Saturday, October 20, 2012

We accept the love we think we deserve

It was nearly noon by the time Eugene Pan and I decided to get out of bed, wash up, and head out for breakfast. Settled for Paradise Dynasty as Eugene recommended but I still prefer Din Tai Fung cos it's much much cheaper!!! I don't really have an acute sense of taste so I can't tell you which has the better xiaolongbao but the lamien I ate at Paradise Dynasty wasn't good. The garlic fish wasn't good either. The spicy chicken was too spicy. Yeah so, I like Din Tai Fung better. Omg the peanut paste noodles, yum yum. Didn't have much time to shop around afterwards cos we simply had too much plans for the day, but we still managed to squeeze out some really good buys! I spent about $200 that day T_T Bought a black and white tribal skirt at H&M for $25 only to find an even nicer, better quality and cheaper one at Forever 21. I still bought it anyway cos it's only $15 with super good quality! Bought a denim vest with Pan as well for $33. Then went over to Hula & Co where I bought a dress I've been eyeing on for a really long time and a light brown collar top for $25 and $15 respectively. Forgot what else I bought but these are all that I can remember. Saw some pretty good clothes at the shop next to Hula & Co. Not gonna say the name of that shop cos I hate that name so ugh god damn much.

We made our way back to Pan's hotel where she showered and got changed, then over to my house where I showered and got changed while Pan is busy playing and camwhoring with lil bro and Xintien. Then we went over to Albert's house for a really short W2F8 gathering cos we were pressing for time. Marz and Sheela have been waiting for us the entire evening. Took a group photo and off we went to Marz's house to overnight. It felt so good to be reunited again. I know I've said that before earlier but I don't care hahaha. Had a crazy time partying in Marz's room like drunkards without alcohol. HAHAHA crazy ass fun cos we switched off the light and the atmosphere was so disco-like. Marz and I have been keeping a secret from Sheela and Pan for really long, and we finally spilled the truth that night. It was a crazy and emotional night, but we're so glad we had each other, even if it's just a short moment, we were all glad. I'm never leaving these people, ever. 

Eugene's morning hair HAHAHA
Paradise Dynasty
Looking good Eugene
Camwhoring in the fitting room at H&M cos I queued really long for it, therefore I'm gonna take a really long time inside. HAHAHA, selfish thinking hehe
Pan giving a big hug to the birthday girl we saw on the street wearing the board.
Me giving a big hug to the birthday girl.
We've taken a lot of shots over at this escalator already. HAHA

Waiting for Pan while she tries on her shoe at New Look
Pantita's buys!
Me in my denim jacket in Pantita's hotel room

Some home-cooked food for Pan!

Lil bro stole a kiss
W2F8, too cool for you to handle.
(Sorry were we supposed to close our mouth or something? Only I had it opened hahahahaha)
Chilling on Marzie's bed.

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