Friday, November 25, 2011

I'll prove that compassion still exists.

We all have the same fringe sides. LOL
at Kenny Rogers (313 @ Somerset)
Me, Sheela, Pan
 Pan, Ryan, Me

Ryan look good! But his height is a pity. Luckily he styled his hair rather high that day so he didnt look that short standing beside me and Pan. HAHAHA.

Anyway, I havent been going out this week cos I'm on a mission to save money. Except I went out with Chaoyi on Tuesday. LOL I can only go out with him cos he'll pay for everything. Yeah, I'm officially broke :( How sad, it's only the second week of holidays. Headed to AMK to watch You Are The Apple Of My Eye with him. I watched it before, and insisted that he had to watch it. Kinda weird if he watch such romantic movie with his guy friends, so I watched it with him again. The movie was worth a second watch anyway. HAHA, yeah it's that nice. I couldnt help tearing up eventho I watched it before, but rather awkward to cry like a baby infront of a guy. HAHAHA. 

Met up with some of my wrss teammates to watch our junior's VAS match against Presby team one. I was really angry after hearing from some of them how the presby players mocked our juniors when they won them at the last match. Indeed, it was no easy game. But our juniors caught up 11 points and owned you. I'm really proud of my juniors for their never-say-die spirit. Even when the score was 15-24, they remained resilient and fought on. Presby players have got a lot to work on in terms of their sportsmanship huh.

Oh ya. So happy yesterday to be able to satisfy my long-due craving for subway. HAHAHA, I realised the last time I ate subway was before olevels even started. OMGGGG. Had Subway Club yesterday. Chaoyi ate the meatball thingy. I wanna try all the different kinds of sandwich on the subway menu. LOL, maybe i'll try the veggie delight and the veggie patty last. They look the most, not tempting. LOL. Pls la, it's veggie. I like meat, meaaaaaaat! And I finally tried the new cookie, raspberry cheesecake. It's not THAT nice la. Just normal lor, still can't compete with the chocolate chip cookie. I like the oatmeal raisin one as well.

I suddenly remembered the reason why I wanted to blog. LOL, that's cos I've been seeing alot of people retweeting this on twitter: 
"Everything's gonna be okay."
"Ya right, that's cos it isn't happening to you."

I find this tweet dumb, because your friend HAD to say that. He/she obviously can't go like "Things will get worse, get up on your feet you fucking weakling." And you go and shoot your friend like "that's cos it isnt happening to you." How rude. Besides, it's true that everything is gonna be okay. Maybe not now, BUT EVENTUALLY IT WILL. Rainy days don't last.

Hmm nothing much. Havent been getting questions to answer on formspring lately. Please formspring me.

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