Sunday, April 17, 2011

Somehow you're never out of second chances.

I initially wanted to use the computer to check the answers for our physics static electricity worksheet I swear. Then turned out Mr Oh didnt upload it at all ): I think I was the only one who wanted to check the answers cos I didnt copy it during lesson. Omg this is bad, I should stop sleeping during physics. K trust me I tried, but it's no use. But one good thing is, I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE SLEEPING! HAHAHAHA, got people pei me sleep. Wahaha. At least it makes me feel better right. Like if fail, not only you fail what. LOL, k la, I should think like this also!

Anyways, went to Woodlands Waterfront last Friday. I wont say I really enjoyed myself. I even got sick the next day. Cos the wind near the sea area was really chilly. But I love all the jumpshots! Eventhough I always look ugly in jumpshots, seriously la. I dont know why I always look up when I jump and always have this stupid constipated look on my face. WHYWHYWHY? Somebardy tell me man. Anyway school's great. I wasn't really looking forward to exams, neither am I dreading it. Cos I guess after exams wouldnt really mean a break off books for me, cos excuse me, this is just a school exam, I have a national exam coming up! I think this year passed really fast, half a year is gonna be gone so soon! I'm gonna study study study everyday. I think I'm starting to love studying. I dont really watch tv now. In fact I think I'm getting sick of tv, cos everytime only get to watch baby channels like cbeebies and playhouse disney. Omg keel me. Really, and they replay the episodes again and again. The cheers and songs again and again. It's driving me crazy! And I'm starting to have alot of white hair popping out ): I mean I always have a few strands of white hair, but these few days more and more people are noticing them. Therefore, I shall conclude that I'm getting wiser! HAHA, Ms Siti say one. LOL.

Oh ya I guess some people are waiting for me to address this issue. LOL, I know people are against what I say about kityee okay. I said 'I THINK' right. And I'm not the only one who think this way, I'm just the only one who wrote about it. I personally felt it was nothing much, but if you guys wanna make it such a big deal, it's really fine with me. K done.

Oh ya, it sucks to know many schools are finishing their syllabus and we're only gonna finish them in June. Like bloody june. We're so lag in our revision ): I know Mr Clement Lim explained to a few of us why we're so slow, but I still cant help it. I'm worried okay, I wanna score well for olevel and I dont think it's wrong for us to feel this way.

This week was alot of crying. Coach is leaving, I mean like she joked about it before. We didnt really took it seriously. I know we all look back now and hold alot of regrets. Why didnt we treat her better and stuffs, why didnt we put in more effort to make her proud. Yea, it's true her absence wont really affect me cos I wont be attending training anyway. But those 8 years meant something, she was not just a coach to me. She's like someone who watched me grow since primary 2. I see her almost every week. And how I can communicate with her like there's really nothing between us. And then I think about how it will be like the next time we meet. I think it will be really sad if we wont be talking the same way like we used to. Coach is like someone who also plays a part in taking care of me. I think she made a greater impact in my life than any other teachers. I can safely say that, really. How she really took care of me especially that period of time when I injured my middle finger. She really made me feel better. I dont know how I am feeling, but it's just sad that she's finally leaving. I can't really put it in words.

I attended Honours Day yesterday. LOL I almost spelled it as horny I dont know why. Met up with Yingjie to have Mcdonald breakfast at cwp. LOL, how dumb can I be seriously. I flung my tie into my hotcake with maple syrup by accident. HAHAHA. Okayyyy, wait. Talking about my tie, I think it's with chaoyi -.- nebermind. Stole a sneakpeek at the uniform groups marching before the entire event start. It was quite cool and I had fun talking and 'describing' what they are doing. Like wanna fight like that. HAHAHA. I think the opening is not really official. And why didnt they show the parade at the big screen. They show at the small screen, and also there was no emcee to start off the entire thing. I mean, we could hardly hear the marchings, shoutings and the emcee ): I rather watch at the quadrangle lo walau. So wasted. Then there was the arrival of the Guest of Honour, Mdm Yu Sing Tong, if I'm not wrong. She very cute and funny leh. I think she's really good at engaging us, I dont feel bored listening to her talk. Then there was also performance by the choir, modern dance, chinese dance, malay dance and robotics club. HAHAHAHAHA, I can't stop laughing at the robotics club dance. SOOO CUTEEE. And the song is like stuck in my head. I think the chinese dance was awesome. I really love it, esp the fast fast part. Malay dance was cool and different as well. THEY WON GOLD! I feel very happy for them! I think the robotics best. HAHAHA, very funny. One of the robots was made by Roger!

There was alot of strict rules as audience for the Honours day. But nevermind, at least we got a KFC shrooms burger at the end. And we're gonna be recognised as volunteered audience, we're gonna get some cert or something. Can't really remember what Mrs Kok said. Yea, looking at all the prize winners up there, I feel abit envious. I wanna be one of them as well. Esp those taking more than one prizes. HAHAHA. I know I greedy. But Honours Day is like once in four years. I think our batch very suay lo, no OBS camp, no IM GIFTED SO ARE YOU programme ): WHY LIKE THIS. So unfair. I want the programme leh, like so fun like that.

Pfft okay it's like 3.17am Sunday. I'm going to sleep now cos i'm starting to feel abit hungray. LOLOL, goodnights peepos.

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