Friday, March 12, 2010

The scotching red hot burning Sun.


Yes, how many of you actually noticed the Sun on Sunday. The Sun was beautiful, I swear. It was in my favourite shade of bright red. It looked as if it's burning, but the weather was beautiful. The Sun gradually fades away as it sets and it slowly turned pink+red. Aiya, it's just damn nice. Too bad for those who didnt see it. I was wondering weather it's like eclipse, happens only once in a thousand years or something. LOL. I didnt get to see the eclipse, so it's fair.
Anyway, talking about the sky. I'm starting to love the sky, seriously. I dont know why also, got people influence me. HAHA. I once noticed the Sun was covered with ORANGE cloud in the monring. But the cloud moved away afterwards. And my father once told me he saw a star that looked like a broom, which in chinese means 'broom star' (the jinx). LOL, and it happens like once in 500 years? The sky is so cool.
Anyway, Earth is dying. I CAN FEEL IT~!

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