Friday, August 29, 2008

performed today,
singing 'if we hold on tgt' with vb players.
missed out on the party,
and was really hungry.
I said that mrs kok is going to throw the cake down for us,
because they cut alr never eat.
and we all opened our mouth wide open,
ready to catch it.
luckily our beloved ms shidah and mdm diana left some beehoon for us.
mrs kok interupted the MCs,
she ruined the whole concert.
Most caring teacher: Mdm Aisyah
Most humourous teacher: Mr Benjamin Lee
Best dressed female teacher: Ms Lynn Choo ;D
Most friendliest canteen vendor: Stall 8
Most friendliest staff/executive: Ms Lim Hui Qi [Mr Wahab is still better]
Most outstanding teacher: Ms Shidah ;DDDDD
3 bingos!
Jessica's dance was awesome.

then went back to wdp.
wore alison's pe attire.
saw hongye on the way there.
okay, i look like my sis.
Haha, dont worry,
i will wash untilllllll clean clean one,
bacteria free.
then met tessa and diyanah
yea yea, i'm still flat la.
then saw junjie, teckjin, leonard, suqi, alicia, huiyi, eugene, benjamin tan, sakthi, jiajun, naeem, alot leh.
then diyanah go and mess up my hair TWICE
which i will not forget!
then eugene dont wanna play vb with us. -,-
then after quite a long time,
snatched benjamin tan's form and wrote our names on it.
and got into wdp's art room
wrote stupid letters to mdm mariani and mr sim,
whose both on course,
then went out to meet chianing, excitedly!
then saw her, she soooooo cute siah
then go kfc.
eat eat yummy yummy
after that shoot ice using straws to each other.
so fun,
and the stupid AUNTY go and ask us to stop wetting the floor with ice.
i was like, whatever man.
sorry yongxiang for sitting in front of tessa,
block your view.
then went to the hard court,
play play
gossip with chianing
and lost count of how many we gossiped about.
then got easy money from yongxiang [$4 leh, haha]
then yongxiang treat drinks.
then something happened that tessa and i saw.
Tessa, *winkwink*
okay, then yongxiang revenge.
go do back to leonard.
then after awhile go home.
omg, chianing <3

Friendship is like wine, it gets better as it grows older
& I need you more than ever.

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