Sunday, December 5, 2010

I can't find my way back.

This blog post is gonna be on my Malaysia trip. I was away at Malaysia from 27november to 2december.

Saturday, 27november

Woke up damn early in the morning. Papa gonna drive my younger sister and I to our kampong house, which is very very near Thailand. Yes, my father's friend tagged along. LUCKILY HE NEVER USE MEDICATED OIL, thank god man. The trip was a rather smooth one. Took off at around 6am in the morning and we reached there at 3pm, exactly. LOL. Was totally excited and hyper when we saw our brother. Apparently he had too much fun, and forgot about us. HAHA. Xinlerk dyed her hair, and it's so damn nice and natural. *jealous* LOL. Ate abit of my Auntie's famour Chaokwayteow and set off to Thailand where the rest of my relatives are. That place is called 'U-dong', LOL. I dont know if it's the correct spelling or whatever, cause that's how we call the place there. I was in NO MOOD to shop AT ALLL. I was dead tired after the long car trip, I just wanna sleep or at least let me have fun la. I only bought a 5ringgit tshirt, which I randomly picked from a basket. HAHAHA. Aiya, can't remember exactly what happened. But we got back to our kampong afterwards. Saw some of my cousins, omg after 3 yearssss. There were ALOT of babies, I swear. In total there's 15, but 3 of them left the day after I think (cant remember) and we're left with 13. LOL. Still alot. Of all the babies, I managed to love one of them more than the rest. And that's BRAYDEN! He's 4 years old. It's the cute baby in the photo. HAHA, he damn cute la. I like his sister also, 6 years old. Named Rebecca. She's damn nosey and keep talking non-stop, but she's damn pretty. She went for a TV show audition, but was not chosen. D: But she's still cute anyways. ^^ I remember the most fun thing that night was playing POLICE AND THIEF! WOOHOO, fun ttm. One of our oldest cousins are learning how to drive, so he practices his driving skills at night where there're lesser cars. So some of them tagged along. Leaving only me and only one of my other cousin. They left without us knowing. So we decided to go look for them in a motor. And we went all over the village looking for them, while they try to hide away from us. It was freaking fun. Then we went back to the house and my younger sister wanted to tag along. So it's like 3 person one motorbike. DAMN SLOW, cos she damn fat and heavy. HAHA JOKE. BUT SRSLY DAMN SLOW. So i went over and join the car. IT WAS MORE FUN IN THE CAR MAN! We ride damn fast, constantly looking back to see if they caught us or something. And we wont make a sharp turn and hide at a secluded corner and switch off the lights of the car. And it's funny if they ride past us without noticing us, but we always failed. Then there's this once we camouflaged into a crowded area with alot of cars parked at the sides. As the cars are empty, we bent our head all the way down to hide ourselves. It was freaking funny! And it's a nice idea right! But we still failed, goddamnit. LOL, damn fun night. I can never get enough of this. HAHAHA.

Sunday, 28november

Nothing much, plus I cant really remember what happened also. LOL. I just know that I've lost my appetite after I fell sick during the China trip. Now eat very little D: Yea, and I lost 2kilos.

Think I shall stop posting by days, cos I really cant remember what happened everyday. LOL. I had diarrhea for 3 days. Shit 6 times a day, siao right! After that then decided to see a doctor. The doctor's pills are ZOMG! So powerful, hahaha! I one day never shit. LOL, my cousin scare me by saying the doctor's gonna stuff a pill into my asshole. Then I was like, I thought it's only for when I can't shit? Then he's like, put a pill there to stop the shit from coming out. So the pill acts like a stopper. LOL WALAU! SCARE ME LIKE HELL LA. And the news that I had diarrhea spreaded all over my relatives. They made me try different methods to stop my diarrhea. First, my pretty auntie say 100plus works. Bullshit. Then my mum, yeye and popo says a damn bitter black colour medicine works. The taste sucks. I used to drink it when I had stomach ache and cant shit. Now shit too much also drink same medicine. It was bullshiz as well. Then my another auntie says chinese tea works. COWSHIX! Doctor is the best ^^ HAHA.

My cousin bring us to supper every night outside our village. We tried tom yam soup the first night. Damn naice. Then we tried satay the second time. I love satay! :D Third time was also satay? LOL, cant remember omg. HAHHAA, or was it tom yam soup? LOL. OOOPS. And we saw cats having sex. HAHAHA! One on top of another la. What else? Er, it's like all the babies fighting for a motor ride everyday. HAHAHA. Cute la. But sometimes annoying, esp when they cry -.- Pfft.

The last night was the cooolest! My cousin brought me and Xinlerk out to learn how to ride motor. Xinlerk went first. Then afterwards I went. I changed seat with him and sat at the front. SO COOL, I WAS DAMN SCARED AND STIFF AT FIRST LA. I was riding on a straight road, then it got more and more fun and thrilling. And I rode faster and faster. Then my cousin asked why I ride so fast and I brake. I press the brake all the way, and both our butts left the seat for awhile and came back. HAHAHA. Must press the brake slowly, I didnt know that. For a few times, I pressed the brake all the way. HAHAHA, and my cousin would be like 'Oh my dear life' LOL. And I dont know how to make a turn. AHHH, my cousin says Xinlerk drive better than me. NOOOO. LOL. Everytime I turn, I turn too much, then very scary. HAHAH. It's damn fun la, I'm imagining next time it's me driving the motor by myself. EEE, so cool! HAHAHA.

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