Saturday, October 20, 2012

You can't play on broken strings.

I remembered vividly having super dry lips and swollen eyes, hence looking fugly in photos. HAHA nah that's just an excuse for looking ugly, but I really had dry lips and swollen eyes. I guess it's because I ate too much outside food and drank too little water, and swollen eyes cos I had too little sleep. I feel that it's worth it, cos I was really having SO much fun. Met up with my girls after a few hours of sleep and head over to Marina Bay Sands for a swim at the infinity pool! It was pretty troublesome to get in cos we're using Marz's Mom's friend's cards, but they were all really nice. Pan and I did some last minute shopping for bikinis and settled for TYR one. I bought the one with green floral design while she got the one with pink floral designs. I really like it, prolly cos it's the first bikini I have hahaha. Waited for about one hour for the cards but it wasn't so boring cos Pan and I chatted alot about everything. Maria's mom came down after that with 3 cards and we went up to the infinity pool successfully, it was kinda easy to sneak in. Hahah. Got changed into our bikinis and joined Sheela and Marz at the pool afterwards. We were SOOOOO excited. Anyway, the other end of the infinity pool was kinda disappointing. HAHA, there's a freaking drain. It's not like how you imagined, so don't hold too high hopes about that. Nevertheless, the view from up there was magnificent. Took lots of photos!

Washed up and walked to Makansutra for supper. As usual, I had my favourite fried omelette with oysters! I love it so much, but it's so fat. Nevermind, I need indulgence once in a while. HAHAHA rushed to take the last train after that while Pan walked to Chinatown. I still remembered how dreadful I felt knowing there was school the next day. I was having so much fun spending consecutively three nights outside. But Mom and Dad wasn't pleased at all, so I HAD to go home. Pfft, quarreled with them several times the following few days cos I really wanna spend time with Pantita. Pan and I never left each other ever since she touched down from the plane in SG from Thursday to Sunday. HAHA And I fulfilled my promise to have dinner with her every single day. Yes!

Sheela gorgeous

Pan and I with our matching bikinis on!

The four of us at the Infinity Pool @ MBS!!!

They said I look like I'm at the dentist when I laugh. Ok... :(

Marz and I with our matching crop top!
At the helix bridge.

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