Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome to China.

More photos to be uploaded, check them out on facebook ^^

Thursday, 18november

Met up with the rest of the team at the airport. Took AIR CHINA, the services suck. The stewardess are totally impatient -,- I couldnt find the excited feeling no matter how hard I tried. I have no idea why as well. D: I forgot most of the things that happened. I was not really excited for the flight, like how I used to be when I was in sec one with the team on our way to Beijing. HAHA, maybe I grew up! YAYYY. I slept during the take-off and for the rest of the journey. Only woke up to eat breakfast then back to my dreamland again. Reached the airport and took the shuttle bus to our hostel. I was most looking forward to the weather there. But it turned out quite disappointing I must say. We even bought our winter jackets and all, and turned out it's just like aircon room temperature. And you dont wear winter jacket in an aircon room -,- Pfft. But the weather was really comfortable ^^ It's like there's aircon everywhere. HAHAHA. Chaoxin was my roommate. We checked in at our hostel room 305. The room is very small, there's a bathtub and all. But the bathtub looks disgusting. I booked the bed beside the wall. YAYY, cos I hate windows. Esp windows with curtains. LOL, k la, with or without curtains I also dont like one. HEHE. I dont lock the door when I go to the toilet cos it's really troublesome and hard for me to open it. It didnt seem to be a trouble for chaoxin to open it la, but for me it's really hard! Like somemore the lock is rusty, then I go toilet wash hand unlock door wash hand again. Walau, irritating you know. So I just close the door, never lock. Pantita and Alison got room 306, but it's like opposite us. Not beside us. Beside us is Ms Lim! HAHA. And beside Ms Lim is Mr Soh. We got the corner room. The thing I like about our hostel is that we can hang our laundry outside our room. And in the kind of weather there, our clothes dry damn fast. Woo, cool right. Chaoxin and I were being conservative but hanging out lingerie inside the toilet, but then afterwards we saw the rest of our teammates hanging it outside. So we forgot about being conservative and hung it outside as well. HAHAHA. The tv there is cool as well, got many many channels. But I dont know how to switch it on, only chaoxin know how. LOL. My aim for the trip is to spend finish my money actually. HAHA, cos that time when I went to beijing, I really regretted not buying enough things for myself! So this time, I dont wish to regret anymore. We didnt have any trainings on the first day, headed to 'DA RUN FA' for shoppingggg! LOL, it's spelled exactly like Runfa's name. Make me miss Runfa la! The only amazing and cool part of the shopping mall was the supermarket. Previously when the teacher said we're heading to the market, we're abit disappointed. Like, got fish and veges, can buy what siah. You know, but then it turned out damn cool! We totally went crazy there. They sell all kinds of snacks. And they got the bigger version of fruitips! WOAH, I bought all the flavours. And they got many many cool, weird, interesting, whatever flavours offff.... POCKEY! OMGOGMOGMOMG RIGHT?! They even got mango, greentea, blueberry etc. I bought a few for hongye. HAHA, but I wanna try them as well. There the things damn cheap la, we buy until siao. What's more, we can divide the prices there by 5 to calculate for the Singapore price. WOWWWWW! HAHAHA, k la I'm going crazy already. But it's damn cool can! We had fun calculating the prices, make us buy more. That day I spent 130RMB. Pantita spent more than that. LOL. Oh ya, and I forgot to mention something! When we reached China airport that day, we had to pass through some imigration check thingy. I stood behind Mr Soh and a cheena woman just cut his queue. Like, just walk infront of him and stand there. WTH?! And he kept quiet leh, I was like 'excuse me, you never see that big woman who just cut your queue meh'. I felt like slapping her la, but it's her territory for god's sake. So obviously it would be a totally wrong move. But anyone would have approached somebody who just cut your queue right? Why didnt Mr Soh? He could've just talked to her nicely, seriously. Yet he did not do any.thing. WALAU.

I'm sorry but that's only Day One. HAHA.

Friday, 19november

We had training the whole day, from morning to night. Woke up at 7am, but fell asleep again and woke up late. Rushed down for breakfast. The meals there are, erm, at first we thought it's abit exaggerating. Cos there's 11dishes every meal. And it's like BIG DISHES, not small small that kind. Siao right! But the noodles there are totally bagus! Ms Lim and I love their noodles! Afterwards, we actually preferred the food there than the food in a hotel. HAHAHA, weird right. But seriously. Alison and Kelly ate so much, I'm convinced that they'll gain weight when they reach sinagpore. I warned them though. LOL. Walked quite a distance to the training centre. Sian la, need walk so far. But the court is almost dust free. We rolled on the floor like pigs rolling on mud like that. And there's Coach Yang and Coach Deng. Both are nice people. ^^ And their foot drills are so fun! I like! It's fun and helps to warm ourselves up as well. Training was awesome. After morning training, we had lunch back at our hostel. Had a long break until 3.15pm and we set off to the training centre again. To warm ourselves up again, (no they didnt make us do the same footdrills again.) we played games! Played crocodile. Woo, fun. We played it before way back in Singapore. I hate being the catcher, damn tiring one. After every afternoon training, we would have about 10-20mins left to do some physical. The first time, we did err, I dont know whats that called. But it's like you know situps, when you come up that position, but you have to cross you hand and your leg cannot touch the ground. At first we thought it was easy, but then afterwards, SIAOOOOOO, damn sour (suan). We did 3 sets.

First set: 1min.

Second set: 1min30s.

Third set: 2min.

Tiring, but fun! Walked back to our hostel after training, damn cold at night. We noticed that the chinese there doesnt really make sense. Like there's this aircon shop, its tagline was: (translated) Fresh air can water heater. LOL, not only this la. There's still one more inside the training centre: (translated) Colourful I colour. As in, in Sinagpore, the teacher would have marked it wrong also lo. But it's chinaaaa?! Of course their english is even more funny la. HAHA. Slippery spell as slippy, and there's a book in the hotel that says 'please don't take me go'. LOLLLLL. I took a photo of it using Pan's camera. She havent upload yet. Chatted with Chaoxin alot at night. :D Btw, Fujian people's accent is not that strong. So it was quite convenient for us to communication to each other. That day sucks when reminded that all the wdpsc are attending sc camp, and pan, siewming and I have to miss it D: Oh ya, we made a trip to DA RUN FA again right before our afternoon training, I spent 136RMB. HAHAHA, bought many many fooooood! :D

Saturday, 20november

I forgot if we had half day training or no training at all that day. LOL, but we went somewhere to tourrr! HAHA, it was fun but tiring la. Made a trip to Nanjin, if i'm not wrong. It's much much cooler there. WOO. Slept in the bus, damn tired. Was abit irritated, not only me, that we had to get up and down the bus a few million times. The ride was really bumpy, I always sit by the window. And I cannot put my head on the window, pfft. Cos it's painful, will keep knocking my head! D: Took many many many photos. All in Pantita's camera, I hope she upload the photos sooooon. I got many photos inside also, hehe. Nothing much, let the photos explain themselves okay? LOL.

Sunday, 21november

Half day training. Guess what? LOL, I forgot to bring socks for training! So Ms Lim had to accompany me back to the hostel, which is seriously a long way, and back again. PFFT! But chatted alot with Ms Lim. Did a different set of foot drills. Still damn fun ttm! HAHAHA. Afternoon is basically just set games with the China people. I love number 8 the setter, she's short hair, looks boyish. But she's damn cool, she sets every single ball. Even when she's on the floor, she also set one leh! And their score board is abit weird la, it's cloth that kind one. And when we have to flip the score from 09 to 10, it's abit confusing at first. And that setter helped me, she shooo coool! I like her. Ms Lim made us distribute badges to them, Siewming and I were fighting for number 8. LOL. But I gave it to her in the endddd! MUAHAHAHA!

Monday, 22november

Full day training. Played games, and I forgot what games we played. LOL. But it's always damn fun one la. It help us to warm up also. I only remembered playing hand soccer, crocodile and er, we have not gotten a name for that game yet, but it's sideways touch touch the person that one. HAHAHA, what a description. Lazy la. Tsk. Set games with the china people in the afternoon, we lost all the games against them. But we achieved our target one by one, and I think we're definitely improving! ^^ Way to go! Physical at the end of afternoon training was mermaid. Usually we only did 1 min of mermaid. We used to do 45 seconds when we were sec one. LOL. Did 2 sets of it.

First set: 40seconds front, 1min left and right.

Second set: 2min front, left and right.

Was quite okay, I think the front one is harder than the left and right one. And apparently, my left arm is not stable than my right, and I have no idea why. LOL. Back to our hostel afterwards. Chaoxin and I's room are the nosiest. And we have our frequent visitor from opposite our room, Pantita T. HAHAHA. Debriefs etc were held in our room a few times, afterwards we really cannot tahan having to clear the room and all those stuffs. We decided to take turns with the rest of the team. HAHA, so we take turns going to each of their rooms for debriefs and our cup noodle party never happened D:

Tuesday, 23november

Full day training. It was our last afternoon training! D:D:D: Sad ttm, last day seeing the china players. Coach Deng is in charge of us. He's really naice. Esp after Kelly kept on joking around with him, he started joking around with us as well. But he's really really fierce and impatient towards his own students. :X Our last physical was damn tough, but I think it was quite fun. HEHE. We did wheelbarrow, 3 sets. Chaoxin and I chionged all the way and was the first to finish! WOOO, then there's the super tiring one, FROG JUMPS! CAN DIE I TELL YOU, I fell forward a few times. Afterwards we have invisible chair, we used to do this way back in primary school. Somemore we did only 20seconds back then, want to die alr la! HAHAHA, now we do 1 minute for the first set and 2 minutes for the second set. So in total, we did:

3 sets of wheelbarrow

6 sets of frog jumps

2 sets of invisible chair.

For wheelbarrow and frog jumps, one set is the whole volleyball court.

Took photos with the China coaches and players, aww miss them already. I got a volleyball keychain from one of the players there. She had bangs and is always eating a lollipop. LOL, so cute. She's about same height as me, but she jump damn high la! They all rode bicycles. Debrief and sleep.

Wednesday, 24november

Training in the morning is as per normal. Aw, miss the coaches there already. They're nice people. Checked out of the hostel at 2.45pm. Took the bus to a hotel at Xiamen. Three star leh, not bad. I had difficulty stuffing all my food etc into my luggage siah. HAHAHA. Checked into room 1008 at the tenth floor. It's more high class this time, instead of key we had previously at the hostel, we had card! WOO, same as the time when we go to beijing. And the bathtub is shooo coool! K la, like normal la. LOL, and there're big big mirrors! AHHH, i loike. And there's phone inside the toilet. WAHSEH SIAH. When I shitting I can call Pantita inside the toilet. WOOOOOAHHH, so fun! But I didnt have a chance to do that la. HAHA, it's bubble breaker time everytime I shit ^^ As usual I took the bed next to a wall, HAHA. Chaoxin wanted that bed in the first place, she lie on MY bed like so shiok like that. Tsk. So I throw my windbreaker etc on my bed and booked it. HAHA, and I went to lie on her bed to make it fair. HEHE, actually quite lame la. LOL. We went shopping at the street near the hotel after our dinner in the hotel. The street is really long, but none really caught our eyes. The teachers mentioned something about the Disney Sports store. We went to check in out in a hope of getting a team bag for all of us. YESHHHHH, a bag caught our eyeeee. I love it's dark turquoise zip! K I dont know how to spell la can! Tsk. LOL. And it's set, we ordered 17 bags. Everyone agreed with it. ^^ I had to pay a small amount of money first, and sign a paper. LOL, I was afraid that guy is some conman that I threatened to burn down the shop. HAHAHA. The only one everyone accepted. We saw another bag that is black in colour as well, but with pink straps?! EEEE, no pink pleaseeee. I want red. LOL. Shopped around, bought nothing D: Except a little bear thing for all our teammates to hang on our team bag. HAHHA, the black one caught my eye like siao can. But too many people want the black one, and there's not enough. So we took other designs. Back to our rooms, Chaoxin and I made them draw lots. In the end I got the white one D: And I dont really like it. I really wanna change to the black one! But then I saw Eden having the same one as me as well, so I told her we wont change so we can have the same one, HAHAHA. Siewming, Eunice, Yingjie, Alison, Pantita stayed at our room. Discussed about some stuffs, ate noodles. Like finally we touched our noodles -,- and watched tv. Damn disgusting show. There's this patient who got 13 thick construction site metal wires passing through his body. And the show shows how the doctors take them out one by one. It's really disgusting I swear. The rest of them went back to their room to sleep after awhile, it was already 2am I think. Damn tired. BUT THEY LEFT OUR ROOM IN A MESS!

Thursday, 25november

Last day of the trip already, and I fell sick. I felt damn cold all the way. From morning to night. I didnt sleep well the night before as well, damn hungry. Kept on waking up, but got nothing to eat and went back to sleep again. Somemore have muscle aches all over, ahhh. Torture la. Everyone felt hot, but I felt damn cold. And eventho I'm damn hungry, I dont have appetite. D; I didnt enjoy myself that day la. Whole day wanna sleep. Went to GU LANG YU, it's a small island there. Alot of wedding couples taking their wedding photos there. Like TOO MANY OF THEM -,- Everyone else were sweating like mad, and I was the only one wearing my sweater up to my neck, and not even sweating a bit. Took a few photos, I wasnt smiling at all. I didnt have the mood to smile la, like you cant expect me to fake a smile, and I'm so sorry. I'm feeling terrible here (?!) and you want me to smile -,- I hate the route we had to take there, there's alot of going up hill and downhill roads. I hate it. I have muscleaches leh. ARGH. Was sitting down during shopping time. Took a ferry boat to the island. But we get to enjoy a speedboat back. HEHE. It was fun la. Rushed to get our team bags, then to the airport. Our flight was delayed. Slept during the period of time, still freezing cold. Skip skip a few parts. Inside the plane, sat in between Celine and Pantita. I didnt know where to put my head when sleeping la. Yes slept throughout. Halfway through, Ms Lim came to me with two panadol and a cup of water. After about an hour later, I was sweating like hell. I even had to remove my windbreaker. LOL, after that still feel hot siah. Before that I wear windbreaker then still got the blanket leh. HAHAHA, think it's the panadol effect. Damn fast siah. Btw, THANK YOU MS LIM FOR LENDING ME YOUR JACKET! ^^ Really nice of you, but I didnt wear it. LOL. Reached Singapore, first thing use phone. HAHAHA. Had fun spotting Albert. He so cute. When he jump, really can see him siah, jump so high. HAHAHA. Happy to see my father as well. Hugged Albert then hugged PAPA. I miss my brother like M-A-D. Talked to him in the car on our way home from airport. Aw, he's still cute ^^

Anyway, I'm going to Malaysia until 2december later. Tomorrow early morning. My father gonna drive me and Xintien there by car, with his friend. Met his friend just now, he have this damn strong medicated oil smell. It polluted the car, I swear. I need a gasp of fresh air about every 5 mins. I have no idea how we're gonna survive the car trip tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK SOMEBODY -,- That is if anyone managed to perservere reading this post til the very end. LOL. Will be missing training! D: My holidays are so packed. 3dec got Albert's birthday party, it's a must-go already. Then there's SC outing. I dont know when that will be. But preferably after 3 dec please? And before 8dec so Pantita can go. ^^ And the most troublesome of all, homeworks -,- Can die la.

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