Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm at the edge of my emotions

Had been sleeping in class lately ): Especially during physics lessons without fail, nooo. I dont think any interesting teacher teaching physics can keep me awake. Seriously, it's not the teacher that suck, it's the subject man. Thus I conclude this week a tired week. HAHAH.

Anyways, got back some test papers this week. I am really pleased to know that I scored top for my chinese composition with 82/100 marks. Well, I did score the highest in class when it was the first time I tried writing similar types of compo. But following few times, my results dropped drastically and Mr Fan say it's because I'm playing too much in class and losing focus. I got quite pissed off and I think that was the drive that made me do alot better for the test. But frankly speaking, I didnt really prepare much for the test. I just wanted to score abit above average and never did I expected to score the highest. And also surprisingly, for my chinese situational writing, I also scored highest in class. I think people like Kityee should be quite surprised, or rather maybe she's abit complacent that she will surely be the first. Cos she went fighting for marks when she's 6marks behind me. I AM REALLY HAPPY I WON HER HEHEHEHE.

And for the emaths test that I took this tuesday, I wouldnt say it's really difficult you know. In fact for most of the questions, I roughly knew how to start off my answers immediately after reading the question. Yea, and that's a really good start for me. However, due to my really poor time management skills, or partly because I was quite sleepy during the paper, I didnt manage to finish my test ): I left a few questions blank. Those questions that required me to stop and think, I skipped them. LOL. I know abit 'lang fei' la okay, but no choice. And in fact, I was quite pleased that I did that. Cos, well if nothing goes wrong with addition/subtraction of marks, I got 45/60 for the test. It wasn't really what I expected, but since I didnt finish my paper, I guess that's good enough :) I studied damn hard for it, I almost finished all of it's questions on tys and textbook. LOL. I know I crazy la k -,-

Anyways, like what Ms Siti said today, okay actually I eavedrop abit, she said effort does not equate to success. But success definitely needs effort.

Anyways, had NAPFA 5 items on Thursday. Sucks ttm. Our first station was incline pull up, I was one pullup away to my A ): HAHAHA, but it's really okay la. I tried redo-ing it, but the teacher suck to the max. This dont count, that dont count. Wf. -,- I got 10.89s for shuttle run which is bad. Cos I got 10seconds flat during my PE. LOL, but I didnt bother redoing it, so nevermindz. I did 50 situps. And 49cm for my sit and reach. ER, OH YA. STANDING BROAD JUMP, most proud. LOL, I got 201cm. Aiya, I know I deprove la k. Tskkk, I got 205cm last year. But I improve from my last pe lesson! I got 196 like one week ago -,- LOLOL. Went to the hall for volleyball training afterwards. Aw, had a really nice chat with coach as usual. Played two set games. I played setter and I did several good sets okay! HEHEHE, so happy. And quite pleased that I could still sustain my aceballs for service. HAHAHA. Abit lose touch la, especially my spiking, but I played setter so it didnt really matter. ^^ I was jumping around happily throughout the two games, it felt good to be playing volleyball again after so long. Went down for night study afterwards.

Why night study like that? ): Mr Kheng la, sucks lo he. Must sit according to class and gender. WALAUU, like seriously need so strict not. I dont think I'm coming to night study anymore unless I really have doubts to clarify. I might as well go home and study comfortably. What's more I can study in my most favourite comfortable and unglam position and fart whenever I want without having to care about anybody. While in school have to suppress my fart, goddamnit. TORTURE CAN. But the previous few night studies used to be fun and beneficial. Now sucks like heow.

HOOKAY, I wanted to post one more paragraph on something but I forgot about it. Nevermind then. Just to inform that I might not be updating my blog for close to a month as I wanna prepare for my upcoming Prelim one aka Midyear Examinations. Sorry ): If you're really bored you can check out my archives and see how much more mature I've grown. I used to do that when I was bored and laugh and how lame I was. Omg. LOLOL, it's quite fun reading it. Sometimes it's so addictive I can't stop. There are alot of photos as well. I think it's been quite a while that I stick to my own blog policy of having one photo per post as it looks nice and neat. HAHAHA. Of course it also makes the reader more willing to read it, I dont know why. LOLOL.

Adios guys, with luv.

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