Tuesday, August 28, 2012

But it's so hard to leave your problems when you're running from yourself

So I decided to skip school tomorrow, Tuesday, cos there's just too many things for me to do and I'm so so tired. Yes, I'm definitely lacking resilience (core school value in wrss) but I don't think it's gonna make a difference even if I attended the lessons. Main reason for skipping school tomorrow is definitely that 2 hours break and argh, PE. I have PE after 2 hours break at 5.15pm. I don't even have to say anything for you to know how bad a timing that is to conduct PE lessons. What's more, it's been such a long day in school, and afternoon PE is hardcore PT!!!

To add on...I had to bring my bio files to school. To be honest, I'm already VERY reluctant to bring my lecture notes to school, cos they're always so thick. Now I have to bring all the lecture and tutorial materials. Not cool. I don't think you know how much bio stuffs I have. It's so much that it can't be fitted into a giant ring file. Which means I have to bring 2 big files to school. 

Here are some photos I took at my grandparents' place using chaoyi's itouch:

So I think I regretted some of the things I said. I said I wish I can hold on to chaoyi's itouch longer, and now I got it. Yeah, I gotta be careful what I wish for. Because now, I regretted it so much. :( Chaoyi has gone to Australia for a month, which means I get to hold on to his itouch for one more month. I don't wanna hold onto his itouch longer anymore. I want him back.

I've been really addicted to online shopping recently. Most of the time I just go online shops to take a look, but now I'm starting to realise how freaking convenient it is! Hahaha, don't ask how but apparently I'm a member of cotton on online and they send me emails each time something special comes up. When I say special, I mean offers/discounts! HAHAHA, typical me. So I just bought 2 pairs of shoes for 10bucks just now! One pair of wedges (heels) and one pair of tan vintage covered shoes. HAHAHAH, super good deal cos they got free shipping for limited period of time only!!! Can't wait for my shoes to come. I know it's abit early but I'm already planning my post-promos plan. 

I've been wanting to get black studded leather handbags but I haven't found an affordable one yet.

A few days back during GP lesson, my GP teacher (I forgot her name wtf, shows how insignificant she is opps) let us watch this movie in 1997 called GATTACA. It's about genetically modified babies. I thought it was really cool because the title 'GATTACA' itself is made up of letters of the nitrogenous bases in our DNA! Err simpler terms, it means our DNA is made up of the letters A, T, G and C. Damn  cool. So this movie talked about how in the not too distant future, the people will be divided into 2. The Valid and the Non Valid. Valid people are genetically modifed babies, which means they are near perfect, and they are the superior people. Non Valid are natural babies and are considered inferior. They cannot qualify for most jobs etc. This movie talks about how a Non Valid guy enters the Valid world and his story blah blah blah. I haven't watch finish so I can't tell you much. but it's really interesting and I'm gonna finish watching it, right now. Bye!

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