Sunday, March 25, 2012

Started off grand, but ended in ruins.

Hey everyone, this is my group's GP project on Abortion. HAHA, we had so much fun doing the project! The calefares were really funny, so in case you couldn't be bothered with the main character you can just look at the background as well. HAHAHA. Just thought I wanna share this because this video deserves more views for our hardwork and creativity! And in case you guys are wondering, I finally unprivated all my videos on youtube. So.. erm yeah, comments, likes and dislikes are allowed. I haven't received any comments yet, but there's bound to be some hateful remarks.

Anyway, I realised the male actor in The Hunger Games is called Peeta instead of Peter. Opps my bad, but his name is weird. LOL, forgot the girl's name. I think it's Kranis or something.

Btw, I'm soooo annoyed. My mom used my macbook (perfectly ok with it) but she changed my safari homepage and the brightness of my my keyboard. DAMN ANNOYING ESP WHEN AT FIRST I DIDNT KNOW WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT. And then I also realised that macbook's keyboard look damn fugly without the keyboard lights. HAHAH not even kidding, try it man.

Oh anyway, I'm bored. Ask me question on formspring? TANXINPEI

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