of things. I dont mind finishing up all my savings!

Xiaojun and I then went to Foodcourt to eat KwayChap, then drank Naughty G, a drink that we both are super curious about. Lol, people dont try it. I mean you can try it la, but it tastes exactly like RedBull. And I dont know if it will work for you, but it worked for Xiaojun and I. We became like drunkards going around like keesiao people. We went to Hongye's void deck and screamed for him. Asking him to come down, but he dont want ): Lol, then little things we do can make us laugh like mad. Lol, the drink is suppose to make you horny, if i'm not wrong. Guess there's little effect on that. Maybe more effective on bed? Lol, I dont know.

Then we went to try Durian IceBlend, surprisingly nice. Lol, I shared with Xiaojun and finished most of it I think. Cos she keep sms-ing. Lol, keep sms-ing! Haha, then she got herself in a hot pot of soup. So sad ): Haha. *Secret secret* :P Nanynanypoopoo, cant tell you.

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