Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Right, I didnt actually take alot of courage to post this. LOL, I think it's quite okay right? Kinda awkward talking to myself, but still...quite a nice experience. I hope my editting skills are ok! HAHA, first time trying imovie. Argh, please dont laugh at me ok? D: HAHAHA, enjoy!

(I actually hope to do vlog again sometime!)

Anyway, I'm kinda excited to blog my next post. HAHA, it will be about my motivation to do well for olevels. I hope it will inspire and motivare this year's olevel students as well. HAHAHA, I sound so 'wei da' (great). HAHAHA, yeah but I wish to tell my story lah. And oh ya, ZENAAAAA IF YOU'RE READING THIS. I will be dedicating a paragraph to you on my next blog post. I actually have some things to tell you. LOL, so please be excited. YAY.

OH ANYWAY (again), my blog views hit 40 yesterday! It was 25 the day before ytd. HAHA, I have no idea how that happened. And it was single digits last week. LOL, I dont know but I'm damn happy! Seems like I'm gaining all my readers back again. HEHEHE, ok I'm yakking too much...

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