Sunday, November 13, 2011

Between who you are and who you could be.

I love this picture.
My bestfwen. (yeah pronounce the f-WEN)

I love my girls.

Anw, I couldnt possibly upload all the photos on my blog cos there are like 200 photos taken that day. LOLOL, go to Pantita Sunbuck's profile and check out the photo album "I'll make every second count". HAHA K LAZY ME.

Set off to Somerset at around evening time. To Pan and Maria, town is like their second home. They know the place inside out and know exactly where to go. LOL, Sheela and I will just shutup when it comes to directions. HAHAHA. The place is so complicated, we'll just follow them HAHA. Many shops were already closing then, I guess we went out too late. But it felt good to be out so late at night. Like, it's not that crowded and the sun's asleep, so the weather was good. I hate to sweat when I'm outside, especially when wearing nice clothes.

So my aim to at least buy one top, failed :( we didnt get to buy any clothes. Well, Pan and I almost managed to buy a royal purple jacket that we initially thought was $20. Stupid salesperson gave us high hopes. But it turned out to be freaking 50bucks. Siao man. So we didnt buy it in the end. But Maria bought us to this shop that sells accessories, GOD DAMN CHEAP! Each pair of studs cost 90cents! It's effing cheap. Somemore the studs are of quite good quality. I mean even if it's bad quality, it's cheap. LOL, the hand accessories are also 90cents. The head bands are $2. The sunglasses are $5. I spent $20+ there. HAHAHA, and we pierced our ear! Me Pan and Maria. HAHAHA, it's always Maria who started off having the feeling to pierce. *feeling* HHAHAHA, weird. I was tempted to pierce too! So I went first. Eh it wasnt that easy to pick up my courage to pierce ok! Esp when the person didnt check for the veins and stuff. Cos previously when I wanted to pierce my left helix, the person said I have a vein there and have to pierce lower. EH THE PERSON DIDNT CHECK LEH. I was damn scared that I'll turn out to be the unlucky one again. I mean I'm seriously damn unlucky all the time. Name me all the suay stuffs I all got kena before D: But to hell with it, I wanted to pierce so much. HAHAHA, so I just DO IT MAN. Satisfied tho :D But my ear is hurting right now, cos I insisted on removing the stud. I feel dirty not being able to clean the stud for two days. LOL, drying my hair after washing is really troublesome.

Funniness after leaving the shop. Went into the remaining stores that are still open but didnt find anything nice. I kinda forgot what we did there but I remember we went into a very high-class shopping mall. LOL, k la I didnt know it was high-class until Pan whispered "act high class". LOL so we all started catwalking like some rich ass people. HAHAHAHA. We had fun in the toilet! OMG, HAHAH. We were the only ones in the toilet, so obviously we had fun! Took super many photos. I esp love the one when sheela piggybacked me. Hey I was wearing denim skirt and she insisted on piggyback-ing me. Make me unglam only. HAHAHA, k la like I was glam in the first place. LOL.

I forgot what we did afterwards but I was seriously craving for Starbucks. After Maria keep talking about how nice it is, I wanted to try it but never had a chance to. But weird tho, I seem to always feel like drinking starbucks when I'm at night. HAHAHA. That night I abit bushuang, cos never buy anything much :( Nevermind ok! Next Tuesday! HAHAHA, shop till I drop. I dont care. I must buy clothes, highwaist shorts, shoes whatever. LOL. Yay then overnight at Marz's house dye hair, manicure, mud mask and stuffs. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

OH YA did I tell you all I'm a weird girl :( I think I'm a weird girl. I hate chocolate with nuts. I love tomatoes. I hate chilli sauce, and especially love ketchup. I hate the crust of curry puffs, I only like the fillings. I hate nasi lemak and bak kut teh. I admit I'm quite a fussy eater. HAHAHA. I used to hate pineapple but I seem to be okay with it now. LOL. K IM NOT WEIRD IM SPECIAL :D

Anyway I went to ajc volleyball training yesterday. Having serious muscle aches now. I even have difficulty trying to sit still in this chair. LOL. Had an even harder time getting out of bed :P I didnt want to go training at first, cos olevels have not even ended and I seriously should be stuying, eventhough it's just mcq but still! But crystal texted me and said that training started long ago, so obviously I didnt want to be left behind. LOL, decided to go to training, was feeling quite nervous there cos I dont know any of them except for the libero (forgot her name), crystal and chongwei. BUT GUESS WHAT. Turned out crystal lied :( I was the first dsa player to be there. But it's also good la, she wanted me to start earlier so I got advantage. People there are so nice. At least they tried talking to me first. Crystal wanted me to start talking to them first, but it's so weird! I'll be like a weirdo whose too eager to make friends and surely they'll find me weird. Training was okay I guess. Warm up, foot drills, shuttle run, blocking, and the part I hate most - skipping 800x. :( AT LEAST I DIDNT FINISH LAST. LOL. Then did super alot of spikings until my hand was red and swollen. I wanted to tell the coach that my hand hurts, but I realised most players there had swollen hands as well. So I kept mum about it. HAHAHA, but spike until so shioooook (ignore the pain).

That's about it I guess. Next Tuesday officially marks the end of Olevels. Looking forward to the sleepover! HEHE. And I can't remember what activities I have on 17november. D: Bad memory. Oh ya and class camp is postponed to 19-21nov. But I got something on on 20 and 21nov. Argh, and I have sleepover from 18-19nov. HOW NOW BROWN COW?

I shall write something for chaoyi to see if he's reading my blog, HAHAHA im so mean but I like it. Dear dear, I dont miss you. LOVE THE WAY I LIE? LOVE YOU TOO <3 (according to dee kosh, this <3 looks like a penis. So the '3' is the balls and the < is the penis?) HAHAHA, okok.


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