Friday, March 23, 2012

A little bit stronger.

Finally met up with my favourite girls! (Sheela and Maria) For a moment I felt I could be myself comfortably. Have I mentioned how I'm really glad to have Jiawei in my jc class right now? It's like, at least I still have someone I really know or who really know me. 
 So we met up on the last day of the March holidays, which is a Sunday. Headed to F21 at Orchard in an attempt to get a dress for Public Performance, but to no avail! Actually I have something to wear, but kinda hate the fact that I wore it before, and chaoyi have already seen me wear it! HAHAHA, the rest haven't, but stilllll. I don't wear dress all the time, so each time I wear it I want him to see a different thing on me. LOL, ok lah actually it doesn't matter. Lots of other dresses in xinlerk's closet, ehehehe if you know what I mean. Omg what I said was so 9gaggy. 
 My Dr Marten's virgin trip out. (LOL that's how Sheela described it.)
 AND SHE FINALLY GOT HER BASEBALL JACKET! Looking goooood. I would've bought one for myself too, but too many minahs wearing it and somehow I think it'll look weird on a chinese? HAHHA, I think I'm too used to seeing malay girls wear it that's why.
 So we were at Clarke Quay and their gongcha outlet have seats! SUPER COOL. And I tried fresh milk with herbal jelly for the first time. What I think about the drink was, erm the milk tastes too fresh? HAHA somehow the milk doesn't taste healthy. I'm not sure why either. 
 The weird stylish jacket Sheela lent me. HAHAHA, it's weird but nice! That day Sheela happened to bring a jacket, and she bought the baseball jacket and the weather was daaaamn cold. I'VE NEVER BROUGHT JACKET ON THE RIGHT DAY! D: Umbrellas too. These kind of things are really dependent on luck and intuition. HAHA k lah excuses, sometimes I'm just being plain lazy.
Sheela insisted my drink looked gross.
I finished the Yami Yoghurt stamps on card!
 I finished the Yami Yoghurt stamps on my card! HAHA and yes I redeemed my medium cup Yami Yoghurt! I wanted to keep the card, but they wouldn't let me D: I wanna collect alot of completed cards, it will be so cool! Oh ya, talking about food. I've been eating alot of heaty food these days. I had nose bleed twice last week! I'm guessing it's all the milk tea (plus coconut jelly, feels damn heaty), mango pudding, magnum icecream and yami yoghurt. Sighs, I need to control my intake of sugar man. OHHH, did I tell you guys about this? I read Mind Your Body a few weeks back and they asked this very interesting question:

Given a yoghurt with low fat and no sugar, and low sugar but no fat, which will you choose?

Most of us would choose the latter I suppose. But NOOOO, we should choose the one with low fat and no sugar! I forgot the reason why but it kinda make sense. I feel that it's actually easier to avoid fatty food than food that contains sugar. So if you can easily get a sugar-free food, why not?

But... many people over the net claimed that sugar-free products often contain many harmful chemicals that might cause cancer. So my verdict on this is, eat whatever you want lah ok! Enjoy life, LOL. Eventhough I'm really health-conscious. (I once thought I should count my calorie intake daily, if not weekly, but still both sounds freaky.) But I figured that being completely healthy is almost impossible, and even if you really made it, you won't exactly be happy. 

Oh and I had Mass Civic lesson yesterday, the person talking was called Lionel. He's really funny but he said something that I really disagree. I had a really strong urge to shout out in the auditorium that I disagree but I didn't cos you know how embarrassing it is right! So anyway, he said "If you're good at something, and you continue to do it, you will be very successful and happy." I agree on the part about successful, but happy? I doubt so. You might like one thing alot, but no matter how hard you try or train, you'll still not be good at it. I know how people say you do better at things you enjoy doing, yes but not all the time you'll be successful. That's why some people would rather be happy than successful, but to me being happy is already a success! Ok, do I make sense? LOL nevermindddd.
 LOL look at Jiawei's p6 photo. HAHAHA, 

So I was rather motivated after hearing that Kosal wanna be a doctor in future. I've thought of becoming a doctor, LOL don't look down because I really think I can (confidence, HAHA Mr Chua wants me to be more confident about myself), but I was not willing to spend half my life studying just to get a degree in medicine. Then my other classmate say "but if it's your dream, it shouldn't matter." Well, my dream is to get married and have a good life. I think I've mentioned many many times how I want my future life to be like, so I won't say it again lest you find me a boring and naggy woman. WOAAAHH WOMAN SEH LOL K. I asked Kosal if he mind studying longer, and he just replied "NO, of course I don't." He really motivates me alot, but I have no idea where to start. I won't become a doctor, especially with H1 chem, my eligible courses in university have been narrowed down. I don't really mind the limited choices, somehow I feel it's easier to make a better decision. HAHAHA, just wanna do something I'll enjoy and earn enough money for myself, parents and my future family. HEHEHE. OK I'm still 16. Still got long way to go, so I need to wake up.

OHHH SORRY I KEEP OHHH-ING, cos I suddenly remember so many things to say. HAHAHA, I caught the movie The Hunger Games with Shuiyuan and Jiawei last night at cwp. It was awwwwwesome! I bet there's gonna be The Hunger Games 2. Eh I really wanna elaborate on my analysis of certain parts of the movie but I doubt many of you have watched it, and if I say it means I will reveal a few parts or you won't understand what I'm talking about. HAHAHA, so if you don't want me to spoil the ending, dont read lor. LOLLLLL I'm gonna blog anyway man!

So xinlerk and I were discussing every single detail of the movie and we came to a few conclusions. The first thing was that the mother favour the elder sister (the main actress) more than the younger one. And if you listened clearly, the main actress said "Don't take more food from them or they'll cast more votes on you." That totally made sense because I was thinking "Nobody would wanna join The Hunger Games but why are there so many votes?" This means that in exchange for food, the people have to cast a vote on themself or their family members because the tributes chosen for The Hunger Games have to be between the age of 12-18. That's why the mother will cast the younger daughter's name on the vote. And that was why the younger sister got picked. 

And secondly, we were really suspicious of Peter. The confession he made on the stage before the actual game started. And when he recovered and they were looking around for food, he said "I'll take your bow" to the main actress. I was like "NOOOO." because that's her only weapon, but he ended of with "just kidding." And oh, how he led the whole group to find her so that they could destroy her by following the traps that she set. And he knew that the berries were poisonous, he just didnt thought the girl would know. He wanted to feed the berries to her. She went over to hug him cos she thought he died, and at that moment, the camera showed him opening his hand full of the poisonous berries.

HAHA not sure if you get it because I don't really know how to explain some of the parts but that's about it. What I'm thinking is that the people in charge of the game will still keep an eye on the main actress and Peter to see if they were really in love with each other. Because judging from the ending, the mastermind of the game was not pleased with the result of having both the main actress and Peter surviving instead of the traditional way of only having one survival. Because if the main actress and Peter were really not in love, the game wouldnt have ended this way. SOOOO, yup. HAHAHAHA. Maybe I think too much lah, but I think it's like that. And most probably the mastermind knows that Peter had a hidden intention to get at the main actress just that he always missed the chance. Whatever it is, there's definitely gonna be The Hunger Games 2 HAHAHA.

Go watch the movie guys! I loveeeee it!

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