Saturday, July 28, 2012

With every move I die


He couldn't smile any nicer than this and I can't decide which to upload, so here's all the photos we took together today! LOL, I say all like it's alot. Apparently two is alot for him already :( Not that I wanna take photos with him...but what if one day something happens and we can't take photos together anymore, like cameras go extinct. HAHA, ok just kidding. I really wanna and like to take photos with him.

I honestly have nothing much to blog about but since I have photos to upload, and I'm taking a *coughs* short break from studying, I thought I'll just blog something...and prolly cos my laptop was on, and you kinda know what that means. Pfft. Ok I don't know why I'm blogging as though people can read my mind!

So this week was boring and crazy. I woke up every morning spending 5 minutes contemplating whether I should skip school or drag myself out of bed. I think I really deserve a big fucking fat round of applause for attending school everyday this week. I mean, seriously. School is such a bore and homework are a freaking pain in the ass. And I had gym training thrice this week, plus one bonus day cos I had PE on tuesday and Joelle's training is akhsdbfjneruerbg m-a-d. I still did them anyway. You know the feeling when you don't wanna do it, but you had to not because you're forced to but because you know it's (kinda) the right thing to do. Confusing but..yeah I'm confused. 

At least I have a Friday to thank god for, though there was morning PE and gym in the afternoon. Friday morning PE was da boomz cos we played softball. My sec school had softball cca but I NEVER knew how to play it. I just knew you had to hit the ball with a bat and run, and you play it in the field. Haha ok, and I never knew it was so hard to bat the ball!!! How the hecccck did Hanlin manage to bat it out of the field in school to the carpark? WHUTTT. So I'm not gonna explain how softball is played, but it's really interesting and fun. "It's a game where you have to use your coconut up here" *points to brain* -quoted from malay PE teacher. And we beat the other class with 15points to 1point. HAHAHAH, really fun. Of course, cos we won.

Caught 3 episodes of Pretty Little Liars on Friday, really really mind-boggling. It made me go like "Oh so Mona is A, PLL is finally ending", then the next episode which is the next season, felt like it was Season 1 Episode 1 of PLL all over again. Cos Mona is not the real A, and she's creepy. PLL is not entirely a pointless show full of drama, sex, screams and stuffs. It actually taught me how jealousy kills, literally! Favourite moments during the show is when Toby goes half naked, and Spencer wears nice clothes. Also when Spencer said to Aria, "You're small, but you're big" and "But we're team Sparia". HAHAHA, really cute. And Toby's body is *melts so I can't finish the sentence anymore*

Had PW meeting early morning today. Actually, we did nothing much. But at least I managed to do something without the use of internet on my macbook. LOL, means I didnt bring it for nothing cos it's heavy ok! I think I'm so nice to compromise to meeting at bishan cos it's sooo far from my house. Spent about 3 hours and finished everything earlier than expected. Bought koi, totally forgotten when was the last time I actually touched koi, for myself and chaoyi. I bought 2 of my favourite flavours so I couldn't decide which to give to him. LOL I honestly don't know if it was a smart/dumb choice.

Met chaoyi afterwards and I took *a few* pictures of myself while waiting for him cos he was late! K I was early. Anyway I'm always late when meeting a guy cos I feel that a guy should wait for a girl. Call me traditional but that should always be the way!!! At least for me lah. (first singlish in this blog post)


It's really amazing how everytime I meet chaoyi, we just meet with no plans. Like we just meet at our usual place near my house, and we just meet. Ok I have no idea how to explain this. But we just chat, it always feel like we have endless topics to talk about, which makes saying goodbye really hard (at least for me) each time we part. Occasionally he teaches me kungfu, muaythai, taekwondo, karate. Ok whatever just martial arts. Most of the time he tries them on me, which really hurts. I remembered getting angry at him once and I shot him "Stop hurting me. I mean literally!" and I burst out laughing, but I was really angry then. HAHAHAHAHA. Actually if I were to name every single fun thing we do, it might seem pretty lame and childish. Anyway, who said I was gonna say what we did. LOL 

Wow really impromptu post. Hope I didn't crap too much.

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