Saturday, September 8, 2012

It was perfectly okay not to be perfect.

Dear blog, I missed you so much. I've been dying to blog for the past few days since Friday cos so many things, but I haven't found time to! I want to say I'm pretty preoccupied with books, but when I look back at what I did for my entire holiday (today is already Saturday), I feel that I haven't done enough. I haven't even started on my revision. -.- I spend one day doing ONE homework, maths took me two days and econs took me an entire day. Ok, enough of worrying stuff, I'm afraid I worried you guys too :( 

On a side track, I wish none of you give up. You're only less than a month away to the big day! You worked so hard for so long, it's not worth it to just give up everything like this. I've met with so many setbacks too, maybe you have met with more. But without all these in comparison, I think if I persevered, anyone out there can too. It wasn't entirely easy, but I just kept this note at the back of my head that soon, it's gonna be worth it. 

So anyway! HAHA, I spent last Friday celebrating Teachers' and Staff Appreciation Day (TASAD) + ACES Day. Met up with my girls in school and while everyone was busy dancing the mass ACES Day dance, we were busy taking photos! Hahaha, we girls rulezzz. Anyway the mass dance was damn fail, so it isn't our fault that we didn't participate. If it was interesting, everyone would dance! The number one fail thing about the dance was holding it in AJ Square. But it seemed like they didn't exactly have a choice cos there's no other place in the school that is big enough to accommodate the two cohort. 

Joey, Queenie, Tessa, Vivian, Weisze, Me and Xinyi!

Hahaha took a photo with Weisze who was sleeping during the concert! I don't blame her anyway, the concert was really boring :( I was so envious when Maria and Sheela told me about IJC's celebrations. They accidentally played Oppa Gangnum Style during the concert and EVERYONE stood up to dance. The way they described it was like there are people at every single corner dancing, and the scene was so heartwarming that the backstage crew didn't stop the music and let it replay for the next 10mins. Yes, so one point to make the celebration work is to have 100% participation but I think it's impossible to expect that out of AJC.

However, noone would have expected something interesting to happen at AJC's concert for this TASAD performance!!! When I say something interesting, I really mean it caught ALL of our attention and everyone is enjoying themselves. And I think it was the best AJ performance I've ever seen so far. And that is THE BABY PARODY!!! It was so funny, specially dedicated to the PE department. It spoke all our thoughts about AJ PE sessions hahaha. They went like "PE, PE, PE, NOOOOO" for the chorus. Hahaha, I don't know if anyone recorded it but I really wanna watch it again. So good and funny.

The concert ended earlier than expected, so I met up with Jiawei and Zhigang. Zhigang and I were being so nice to wait for Jiawei to finish his duties. Then off we go to our beloved WRSS! I missed that school so much, all the teachers and people there. Aww HAHA. Zhigang and I had our lunch in the school, and it was so nice of the stall aunties to charge us a lower price! I miss how cheap the food were in WRSS, AJ's food are overpriced and not nice at all! Hahaha, I realised how displeased I am about everything in AJC. Well, I really am!!! So my girls finally reached the school and we just screeeeaaaaammmeeed and ran towards each other like we haven't met the day before. LOL, for show only. Hahahaha, I miss how crazy we were in school. That day we were practically screaming all the way. We didn't even realise until we felt our throats getting sore. HAHAHA, and Mr Kenneth Sung (history teacher) even told us, "GIRLS, TALK DON'T SHOUT" HAHAHAH. But Kenneth knowing us girls, he should have gotten used to our shoutings already. We NEVER just TALK, we shout. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Awwww

A random photo with Zhigang that made us realize something really amazing and shocking and surprising and mysterious. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, LOOK AT HIS RIGHT CHEEK!!! HE HAS A DIMPLE!!!! Omg, after knowing him for so long, NONE of us noticed!!!

With my dearest Runfa who made my secondary school life so interesting HAHAHA. I was never more glad to have him in my life, cos he's just like a real brother whose always taking care of me. I know I can count on him anytime. <3 p="p">

And it's been ages since we contacted each other!!! The reason was cos I've been texting his old number... LOLLLL I damn fail I know.

Dear Farhan wanna try to make Chaoyi jealous so he insisted on putting his hand on my waist. I struggled for so long cos I'm scared of tickles! Hahahaha, omg grave secret exposed. 

And here's me putting my hands around his waist this time round hahahaha.

So knowing Farhan for so long, I've always wanted to see something of his. And that was his chest hair. This year's TASAD celeb was made very very special cos I finally got the chance to catch a glimpse of his hairy chest hair!!! HAHAHAHAHA sorry Farhan I exposed you, but it looks not bad on you I sweaaaar. Maybe cos it's my very very first time seeing chest hair on anybody in real life. T.T Hahaha, so interesting.

I approached some teachers, even those I'm not too close with, to ask only one thing: "CHER WHAT'S  MY NAME" LOOOOOLL, I think everybody was asking that. Hahaha, good thing for me, all the teachers I approached remembered my name! I thought my name was in chinese and it's weird, so not many teachers might be able to remember my name, but how wrong was I? HAHAHA, but this could be bad news cos I might have been a reeeaaally bad student. :( I was really shocked when Mr Yap remembered my name and forgot some girl with an english name. Oh, I think there's something wrong with HER name, cos even I can't remember it... LOLLLL Mr Yap have always favoured girls and I was almost like the only girl who constantly went against him. Once he screamed in my face for being late for class, and I argued back with him, eventhough it was clearly my fault. HAHAH, I made an empty promise with him the previous time that I WILL NEVER BE LATE FOR CLASS AGAIN. HAHAHAHA, after scolding me, I went back to my seat and cried. God, how much I hated him. 

Mdm Chan also remembered me. She was one really nice and patient teacher. I heard she was a very smart ahlian when she was our age! Hahaha, Ms Siti (my fave teacher) was also a minah when she was our age. She allowed me to wear short skirt because she understand that long skirts are very ugly. HAHAHHA, she rocks. Oh so back to Mdm Chan. She LOVE to catch my ugly moments when I was sleeping and ask the whole class to look at me before asking someone to wake me up. Hahaha, that's Mdm Chan for you. So glad to have her teaching me SS and made me score so well in it. Oh and she was one of the teachers who was very happy that Chaoyi and I got together. Hahaha, she said I influenced Chaoyi in a good way. WAHAHAHA *smirks to self* I think it's true though. I might be linking to another story right now but meh, HAHHA, I don't think I wanna talk about how bad my boyfriend used to be before he met me *angelic music*.

I took a photo with Ms Siti but she has yet to upload it to her facebook. First thing we did when we saw her was "EHHHHHHH SITI AISAH" in the EHHHH SEXY LADEH tune. Hahaha, and then we were like "WAAAAAA CHER WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR GARANG GUNI PHONE? S3 SEHHH" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, that's Zena. 

This was Ms Siti's reaction when she saw the photo collage we made for her! Maria and I spent the whole night the day before rushing this, and it turned out so well! It was my first time doing a real photo collage. I felt so much responsibility when cutting and pasting the photos. Ms Siti was so happy.

This isn't exactly the end product cos there was some error while printing the photos. But still pretty neat!

After chatting with Mr Jack Chong and several other teachers, ohh... I wannt talk about our conver with Mr Jack cos he's our biology teacher. He emphasized the bio students have to be very open in discussing parts of out body so our conver with him is always so sexual and interesting HAHAAHA. This time is no exception. We talked about him having another baby, and he said he don't want anymore. And we all were like, YOU CAN'T ANYMORE? HAHAHAHAHA, and he promised us a treat to restaurant so we planned a date but he said "I can't come." Replay these three words in your head..."I can't come" "I can't com" "I can't cume" "I can't cum" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA WTF we totally laughed our asses off when he said that.

So after that, we girls went to AMKhub to catch Step Up Revolution. Awesome movie I must say! I don't get why some people say the story line wasn't good. I thought it was very different and special from the rest! Instead of dance battling again and again, they used dance as a protest where their voices can be heard. Really interesting how they did it. Was exceptionally amazed about the museum part. Charged my phone at a random power plug in the middle of amk while we waited for our bus to go back to woodlands. Hahaha, we have endless things to talk about. We just need Pan back in SG to complete the square so there'll be the four of us reunited again. I bet next year's TASAD will be better cos this year, Chaoyi and Pan were away. My two most beloved people!!!

Went to Novena with Xintien to The Medical Centre to see the doctor for my face. I've no idea why my face condition turned out so bad starting this year. So I went along with Xintien to see the doctor that she consulted the previous time. Her face really improved alot, and I'm so jelly I want my face to look better too. No pimples no blemishes. Hopefully by the end of one year of treatment it will be alot better. When I walked into the clinic, first thing I did was to look at every else's faces. HAHAH I know right. I bet that was what they did to me when I walked in also lor. 

Here are some photos taken that day:

Look at my hair!!! Hahaha so happy with the length and everything about my hair now. I just need to dye my roots again. hehe, can't wait!

Had school on Monday and Tuesday. Met up with Runfa on Monday after school. He intro me to his new gf. Haahah, I lost count while counting how many past girlfriends of his that I've met before. Each time is different. But this girl left me a different yet good impression. I bet this time their relationship is bound to last for a long time. I hope. Hahaha. Mom was in such a foul mood that he wouldn't allow Runfa to come upstairs to see my brother. I was really pissed with my mom for constantly picking on me these days.

Tuesday after school, I went to Sheela's crib for some raya delicacies and attempted to do some work, but how very very fail this study plan turned out HAHAHA. 


Was so busy taking photos with dear Rifqy cos he's so cuuute!!! Good thing he's not scared of strangers hehe, love babies like that. Stayed on to watch the 9pm show, Don't Stop Believing, and some of the NG parts on youtube. Hahaha so funny. You can watch them on xinmsn/youtube!

Went to IJC to study on Wednesday with Zhigang and Maria. Zhigang and I sneaked into the campus with non-IJC school tee. Hahaha apparently it's very easy to sneak in and they are so lenient with the attire! They allow slippers and any bottoms, they just need a proper shirt for you to enter. So good. And the weather that day was awesome, chilly breeze for the entire day and it didn't rain at all! Felt so chilly studying outside the library. That day wasn't so productive cos we're all too excited to head over to ikea for some meatballs and chicken wingzz. HAHAHA, it was my first time eating there, Zhigang's first time also! HAHAH, chey I thought I'm the only suaku one. I was really amazed by the system there. It's like you take a trolley, but whatever food you want, then pay. So cool one. And the furnitures there are all from ikea, duh. but I find it so funny hahahahaha. The meatballs was really nice! I thought my fave meatballs was beef meatballs from that special stall that was no longer there anymore, in malaysia. but this swedish meatballs have a very different taste! Chicken wings was nice too. I don't really have an acute sense of taste so whatever I think is nice but just be average. But I gotta say the icecream was really good and super worth it for 50cents only! Now I just need to try the hotdog. Hahaha. Anyway, the food there is really affordable.

Chatted so much on the bus with Maria, Sheela and Zhigang. Sheela said Zhigang can replace Pan for awhile, but I can't help but feel it's different. Hahaha, but it's good to have someone there to complete the square for us. It was Chaoyi occasionally, and Yuyang then Zhigang. Truth is, we just need Pan back here in SG. NEED.

Adios for now. 
I'm missing Chaoyi quite terribly right now. One month without him, I'm just about halfway there...

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