Thursday, June 16, 2011

He was strong, he came around and he was dignified.

Hello everybardayz.

I just came back from my SC 3D2N CHALET in the afternoon. I'm so excited to blog about it omgggg, esp the games we played last night. Totally mindfucked (HAHA PAN), seriously. I swear I wanna play this game again with my beloved SCs. Or maybe I can try playing with my friends as well, damn cool mannnnn. One sad thing was our liar game master SIEWMING was not thereeee! I bet she could own some of the seniors there with damn good psychology skills, who knows? HAHAHA. OKOK, I shall start from Day 1 okay, dont get too excited and jump to the games part. HAHAH, okok.

SOOOO, I met up with Pan at BNS and we took the train to meet a few of the other SCs at IMM (Jurong East). When we reached Jurong East, Pan and I had a really bad time trying to walk from the mrt station to the shopping mall itself. Ya I know right, we could've taken the shuttle bus. But we thought the distance wouldnt be THAT far, so we tried walking. It was crazy, it's like the shopping mall is right in front of us but we had to walk one stupid big round under the hot sun (sweating like mad pigs) just to get to the mall, had to jaywalk across the road somemore. WALAO WHAT IS THIS. I THOUGHT IMM SHOPPING MALL SHOULD BE QUITE ADVANCED ONE. And we talked about feeling uncomfortable when you're sweating and you see some random people on the street wearing long sleeves shirt. HAHAHA, you get what I mean not? Like, you're sweating like mad, but you see other people who're also under the hot sun wearing long sleeves shirt, or jackets (double layers). OMG I REALLY FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE I SWEAR.

So anyway, when we finally reached the shopping mall, we walked around to find something to eat. Was damn hungry omg, so we bored the chicken pie from POLAR (seriously craving for it now) and giant slurpee from 7eleven. Then we meet up with Sarah and Chongwei at Giant, YAYYYY PAN AND I MANAGED TO BUY CRABSTICKS. HAHA, but is cheap cheap value pack one. Then set off to the Chalet afterwards. I just wanna announce to everybarday that I carried that bag of charcoal which is at least 6kg all the way from Jurong East to Aloha Changi Chalet. LOLOL, look at me! Think I'm just skin and bones, in your face la hor. Ok, I'm so proud of myself. HAAHAHA. If I dont carry that 6kg of charcoal, I would have to carry super heavy things ok I dont know what. But hugging that bag of charcoal is quite comfy too. Just that I didnt know those macho guys with us are here for. HAHAHA, ok la joking. They were carrying some stuffs as well. But if I WERE THE PASSERBY, I would be like "hey dude, shouldnt you help that cute lil lady there with that damn bag of charcoal?" Then give the sexy look, ok I'm joking. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, BUT IT'S SHO FARNAYYYYYYYEEE!

FINALLY REACH THE CHALET AFTER A LONG WALK, sucks not knowing where to go esp when this happens, the distance seems soooo longggggg. Settled down in our rooms. There're four rooms in total upstairs. Pan and I chopped the one next to the toilet, hmmm, Pan said it looks like the biggest but I think all the rooms look the same, just that two of them had a big bed while the other two had two singles bed. YOU KNOW WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING WE DID AFTER SETTLING DOWN IN THE CHALET?! You wont believe it, the guys (apparently they're more fussy about the cleanliness) wanted to clean the entire chalet. And clean as in like, not mop you know. But pour water all over the place and dry it with towel. :O HAHAHA, and yes that was exactly what they did. I would love to show you the photos during the entire process, it's crazy. it's like the entire chalet is flooded. HAHAH, and we even had to kneel down and clean the floor like cinderella. COOL OR WHAT. but it was quite fun. HAHAHA. We left the fans on at full speed to let it (kinda) dry the whole room. You know the stairs was so dirty and dusty that we actually splashed 3 buckets of water down. AHAHA, I cleaned the stairs ok! VERY CLEAN AND SATISFIED ^^ -proud face-

The 06 batch went down to prepare the BBQ pit afterwards while the rest of us were just ... using our phones? It was a damn long and boring wait, the thing is we didnt really know our juniors well, and hehehe I actually thought they're quite irritating I damn bad I know, I used my blackberry from 100 percent to 40 percent. T.T LOLOL, seriously. I swear we waited for at least 2 hours. I know right, I really had nothing to do with my phone. I just kept reading tweets, keep loading my tumblr dashboard, facebook (stalk everybody) HAHAHAHA. Ya, for 2 hours. HAHHAA. Then I stole a sneakpeek outside and I SAW SARAH EATING! RAN OUT TO STEAL FOOD IMMEDIATELY, AND SOOOO THE BBQ OFFICIALLY BEGIN! HAHAHA, me and pan damn crazy la. We were so hungry, we just kept taking the food directly from the pit eventhough chongwei (the chef) will put the food at the tray once it's cooked. I we keep kope-ing the satay. AHHH, this is making me hungry D: And we bomb crabsticks! NICEEEE, honey chicken drumlets and wings as well. Omg, damn satisfying bbq dinner. Luckily sheela called to remind me to watch the 9pm show CLIF, if not I swear I will cry if I didnt watch that episode. Well I did miss the next episode, but I watched in on xinmsn already. HEHE, nice leh that episode. Everyone should watch it.

Had a few rounds of monopoly deal upstairs in our room before showering. I love the aircon there omg, it's like the remote is on the wall, and you just click one button and the air cools almost immediately. Unlike most of our aircons, we had to take down the remote control (-,-) point at the air conditioner and press. Pfft. And we have to wait like half an hour before it actually cools the entire room. LOL. MONOPOLY DEAL ROCKS, it's like the coolest card game that kept us occupied throughout the entire 3D2N seriously. Ok, so on the first night we went to sleep after showering and woke up at 11am. HAHAHA, going to be 12pm already. Had pizza as our breakfast cum lunch. LOL, Serene was so eager to gobble down all the pizzas. I had two slices of pizza (naice) and two chicken drumlets (NAICE). HAHAHA. I was damn full after that. Serene hate the thick bread part with the cheese inside. So she gave all of it to wenxuan. HAHAHA, and I was sitting quite a distance opposite wenxuan when he asked me whether I want some of it. And I opened my mouth. GUESS WHAT! He threw and I caught it with my mouth! HAAHA, damn accurate omg. I mean I'm the accurate one. LOLOL.

The entire afternoon was damn boring. You wanna know how boring it is? Pan and I continue sleeping for the whole afternoon after our lunch. YES IT IS THAT BORING. There're like no activities planned wtv and we couldve brought volleyball with us. I'm dying to play volleyball man. (random: I wanna pee -.o)

So I forgot what happened in between, I think it's monopoly deal again. LOLOL. We went out to eat dinner afterwards. We let pan keep the keys cos she have big pockets, and while walking back to our chalet after dinner, serene tried to hide the keys. HAHAHA PAN REALLY SUCK AT PRETENDING. HAHAH, yea I know her, she can't lie. I can see through her like glass. Transparent, nono, pan!!! Your blog url should be transparent ironies. HAHAHAHA. OH YAAA while we were on our way to the hawker centre, wanxin bombarded us with a few maths questions that really got us dumbfounded.

You and two of your friends wanna check into a hotel that costs
$30. So each of you paid $10 to the receptionist. However, the receptionist
that there is a discount, each night will only cost $25, so she
returned $5 to
the three of you. Each of you took back $1 and the three of
you decides to give
$2 to the receptionist as tips.

However if you count it backwards...

Each of you took back $1, which means to say each of you only
paid $9. $9 x 3 = $27. Plus the $2 tips that you gave the receptionist, it
all of you only paid $29 in total. So where did the $1 go?

Went back to our chalet after dinner and slacked at our rooms again, hmm did we play monopoly deal again? I can't remember but what I remembered clearly was that we all played MURDERER afterwards. We played the holding hands one. I was the murderer once and the police a few times. There was once me and chongwei were like allies. HAHA, omg he really have a criminal/detective mind. Damn cool. He wait for me to strike first, then when the police caught me, he targetted the rest of the victims cos it would be easier that way. Damn smart.

Afterwards we played another version of Murderer, it's like we have a narrator, a murderer, a medic and a detective. Everyone will go to sleep and the narrator will decide who he/she wants to be the murderer, medic or detective by tapping on their shoulders one, two or three times respectively. After that, the narrator will ask the murderer to wake up and the murderer will choose who he/she wanna kill by pointing. And the murderer goes to sleep and the medic wakes up to point at the person that he/she wants to heal. Then the detective wakes up to guess who the murderer is by pointing, and the narrator will nod or shake his/her head in response. After that everyone wakes up and the detective (if he/she knows who the murderer is) will have to persuade everyone into believing that someone else is the murderer. It's like a lot of mindfucking stuffs. People use all kinds of logic and analysis to persuade people. And so far I always managed to make most of them follow my decision in the voting. HAHAHA.

There was one round when I'm the murderer, well yes I won that game. It means I successfully killed everyone without them guessing that the murderer was me. HAHAHA. But chongwei and choonzuan could totally see through me, good thing they didnt play that round. HAHAHA. It's quite scary how chongwei and choonzuan can actually read our personality and character like a book after just one round of the game. So they said I'm a lousy faker but damn good at persuading/psychoing and influencing other people's minds. Yea la duh, that was how I won the game. HAHAHA, I was quite happy that they said I'm damn genuine eventhough I never thought about it before. They say I cant lie. D: LOL, I dont know if it's a good or bad thing ok. But they said the times when I was the murderer and when I was the victim had a vast difference, i think in terms of my behaviour. I dont know, but I thought I was behaving super suspiciously. HAHAHA.

That night was the most fun I swear. OHHHH I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED AFTER DINNER AT THE CHALET ALR. Wanxin and a few of the juniors plus me and bert was in one of the rooms, playing some trick games. ok la I dont know what is it. There's the around the world in 80 days, FUZZY WUZZY, open close thingy, 1+1 = 0 and so on. HAHAHA, I think I know the tricks to all of them except I'm not really sure about the open close thing. I forgot already, but it's damn familiar. It was quite fun, and to top it all, Mr Ng gave a pleasant surprise by buying Hot fudge icecream for all of us! Thats very nice of him! ^^ All the teachers were damn cute on the bbq night, esp Mr Ng. He and Mr Micky were like DJs and they were competing who has better music! HAHAHAHAHAHA, Mr Ng have all the oldie and childhood baby songs while Mr Micky have alot of jazz music. LOLOL. FUNNNNNNNN.

Finally went to sleep at 4am and had to wake up at 8am in the morning today to check out of the chalet. Had breakfast at subway and went back home by bus 168 (if I remember clearly).

OMG IM SO SORRY this is a super long post. But it will be nice to read! Really. LOLOL.

I need to pee T.T

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