Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Keep moving.

Went shopping with Xintien to finish buying all the xmas presents. HEHE, yes! I'm finally done with all the shopping! So excited for xmas, I can't wait! Come on, sundayyyyyy! Gonna go over to grandparents' place in the evening, then off to Maria's house for overnight! Really looking forward to receiving and giving my xmas gifts. 

Camwhore shots with younger sister in the shuttle bus to Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC).
 We got out of cotton on at SSC and saw these group of children, age 6-11, drawing portraits of people! It's actually free-of-charge, so I thought why not give it a try. I sat down a two children started drawing me, while the other two drew xintien.
 Look what an 11 year-old drew! It's a portrait of me! I was soooo impressed, I donated $5 to them.
 A younger kid drew this of Xintien! Not too bad as well!

After that we went to Junction 8 at Bishan to buy some stuffs. HAHAHA, not to be disclosed if not some of you might guess your xmas presents. :P
We had Ajisen Ramen! HEHE, tomyam ramen is da boomz. 
 I was so pleased with myself that day because I only used two big plastic bags and declined all other use of plastic carriers when offered.  A watson staff even thanked me for saving the earth. How I wish everyone would put in a just wee bit of effort to help save the earth. I think I told some of my friends how I hate people who gives out flyers because nobody actually reads them and it's wasting paper! Some of you might even think that since it's already printed, then why not just take. But this act really makes a difference! Look at it this way. If you take that one piece of flyer, and everyone else does the same thing, the demand for flyers increases. With the increased demand for flyers, the producer would produce MORE flyers! So people, please stop taking flyers to let them know that this method is NOT working. Surely they can be creative enough to use other methods to advertise whatever they're advertising for. And I also know that some of you sympathize those people giving out the flyers, because they're just doing a part-time job to earn some easy money. Yeah that's true, but if they really care about the earth and thought of all these consequences, they wouldn't even consider this job.

Aww, look at Sheela and her pathetic umbrella. LOL, all of us were in pairs and sharing a big umbrella while she's FOREVER ALONE. HAHAHA, that day was fun but I'm kindaa.. not really allowed to elaborate too much. HAHAHAHA!

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