Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's not that difficult to love.


Yeap, a year have ended. I spent my New Year's Eve with my boyfriend. After watching the movie New Year's Eve, I was determined to spend that special day with him. HAHAHA, really. I wanted that night to be unforgettable. And also cos he was the one that turned my whole life around. I admit that I really did change alot after getting together with him, and somehow, be it good or bad changes, I'm happy with it. I wanted to spend that day reminiscing about the year that's passed. From that very day we got together, to the day we first quarreled, the day he first saw me cry, the day we first held hands, exchange first kisses, joke around, play a fool, found our favourite hang out place, getting to say "9am same place." all the time and know exactly what we're referring to. You know, you get what I mean. I finally got to know how being in love really feels like. And if you think I'm really being mushy over here, you obviously havent felt love...

So for the new year ahead, I hope everyone get over heartbreaks and find new love. I wish for everyone to be happier, and stop living life for someone else. You know what we're born for? We're born to be ourself. And to be yourself, you gotta be different. I guess people in love would realise that they get angry and emotional (sad) more often, but if you just let yourself think the positive way, you're infact alot lot lot happier. I would say that chaoyi made me cry alot. He made me know how it feels like to cry, like really cry. And he really gives me heartaches, literally heartaches. But I wouldnt let him go, cos he makes me happy. And that happiness is overwhelming. If you want me to name the happiest day of my life, it would be one of the days with him around. 

To be frank, my New Year's Eve kinda suck. HAHAHAHA not even kidding. I promised to treat chaoyi to a sushi buffet I ate with my friend before. But we couldnt find that place anywhere. We searched the whole of AMK (inside and outside) for 1h 30mins. And you knowwwwww, being typical me, I didnt eat breakfast and lunch to save my empty stomach for the big buffet. I was really starving, I even threw tantrums. HAHAHA. Then we realised that that sushi restaurant is at Broadway Plaza. And we spent a longggggg time finding Broadway Plaza, and when we finally found it..guess what? -.- It's freaking under fucking renovation. And it's like the entire mall is under renovation. Fuck LOL. So we went back to AMKhub and settled for Pepper Lunch. I couldn't stop yakking. I can't believe after a long search, we finally settled for Pepper Lunch. I mean like, seriously? HAHAHA, but it was kinda fun. I dont know in what way is it fun, but somehow it's just not that bad. You know, like, I dont know. HAHAHAHA. We still had the mood to kinda joke around and stuffs eventho we were really sweating like M A D.

And then there's another bad news. I stained my clothes. I'm on the second day of my period, fucking heavy flow. And when we were about to leave Pepper Lunch, (you know it's just really typical for you to look at your seat or your pants when you're on your period after leaving the seat, but most of the time you dont really see anything like how you expected it to be, but guess what happened to me...) there's like blood on my seat. And I just sank back into my seat, thinking how fucking worse can this day get. But I guess my day didnt get THAT unlucky because I managed to clean my pants using wet tissue. (my pants is not made of cotton thankfully) Yeah so I was like scrubbing the stain off using wet tissue, and thank fucking god wet tissue saved me from the fucking embarrassment. I mean walking to the toilet like an awkward duck with my bag covering my ass was embarrassing enough you know. 

We already decided to have our countdown at Waterfront. And we thought we would be the only ones there what a joke. We bought sushi and durian pancakes there to have a mini picnik. Omg, I swear that place is mad crowded. MAD MAD MAD MADDDDD. But we managed to find a little spot comfortable for the two of us. HAHA. We get to see fireworks at Johor Bahru across the sea. So we were watching 4 fireworks that continued for like 30mins? HAHAHA damn awesome. I had a wonderful night. And yes! I got my first kiss of the year. Cos I was all like "the last time we kissed was last year man." HAHAHA k I'm kidding. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Went back after awhile. We saw people at the bus stop so we assumed they were waiting for the bus, but the bus never came.. welll. HAHAHA, so we took the taxi. Our patience paid off! But it didnt feel like we waited very long for the taxi, we chatted about how our parents met each other. HAAHAH, and I'm like "should I have natural birth or caesarian next time?" LOL, I know it's abit too far to think about that but cos my cousin gave birth not long ago and it got me thinking. She had natural birth, and I thought most modern parents would go for caesarian, they wont worry about the scars cos recent technology can manage that. But what my cousin said made sense. She said she want to have something to say when her child ask her "mama, how do you give birth to me?" And she wanted her child to know that it's not easy giving birth to a child. She didnt want her story to be like "doctor gave me a jab, I went to sleep and when I woke up, you're born." you know that kind of thing. Yeah so that got me thinking for awhile. but then, natural birth need to cut the vagina, ouchhhhh..

HAHAHA I think I'm ranting alot. Well, dont complain cos I wont be blogging for a week or so. Will be boarding the plane to bangkok in a few hours time! I will be away for one week. Major shopping plan, MUAHAHAHA. I can't wait but I'm scared also leh! Well anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! <3

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