Saturday, October 20, 2012

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

Hey I'm finally back. I know I haven't been blogging lately, but I've got no time. And I know that seems like a really lame excuse cos promotional examinations are already over and the only subjects I'm studying right now is Project Work (PW) and Chinese. But you know what, I'm not even studying them for that whole period when I'm away from blogger. HEHE, did I keep you in suspense? Well straight to the point now alright. I was actually busy accompanying my bestfriend PANTITA TANGCHAIYAWONG who came back from bangkok on 4 October (Thurs), which is the same day my exam ended. Yeah, pretty good reason to be away from blogger huh. HAHAH. So this blog post is gonna be really extremely long cos I'll be blogging about the 12 days that she spent in Singapore. I made a point to meet her every single day so I gotta blog about all the twelve days man. HAHA. 
Nah I decided to post one day at a time cos the post would be too long to accommodate more than 600 photos we took within the 12 days. 

So on Thursday, after my Maths paper (oh don't worry, I'm not gonna talk about how bad promos were since they're over and I can't do much about them, can I?) I went home to change. I wasn't exactly in a rush so I had plenty of time to have lunch, get changed then head out a few hours later to meet Farhan. Sheela and Maria couldn't make it to the airport to fetch her cos they had school. Lucky for me, or you can say for Pan, there will ALWAYS be someone to meet her. Really. HAHA, so Rasyidah Dillon Shafiq and Raziq came over to accompany me to fetch Pan. David came as well. Farhan and I took the bus early but we got caught up in a really bad traffic for nearly 2 hours! Thank god I didn't let Pan wait. Hehe, how could I let my Thai princess wait?! So we reached just in time, and that moment when I saw Pan was just indescribable. All I did was cry and say "I missed you so much". Moments after that, I just kept harping "I can't believe you're here" HAHAH. I've really been away from Pan for too long, no actually SHE is the one who've been away from me for so long. I guess noone actually know how it feels like to have your bestfriend away from you for so long. I mean the first few months when she was away was okay. But you know, I kinda lost another person I trusted a month back, so it was really hard for me during that period. All I knew was, I really needed someone, and that someone could only be Pan. It was so difficult, I was just too glad to have her back, even if it was just a short 12 days, I'm glad. Throughout the 12 days, I tried really hard to shake off the thought that she'll be leaving soon, eventually. Right Marz? Occasionally, Marz will be the one counting down to the number of days Pan will be leaving, and I would remind her "Just have fun now and think later", and sometimes it's the other way round. 

We headed to Ion Orchard to have dinner afterwards. I was soooo busy picking up phonecalls, using Rasyidah's phone, David's phone and my phone from Eugene, Sheela, Maria and so on. It's just woah, HAHA. I've been kept really busy at my phone cos most people contact Pan through me, just really crazy, but I kinda like feeling occupied. It keeps my mind off stressful things. :) So yeah, met Sheela Maria Eugene and Andriche at Ion Orchard. Sheela and Maria literally screamed when they saw Pan, and I joined in the screaming with them. Our square is completed. It felt like a dream really, and I can't stop harping on it cos the feeling is really crazy. Eugene and Andriche went off to watch their Taken 2 movie while the rest of us settled for Swensens for dinner. I bumped into Xinyi coincidentally there as well, she sat at the table just next to mine! Maria Sheela Pan and I went to walk around Orchard while the rest went somewhere else. We met up with Eugene and Andriche later at Cineleisure. We walked around for awhile before taking a late train home. Eugene Andriche and I sent Pan off to Chinatown where her hotel (Scarlet Hotel) was. We were already at Khatib when Pan called to say that she will be sleeping alone. I decided to go back home, get changed and head over to Pan's hotel to overnight. It was already 1am at night, I don't care about the midnight or town charges, I'm going to acc her. HAHA, I was super shocked when Eugene agreed to acc me to find Pan all the way from home to Chinatown! I mean, Eugene leh. LOLLLL, ok I have no idea how to describe that, but it was just super shocking. Pan was shocked too! So I cabbed down to Eugene's house and then to Chinatown. Chatted with him so much on the way, I mean, it sucks to repeat the same sad story over again no? But I was alright. Overnight was crazy fun that we were unable to wake up on time the next day hahaha, as usual! Awesome night. 

All photos are credited to Pantita Tangchaiyawong.
I just kept holding her hand. At that moment, all I knew was I'll never wanna let her go again.

HAHAH, I love how we get crazy in photos.

Eugene and Pan

Our square is completed! Felt too good to have all four of us reunited.
At Swensens
We're still using our matching wallets from Rusty! Aww :')

Dillon Shafiq David Raziq Farhan
Rasyidah Maria Pantita Sheela Me
Farhan and Pan
David and Pan


Cheap thrills with expensive sunglasses this time round instead of cheap beanie. We've upgraded!

Sheela and Andriche. Andriche is looking goooood.
Andriche and I
Eugene and I. He needs smiling lessons.
I love how only we knew what happened in this photo.

Sean Sheela Pantita Andriche Me Maria Eugene

Our sleeping faces. HAHA

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