Monday, December 26, 2011

There's still lots of good in the world.


Went shopping with Sheela and Rasyidah last Friday. HAHAHA, yeah shopping again. It's crazy. I've got tons of new clothes that I havent wear before, and the thing is, I can't even find time to wear them. And I'm going to bangkok this coming Sunday, 1 January. CRAZY! It's gonna be a crazy shopping spree because I'm gonna be shopping with Pantita. Well, in case you dont know her as well as I do (LOL in fact you wont know her as well as I do, MUAHAHAHA cos she's my bestfriend yo) , she's the craziest shopper ever. She can spend over a 100dollars in Body Shop. LOL. I'm hoping to get more denim shorts and hopefully stockings there. Yeah, I wanna try to wear stockings. I see other girls wearing them and it's so sexy! Not that I wanna be sexy, cos I already am. LOL K JOKE. I dont know why I dont really dare to try wearing stockings or leggings. HAHA, I'm afraid I might overdress or something.

Oh yeah, back to last Friday. Sheela and I were on a super mission to help Rasyidah buy more feminine clothings! I was daaaamn excited. I mean, we can totally help! HAHAHA, but Sheela and I were actually on a greater mission. And that is, to not spend any money on anything except food. HAHA, apparently she feels the same way as I do. We've done TOO MUCH SHOPPING.

Anyway I love the top I wore that day. Hehe, I bought it from Cotton On for only $7.50!
 Camwhored abit while waiting for Rasyidah to change into her new outfit. Trust me, she took ages. And the reason behind it was her MUSCLES! HAHAHA, we took into consideration that she, though small sized, have got muscles! HAHAH, you might think she will be able to fit into an M sized shirt, but her muscles are hugeeeee, really. HAHAHA, but her muscles brought us lots of joy while choosing clothes. Couldn't stop laughing.
 Sheela and I bought matching shoes! And it's damn cool, because we didnt buy it together! It was a total coincidence! I love this pair of shoes, because... (see next photo)
 I survived this! HAHAHA, YEAH IT WAS CRAZY! I dont understand the weather in Singapore. Other countries are enjoying snow and we're enjoying rain, pfft. And I can't understand the reason behind the continuous flooding in Orchard! Orchard is like the most crowded area forever and it attracts the most tourists! Surely that highlighted a need for Orchard to be well-protected and not affect the people there! I dont know, just a piece of my mind. Anyway, it was raining the entire day while we were at Orchard. It was terrible cos Sheela, Rasyidah and I had to share one umbrella. I got the whole of my left body wet, while Rasyidah got her right side of the body wet. Sheela was safe in the middle, cos, well, the umbrella was hers. LOL.

We look at cool pretty people with nice high heels or velvet shoes and laugh. HAHAHA! Sheela should have worn her Dr Martens and stomp through the water like a boss man.

Anyway, the journey through the basement tunnel was scary. I feel like I'm in titanic. I mean, it's flooding at ankle level, and that's not all! Water is leaking from the ceiling! Can you imagine if one piece of wall gives way and all the water comes gushing in, omg. Imma grab onto a wooden plank and sing a song to keep myself alive. LOL.


Merry Christmas everyone! I spent my Christmas with my bf, Runfa, Shuiyuan, Zhonghao, Jonathan, Shangwei, Jiawei, Xavier and Maria at Maria's house. HAHAHA. Shuiyuan and Shangwei left awhile later. 
So pissed. Chaoyi was never so willing when taking pictures with me lor. I think that day the amount of photos Runfa took with him was alot more than the alot of times when I tried to take a photo with him. D: 

But anyway, I went to meet Hongye and Jiajun in the afternoon first for gift exchange. I got a uniqlo shirt from Hongye and a waterbottle from Jiajun. I bought Jiajun a Cotton On shirt and Hongye FOOD. HAHAHA, food that he never tried before. 

Unfortunately, Christmas was definitely not my day because I dropped my ezlink card in AMK. I looked all over for it but I couldnt find. What's worse was I was alone! Then I took bus from cwp home. It's only one stop and guess what, I had to pay $1.10. WTF MAN. Daylight robbery? I'm a freaking student! I showed the driver my IC and he insisted. The fuck, I'm 16. It's not as if I'm a poly student lying to you that I'm from JC!

Nevermind that, chatted damn long with Jiajun and Hongye about everything. HAHA, it's always nice talking to Hongye. I went to my grandparent's place after that. I ate Turkey for the first time in my life! It's so nice! I love the breast meat, it's so huge! I think I mentioned before in blog that I love eating chicken breast meat. HAHAHA, it's healthy and it's bone-less! 

From my grandparent's place, I got an earpiece, an abercrombie&fitch shorts and eye shadow. I dont get what I got an eye shadow. I dont do makeups. I mean I will definitely need it in the future but now? LOL, and I can't even do eyeliner, eyeshadow will make me so wayang. Oh ya, Sheela got me a zebra print dress from Cotton On! I LOVE IT! I still havent give her her gift yet! D:

 Headed to Maria's house afterwards with chaoyi and runfa. GOSH I MISS NOEL! He's so cute, and he still remember my name! He even remember how to spell my name. He's a genius! HAHAHA. I managed to dig out my christmas present from under Maria's christmas tree. HAHAHA, it's an underwear from Cotton On Body! HAHAH, I love it. One thing is it's my favourite colourrrr!!!
Maria, Runfa and I
 Jonathan (mimiyan) and I.
Aww haha, Noel and chaoyi. Noel love chaoyi and that's so unfair! HAHAHA

Spent our christmas playing card games, watching lots and lots of movies, sleeping breaks in between and food food food! I love the thailand beehoon! Sour and spicy. I love this combination of taste! Thats why I love TOMYAM! 

We watched alot of movies. Friends With Benefits, Hide And Seek, Glee (we replayed it for like 5 times?) HAHAHA NOT COS IT'S NICE! It's cos we were all asleep and nobody bothered to change it. HAHHA, we also watched Black Swan, and the stupid show that claimed to be M18 cos of it's gory scenes, but end up showing all horny stuffs.

I dozed off quite a few times and I felt really uncomfortable cos I havent showered for like the entire day. It's the most disgusting feeling and my hair was so oily. But nevertheless, I had fun! Hehehe I spent the entire day sleeping on chaoyi's shoulder. HAHAHA.

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