Sunday, June 12, 2011

And I wondered why we bothered with love if it never last.

Xinpei Sheela Maria

I look like giant. HAHAHA cool.


Handsome little baby Noel.

Came back from Maria's Brother's (the one with the mole, errr heng heng or wei wei. I dont know.) chalet at 5am in the morning. HAHAHA. Ok let's rewind a little bit. First bad thing is that we had school on that day, but one good thing is that it's the last day of school officially for us. It's damn sad for us you know, esp classes 4-1 4-2 and 4-3. Cos we're the only classes we had lessons until Friday while the rest of them had their last day of school on Wednesday, and the canteen stalls are all closed. We were only left with sandwiches and breads for recess, we dont even have a choice. Pfft. Sheela and I were so restless I swear, Maria was still not that excited. HAHAHA, she slow pork. But the three of us were fretting what to wear and so on. HAHAHA. During chemistry lessons, we're like okay 4 more hours and we keep counting down. We can't stop talking about how excited we were I swear. But for the first time I really got angry with Mr Chong during bio lessons, c'mon la it's the last day of school. We've had enough these two weeks and you still wanna release us late on our last day of school. Sheela Maria and I were damn pissed off I swear. We planned our schedule so carefully and everything was delayed by Mr Chong. He can't exactly blame the class for not cooperating (except some people who still insists on acting cute and ask stupid questions when everyone was already in a bad mood) because it was he himself who couldnt stop nagging for 15 minutes about our Bio Spa file. All of us were already bugging him to carry on with lessons and he's still nagging. OMGGG, just know that I was damn angry with him that day ok?

Anyways all three of us rushed home after bio lessons, we left the theatrette without even bothering to thank him. I literally ran home, change, take my bag and left house. LOLOL, seriously, we were in a mad rush cos Wild Wild Wet closes at 6-7pm. In the end I was the first to reach, but Sheela joined me soon afterwards and we both waited for Maria. It was so funny OMGGG. Maria called me and Sheela was like asking me to ask Maria "is she in the cab?" "ya." "Is the cab nice?" "ya, she say damn nice" "OMG what colour?" "MAROON." HAHAHA, and we were so excited and keeping a close look-out for all the big taxis but none of them were maroon. Then a red taxi came and I was like "maybe is this one." and sheela was like "this one red la dey." "maybe Maria colour blind." HAHAHA, yes we were that excited. THEN FINALLY A MAROON TAXI CAME, and Maria popped her little head out of the window. LOLOL.

We finally reached the chalet and it feels like we're in another country. HAHAHA, I dont know why but I really have that feeling, esp after Sheela kept emphasizing. HAHAHA, got changed and went to play with the water. We played at the Tsunami thingy first. It's more fun without the float! Then we played with the U-shaped thingy, Samsung (?) HAHAHA. OMG IT WAS DAMN SCARY. I played with Maria first, and she told me to try facing front cos all along I tried facing backwards. She said facing the front is scarier, and yes I agree with her. It's really scarier omg. I played it twice, once with sheela and once with maria. Playing with Sheela was scarier, you know why? Cos her scream was ... LOLOL. We also played Ulahlah, and Sheela just had to scare the kids sharing the same float as us by screaming like a crazy bitch. HAHAHA, and they smiled at the wrong camera, aiya at least better than me, my face was cut off. LOLOL. But the second time we tried it with Noel, our photo turned out quite nice! Except I dont know why my face look so weird, but it was nice! I still remember the photo number was 16. HAHAHA.

Then we also played with the errr, ok I dont know what it's called but we had to go down the slide one at a time without a float one. HAHAHAHA OMG I HAVE TO SAY THIS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, MARIA IS SO CUTE. You know she fell before she even got to slide down. HAHAHAHAH! SO FUNNY! Can you imagine if she just fell and slide down. LOLOL! Abit dangerous but it will be damn joke! SO FUNNYYYY. NOEL IS SO CUTE AND HANDSOME. We also played the yakult several times, and noel is scared of it! SO CUTE, when the bell rang, he ran to the shelter and waited for the bucket to tilt. HAHAHAHA, damn cuteeeee. And he's exactly the opposite of my brother. My brother love strangers while noel is scared of strangers. But noel is so cute, the way he laugh also. AND HE'S SO LIGHT! I can throw him around easily.

Left WWW shortly afterwards cos we were damn hungry. Went back to the chalet and walked around the mall with our wet clothes cos we were too lazy to change out of it. HAHAHAHA! No wonder I feel abit sick now. OK LA JOKING, I not so weak. HAHAHA. Shopped at COTTON ON. OMG IM SO HAPPPPPPPPPY. I bought a shirt for myself and another for lcy. OMG IT'S DAMN NICE I SWEAR AND IT'S THE LAST SIZE THAT SUITS HIM. SOOOO NICEEEEEE. The colour and everything also. The price is reasonable also. OMG I HAVENT TELL SHEELA AND MARIA HIS REACTION. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Actually I tried on the shirt myself before giving it to him. HAHAHA, looks quite okay lor! Maybe I should start buying guy's shirt. HAHAHA, joking la. OMG BUT IT'S SRSLY DAMN NICE HEHEHE. He knows that I tried it on before la, I wont hide from him. LOLOL. And I'm so dumb you know. I went to meet him today and all I wanted was to give him the shirt, of course I made him damn excited to know what I'm giving him and all that. So we decided to meet up for dinner and guess what? I forgot to bring the shirt T.T HAHAHAHA. I realised it when we already walked half the distance between cwp and my house. WALAO. I'm so dumb. And he actually realised I forgotten about it cos he was expecting it when he fetch me at my house, but he kept quiet. LOLOLLLLLLLL. But I still manage to give it to him in the end la. Dont tell you how lehhhhh.

Went back to the chalet to eat the bbq food. Had so much fun chatting and eating! The food so nice, eventhough the only food available were chicken (fucking) wings, hotdogs and prawns. The prawns owned all the food eventhough it was damn hard to peel, cos ALL the chicken wings and hotdogs were chaoda. But still nice la. I think I ate about 10 chicken wings and many more prawns and 2 hotdogs. HAHAHA. So nice chatting with them.

Went back to the room after singing the birthday song to catch our 9pm channel 8 show! OMG THE NEXT EPISODE IS GONNA BE AWESOME cos Alvin was one of the suspects. They made me addicted to it la walaoooo. I hope I get to watch it at the SC chalet! Then we took turns to shower. Maria cleaned the toilet floor before showering T.T HAHAHA, no wonder she's called MARIA. LOLLLLLL meanwhile, Sheela and I had fun stalking the brother's documents. Aiya, actually got nothing la. There was no internet access and I had to resort to playing the computer games. It's so lame laaa, those mahjong stuffs and the purple palace thing. HAHAHA. Noel is sooooo cute.

We slacked around at McCafe afterwards chatting about everything. Even french kissing. HAHAHA. We left at around 4am I think, while Maria called her father to come and fetch us home. I know right, it's like freaking 4am. HAHAHA, and (inside joke) what Sheela said about checking out at 4.10am seemed to be true! LOLOLLLL. It's crazy going home at this time I know. HAHAHA, but we dont have any space to sleep at the chalet anyway. We had a nice sleep in the cab though. HAHAHA.

Reached home, unpack my stuffs and sleep. Finally woke up at 1pm (not that late actually) and chatted with Xinlerk till 2pm. Woke up to get changed and go out to meet lcy. LOL WE SAW MS SITI ON THE TRAIN :X But dont think she saw us la, actually it's okay if she see us also la.


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