Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cos with you is where I'd rather be.

My bestfwen.
Kas & Pan
Xintien & Pan
Siewming & Pan
Funniness, I feel like addressing Siewming as Steven Lim. HAHAHAH!
Kianshen & Pan
Bert & Pan
Minghwee & Pan
Chloe & Pan
Same shirt yooooo.
We all look ready for bedtime. HAHAHA.
Girlssss, <3
Me, Pan, Kas, Bert
Siewming & Xintien

That's roughly the photos we took at the sleepover at Bert's house. Just an update of what we did at night. We watched Grave Encounters, mad scary. The people claimed that the footage were real and non-editted. But weird stuffs, they got director and editor for the movie. LOL, and throughout the movie, they were holding onto the video camera while running for their lives. Smart people would put the camera down, cos it's obviously a burden. I dont know la, but I believe that the movie is a fake. It's a nice movie to catch tho! Quite interesting!

Update on Class Camp on the next post!

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