Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haha, many of you have been bugging me to post the video when we were playing with helium. Our voice turned out really funny, especially Raziq's. Pardon him for being lame, his first two voice was faked out. The real helium voice was when he said 'wtf' and 'you fucking asshole'. LOL.


Met up with some cliques members to buy some materials for Rasyidah's birthday bash. We bought corn starch, reminds us of the time when we did our 'Science of Magic'. LOL, damn funny. We also bought party poppers, and some other stuffs. I forgot, HAHA. Headed to Rasyidah's house after that. BTW, Zena and Rebecca never wear class tee! BOOO, but Zena compensated me with a few packs of sweet. I'm a nice boss, so I accepted them. HEHEHE. We sang birthday song when we were on our way up Rasyidah's house. AND WOW, her house is damn nicely decorated. There's even buffet man. AND CLIQUES' FAVAOURITE MEESIAM! WOOHOO, I miss Rasyidah's mum's meesiam! I LOVE THE GRAVY! OMG, I FEEL SO HUNGRY NOW. NO WONDER RASYIDAH SAY I WILL LOVE THE FOOD. LOL. K la, everytime I go her house I ask for food, that's why. HAHA. And that's also one reason why I like going to Rasyidah's and Eunice's house. THEY HAVE MANY MANY FOOD! HAHAHA.

Before we head downstairs to play with our helium balloon, cos her house got fans, we made rasyidah open her presents. AND YAY, she said she liked mine! YAYYYYYY, she said mine is very special. :DDDDDDDD I knew you'll love it, I JUST KNEW IT! :P Then played with helium balloons. Zena's balloon flew away and Farhan made one flew away as well. Damn farhan. LOL, enjoy the video :D You see the first part, when I laugh after I suck the helium, I laugh until like minnie mouse, SERIOUSLY. LOL.


YAYYY, our coach finally let us take part in SPORTS DAY. She didnt want to let us participate because she was afraid that we might injure ourselves. AND TRUDIE scared the shit out of me, she almost sprained her ankle when she landed and stepped on a ball. OMG. Luckily it wasnt that serious. BTW, I wanna apologise to Deanna. Cos I told her I wanted her to substitute me for the 400metre relay run, but then now I can take part already. Hopefully she wont mind :D

AND YAYYYYY again. WAIT, before I announce the good news, did I tell you guys that I was nominated to plan for the Sec 2 Camp? YUP! HAHAHA. AND I'M IN THE PROGRAMME GROUP, with damn many other people. Our group is the biggest. And so weird la, my first choice was welfare, second was operation. K, I anyhow put welfare cos it sounds nice. LOL, and I ended up in programme. I think it's cos they needed more people. And Logistics got so little people. We had our first meeting on Tuesday, it was quite alright overall la. And HengTeng and I got blacklisted in Physics class by Mr Yap. He complained to Mdm Chan, aww. Hengteng and I was like, 'die already lo, drop out of camp group liao. die already.' Cos Mr Yap told me Mr Chong said I didnt do my Bio homework. WTHHHHH, he talking bout my sister is it. LOL, that's a negative point about having a such a look-a-like as well as name-a-like sister. ): So now I got two complaints. But luckily never drop out. HEHEHE. :P And yay, Sheela said I got a higher chance of becoming a facilitator in the Sec Two Camp! YAYYYY!

Btw, Sports Day is tomorrow! DAMN EXCITEDDDDD! And tomorrow is Chaoxin's birthday! <3

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