Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And you see me at the corner of the street.

I dont know why but this photo reminds me of Pantita and I. K no gorgeous sexy figures on us, but still. LOL, and since I spent my last day of examinations with her I shall use this picture as a start-off. I dont have any pictures to upload sadly. Apparently noone tagged me in any new photos ever since those in my previous post. And I hardly visit my grandparent's house anymore as I need to study for exams, so no camwhoring shots with my sisters. Sad la, so I know I'm being abit irritating posting tumblr pictures over here. But just this once can, I dont really like people posting tumblr pictures over here as well, but I guess it's better than having a naked story. I need photos as clothes. LOLOL.

Anyway Avril is gorgeous, and how come she look pretty in all the photos I can find? I especially loveeeee her twitter photo and everyone should go and check it out. Apparently she's on a world tour as well and her next stop is Japan o.o I love her hair and all her features are like so perfect? Tell me who the heck isn't jealous of her. Aiya, I know right. We should be contented with ourselves. Just like how I really believe noone's perfect. Everytime I see a pretty girl outside, i'll try to find their flaw no matter what to make myself at least contented with myself. I actually think and notice alot. LOL, I realised that ever since Maria told me I noticed alot of weird stuffs and it's kinda true. I'm really observant -blinkblink- HAHAH.

Alright, doesnt this photo speaks a thousand words? I mean like seriously, why so eager to be someone else? Everyone is beautiful I swear. I can't believe I actually told Sheela and I believe she's still beautiful inside. I really found myself too nice and forgiving nowadays. -Sighs- for friends. You know friendship is always a two-way thing. How can both click when one side doesnt contribute right. It's like gossiping. Gossiping is totally a two-way thing. How can we even start a gossip when one side remains silent and the other goes yakking away. I mean everyone gets bored eventually. Even if youre a chatterbox, you get tired of talking too much -- your jaw hurts I swear. HAHAHAHA. And from this statement, what happens if I feel disadvantaged in a piece of friendship? That friendship wont be able to go on anymore rightttt. And even if it really goes on, it was just a matter of time one party begins to get sick and tired of maintainining the friendship.

I mean, I tried. And I failed, what's more I see no point. Fullstop.

C'mon everyone stop being judgmental with me. HAHAHA. Okay, and I remembered that judgmental have no 'e' in between 'g' and 'm'. WOO, LOL. Yup, I admit I'm kinda judgmental. I judge people from first look. D: But I'm trying ok, cos I know it's unhealthy. HAHAHA bad for health. Anyways people, I drink full cream milk (dairy product) everyday. I can't live without my full cream milk. That was so random I know right, but teachers keep saying it's fat. But it's a total necessary fat for me. HAHAHA.
OKOK! I should start blogging about what happened today, too engrossed with the picture discussion (LOL?) HAHAHAHA. Sorry couldnt find the right word. But everything's been great so far, excludiing exams D': I will study during the holidays ok!

Initially planned to eat 'ahh sst sst ooh sst sst shiokkk ahh' with Dilis and Pan. But stupid Dilis got something on suddenly. The forgiving me forgived her and let her off. HAHAHHA! So we gonna catch that meal another day together. Meanwhile, I met up with Pan and we went to eat Ajisan Ramen. Second time eating that together! HAHAHA, yayyy. I swear we had so many things to talk about. I really missed her la, I know it's weird to say this but seriously. It was on a thursday and I suddenly realised I havent seen nor talked to her for three days and that was already enough to make me miss her. HAHAHA, so I went to hug her real tightly on Friday when I finally saw her. We even fight to talk at Ajisan today. AND WE FINALLY LEFT THE PLACE LIKE, idk, 30 mins after they cleared our empty bowls? HAHAHA! It was kinda awkward esp the waitress beside us is like waiting for us to leave but we wouldnt budge. HAHA, but had a really nice time chatting with her as usual, just that this time got really shitloads of stuffs to tell her and she gotta update me on her stuffs as well. I'm so outdated about her news la waliao.

Afterwards we went to check out Uniqlo (just opened so must check out). That place is niceee, if only Cotton On was that big. HAHAHA, I will go everyday to check for new stocks lo. LOL, but sadly nothing in Uniqlo attracted us so we went to Cotton On. I've been dying to go there la I swear. I havent update myself on their new stocks yet and like everything is completely different liao! ): But I was really happy to see two tops that interest me alot. AND I BOUGHT THEM. HEHEHE went broke immediately and even had to borrow from Pantita. Sian la, was not prepared for actual shopping right! HAHAHA. I'm so happy with my new tops I'm gonna wear one of them tmr while sending Pantita with her two drinks to Dhoby Gaut. I'm so nice to her today, I dont know why also. I just felt like being nice suddenly. If all goes well, I'll continue to be nice to her! HAHAHA, I'm not les though. (like duh k lamester95) Then we decided to go all the way to AMKhub to try Gongcha. Saw Yingjie, Jiajing and Roger on the way to buy Gongcha. They bought koi and yingjie is wearing dillon's sweater oh sho sweet. HEHEHE cute la. WALAU CHAOYI LEMME WEAR YOUR STUPID SWEATER, K he wont see this. Not a fan of my blog D: -cries-

HAHAHAH, I tried Golden Ovaltine from Gongcha. I kinda like it cos it has some crunchy stuff inside but I think it's not really worth it leh! It's like $3.20 (small cup). I rather use 30cents more to buy a bigger cup of koi which guarantees the taste and satisfaction. HAHAHAHA! But I heard from Maria their milktea taste is different now cos they changed sugar. NOOO, dont tell me they changed sugar cos it's cheaper. Dumb man. Ok, I forgot what else we did at AMK that made us kill so much time. OH YA. We went to check out lots of stores there and Pan bought an everlast shirt that she can wear tmr to Sentosa! HAHAHA, she wanted to me join her with her combine teammates but nah. I think I look weird with them. HAHAHA, one advantage is that I know how to play volleyball but other than that? LOL, dont really know them well except for their names as well. So just gonna send Pan early in the morning to meet them at Dhoby Gaut and I'm going back. HAHAHA i know I cute. But it's not a hassle for me la, I like to travel in MRT trains over long distances and just sit down playing with my phone or reading my pocket guide to dreams. HAHA, depends on my mood. I might be heading to bert's house after that. I'm actually waiting for him to upload the photos on facebook but he's taking sucha long time. So guniang. He sent a text like an hour plus ago saying that he's gonna upload the photos now (NOW) LOL, k correction I just checked the message. He said later (LATER IS NOT ONE HOUR RIGHT?) HAHAHA.

Then we went to our usual Sunbucks hiding place to chit chat. HAHAHA, chatted for quite long before the guard finally chased us away. I mean if they actually kept records of people slacking over thr, our names wouldve appeared more than 5 times. Chatted about all sorts of things, ups and downs. Cos I can safely say that she's the friend I can trust. Nothing will prove me wrong dumbasses.

Met up with W2F8 afterwards at AL-AMEEN. I was freaking full after my super duper chicken cutlet meal. The meals there are like for gluttons la. I am one glutton myself and I couldnt finish it T.T But nowadays I get full easily and get hungry easily. I can no longer eat as much as before my hips broadened. Somebody teow me wai! And they were whispering about somethings they didnt want me to know -,- I mean I already know what they were up to. Sorry I had to burst all of your bubble but I couldnt fake that surprised look la can. LOLOL. But thanks alot guys. ^^ I luv you all. HAHAHA.

Oh ya I'm kinda lazy to elaborate about the sur
prises I got on my birthday, but they were really pleasant! Esp the one at my corridor, the very first surprise I got. Actually I wanted to write something for one person whose birthday I missed out. K I'll see if I can find the time tomorrow to make it. Cos I dont know, I just felt like making something for that person. I think it will mean something, hopefully. Anyways I open my Precious Thought treasure box once a year on my birthday to put my presents in. That pretty box was given by Tessa. And I dont know, whenever I open it, it's like all the memories come flowing back to me. Really memorable. I used to be able to put all my medals in there and now I had to keep them in another box with the treasure box still full. HAHAHA, in fact even fuller than before. I dont really use the things people give me unless it's like stationeries and stuffs like wallets or bags. Pan gave me winnie the pooh little cups in Primary school and I still keep them in my drawer. HAHAA, anyway Albert! If you're wondering how my treasure box looks like it's kinda like your shoebox. HAHAHA. Just that it's prettier teehee. Maybe when you guys come over to my house someday I'll show it to alll of you? Provided you guys remind me. HAHAHA.

I guess it's time for bed? HAHAHA! I'm meeting Pan tomorrow at 9am peepos. This means I had to wake up at 8am? Shit, hjow many hours of sleep do I have D: Hopefully ah lim wakes up soon and gimme a text. Goodnights! ^^

Love is for everyone.

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