Sunday, November 20, 2011

I know how it's like to believe that noone cares.

LOL, I'm wearing the prom queen's tiara. HEHE.
Sheela, Zena and I.
Ms Siti putting Auni to sleep.
Too cute.
Sheela & Jiawei
Sheela & Jiawei
Jiawei & Zena
Zena & Sheela
Sheela, Ray and Zena.

Was supposed to report to class camp at 9am, but I just woke up from the sleepover at Bert's house. I went home from his house at about 12.30pm and reported to class camp at about 2pm. HAHA, I was so hungry and broke I bought my own cup noodles from home to school to eat. LOL, hey I saved 3bucks for the lunch okay! Wise choice. HAHAHA. Chitchatted for awhile with the girls. I stayed in the room eating my cup noodles while the rest were helping to shift the tables and chairs into the shelter cos it rained. HAHAHA, opps. Eh I felt guilty for not helping out you know, I'm serious. But then again, I need energy to move those furnitures and energy comes from the food I eat. HEHE, am I smart? AM I AM I? LOLOL. Didnt do anything much in the afternoon, quite disappointed that I missed the games in the morning. But anyways, slacked abit in the music room cos there's aircon inside. Helped to decorate the room for the prom night. K la, I didnt really help much. I was bored, and helping out didnt seem fun and interesting to me at all. I was trying hard to get both Auni's and Haidah's attention, and you can say I failed miserably. :( So I decided to borrow people's phone to play games. Satisfied that I broke Alison's highscore for the Fruit Ninja game. HAHA.

Oh, and I got Ray to teach me how to play the piano! I've been wanting to learn abit of piano after looking at a few of Christina Grimmie's covers on youtube. I wanna learn how to play Stereo Hearts on the piano, but the connection in the music room was really poor, so I was not able to connect to youtube. Sadness, major sadness. But anyways, Ray thought me how to play a verse of the wedding dress, the korean song I think. Whatever it is la. At that moment, Ray is kinda nice and helpful. LOLOL, he's only nice when I say so. K LA JOKING, he's nice when he's not talking. What's more piano is kinda like his forte, he should be proud and honoured to teach someone how to play a piano. What's more someone like me with a short and disadvantaged pinky. HAHAHA. I tried a lot a lot of times, really a lot. And WALAAAAA, I finally got it! I'm so proud! I think I still remember how to play it, so damn happy! At least now I got something to do when there's a piano in front of me. Normally I would just do the scary music sound or happy birthday or mary had a little lamb. Boring manz, now I know wedding song! HAHAHA COOL OR WHAT.

Oh, lemme talk more about the prom night. I kinda expected it to fail, but it turned out to be a huge surprise! I can tell Ms Siti put alot of effort in planning the games, buying the gifts, deciding on the decorations and stuffs. She even brought her two kids along, those two really kept her busy the whole day. Anyway, Sheela was the emcee. And to start off the prom night, we had food! GOOD FOOD that costs each of us 7bucks. But the food was really good. I kinda forgot the games we played, but I'll talk about the ones I remember.

We played Don't Forget The Lyrics. But a few of the songs sounded really alien. Luckily Ms Siti's sister went easy on us, the blanks we had to fill in are quite easy. Songs like Umbrella, Over You by Daughtry, Beat It by Michael Jackson, Dancing Queen. HAHAHA. Then there's also Lucky Draw. I got myself an invisible marker that will also appear visible under the light on the marker, but I've no idea where I misplaced it. :x I think I left the music room in a hurry after the prom to avoid the cleaning up. HAHAHA. Then there's another game called "I'll Never...". It goes like this, you have you say something that you're certain noone else in the room have done it before. But if someone admits that he/she have done it before, it means your assumption is wrong, thus your group loses one point! HAHAHA, Regina's group said "I've never masturbated before." And the guys group went like "I HAVE LEH I HAVE LEH." which most likely is true, tho they seem like they just want the girl's group to lose one point. HAHAHA. And my group said "I've never committed suicide before." And Regina went like "Got leh, I play video games everytime commit suicide one." HAHAHA, and that comment caused our group to lose one point! LOL. There's also another game called "2 TRUTHS & 1 LIE". It's quite interesting. We have to figure out which statement is the lie among three statements. And there's also the "Lights, Camera, Action." A song will be played and we have to guess the singer and the title of the song. For some songs, we have to guess the movie. Interesting!

In summary, that night was awesomez.

There's also the unforgettable and absolutely memorable dance-off duet Alison had with Germaine. Song playing then was Me Against The Music by Britney Spears. It was crazy. Mad crazy I can't describe me. But anyone wants me to imitate? LOL. I laughed till I cried, and it's really crying. Tears just kept flowing, I dont know why. It's like so scary. I'm not trying to be mean. I believe everyone deserves to be respected and stuffs as well, but the thing is you have to be self-conscious dont you think? I watched this makeover show before, there's this woman at the age of 60. She refuses to accept the fact that she's old, she hates being old. She keeps her age a secret, and despite her wrinkly skin, old-fashioned hair, saggy meat everywhere, she wore brightly-coloured clothes that are obviously meant for teenagers. Honestly, I dont think there's anything wrong. But it doesnt make sense for someone of that age to dress like that. We dress appropriately. And for people who hate to be teased, avoid doing the things that will get people to tease at you! I dont know how to explain this la, but some people might think I'm being ridiculous all over again. It's what you look like that makes people's first impression, but it's your actions that brings about their opinions. People have no reason to dislike you if you're fat and ugly but have a nice and humble character. I know modern society kinda forces people to look at things by the cover. For those people who say they dont judge people by looks are lying. No kiddingz. If you see a man covered in tattoo and piercings walking the same directions as you from the bus stop to your house, you'll think the person is some bad guy as well. That's also judging people by looks fyi. Nothing wrong with liking pretty girls, I like pretty girls too. But ultimately, it's still the character that makes you wanna stay with that person. Hey, I've seen pretty people with no friends okay. That's really sad.

Anwz. After the prom, showered and headed back to our rooms. Thank god for the aircons. HAHAHA, slept comfortably except that it was abit cold. Sheela and I are officially the dumbest people on earth. We managed to borrow one sleeping bag from Tasha, which means we had two sleeping bag cos sheela brought hers. We had two sleepings bags, and instead of using one sleeping bag for the each of us..we shared -.- We're so dumb, we only realised this in the morning. We put one as a mattress, and another one over ourselves as a blanket. In stead of having one to ourself, we fought for both the mattress and the blanket. DUMB SIAH.

I shall write something for chaoyi. HAHAHA. Jiayou in temple run, I already 5million leh. KEKEKE <3 I hope I can meet you this wednesday!

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