Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let the walls break down.

I forgot when but my sister and I went to Eunice's house to do homework after school on one of the rainy days. I think it was last week.
The thing that happened on that day that made me wanna post this was that I hate birds. I knew that long ago. That day, Eunice's father threw their bird out of the cage to scare us. The bird cant fly, I mean it can, but just a little bit. And I screamed like bloody hell mad woman. Eunice held the bird and stroke it, the bird shit on her hands. Yucks. And it kept biting her and clinging onto her chest. I can tell she got a shock as well okay! Btw, that was her first time holding a bird. K lame, she own that bird for so long and that was her first time -,- LOL.

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