Friday, September 12, 2008

with Chaoxin, Alison, Tiffany and Xiaojun.
Played volleyball and badminton at around 4pm.
then play pole dancing.
Haha, cos the playground got one pole.
then chaoxin on music,
so i do pole dancing.
Then went chaoxin's hse to eat dinner.
Got the bittergourd egg, and the pumpkin.
th rest i dont know liao.
then i saw the guppy got smth hanging on the butt,
then realise is shit.
then meet xiaojun at 7.30
bought 4 packs of candles.
burn paper,
play candles,
do some wax business [chaoxin la!]
then when my mum called to ask when i am going back home,
i decided to do a last burning in the drain [with some water]
it didnt go very well,
but at least it was fun.
We burnt the plastic pole used to take the lantern,
and the thing melt and touch the water in the drain,
it lit up the whole drain for a sec and went out.
and alison even gave me a stupefyingly lame question:
thr is a bread shop closing down,
it is giving away free breads,
which kind of bread will most people take?
Ans: Donut [Chinese translation: dou-na]
went home with ah-nine and ah-ten
haha, my bodyguards.


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