Friday, April 1, 2011

He showed me what it was to cry.

This week is great I think, many activities and fun things happened.

I shall elaborate on last Saturday's Choir Concert, I think it was great. Maybe at some parts I dont really like it cos I dont know how to appreciate music. I guess the opening was abit spoiled by the two hosts cos they were too nervous and were not able to speak up to their standards. That was abit disappointing, cos you know we all prepared ourselves that it would be something grand and stuffs, and turned out the first thing that started off was a mistake. You know ow that feels right. HAHAHA, I guess I was excited to looking at how others would dress themselves up. I initially wanted to wear the white lace dress that xinlerk allowed me to wear after I seek her permission, but then I realised it was my second day of my period and I was afraid I would, but any chance, stain the dress, and how am I supposed to go home if that happens omg. LOL. So I wore my chinese new year dress instead, it's quite simple la. Just that abit too short and I have to keep pulling it. Nevermind about my posture cos I wore tights inside. LOL, maria said she's wearing "black dress with my tights underneath, no la joking, black dress without my tights underneath. " HAHAHA, why is she so cute. I think that day was really fun, I sat with Pantita and Chaoyi. LOL, and during some of the songs, our area made alot of noise. HAHAHA, our area never fail to make the most noise during such concert siah. Last time public performance sit with runfa. Wah can die. Almost kena chased out. LOL. I like the song YOU RAISED ME UP and LIKE AN EAGLE something one. Those were really nice. I especially love you raised me up. The three solo singers were awesome. I think I suffered a bit during swallow fly. It gives me headache. HAHAHA. I was like acting as an insane woman going crazy. LOLOL, was bored okay. And during one of the songs, me and pan CHHH them together and we both ended up laughing til there're tears in our eyes. AWW. HAHAHA. DAMN FUN.

Had Sports Day yesterday. I ran the first event, which was the 100m. Class relay, last runner and CCA relay second runner. I guess I was quite pleased with myself eventhough I didnt win any outstanding prizes, but at least I think I've done myself proud and I am satisfied with my results. Anyways before my first and following events start, me sheela and maria were the emcees for the day! OMG, it was damn fun. When Sheela told the teachers that I'm gonna be the emcee, all of them questioned me with doubtful expressions. WHY CAN'T I BE EMCEE YOU KNOW. I was sure I could do it, and I wanna give it a shot as well. But nevertheless, I was really glad Mr Roy trusted me with the job, and the responsibility of handling the microphone. The three of us were just announcing the events, and I dont know what got into my head, I just started to go crazy and shout random things out. I especially notice this relay where the first runner of a particular class started to walk, seeming to be giving up, I just kept cheering him on without knowing and realising that I said something as lame and childish as this: "IF YOU GIVE UP, YOU WILL BE FINED ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!" HAHAHA, and of course I cheered for my sister. and I dont get what people say I'm biased, they couldve just told me they wanted me to cheer for them and not get jealous that my sister have a wonderful sister like me. LOL CHEY. But seriously la! What's there to be biased, I just announced that my sister is running and that she won first place -,- And I went on with alot of crap and I thought that's what emcees for such events are supposed to do. I went back to my class area to get my face painted and glittered, and they all went complaining that I was very lame and noisy and stuffs like that. HAHAHAH! WHATTT, I didnt know so many people were listening to us talking! I thought nobody would be listening! We just had to fill up those empty and awkward pauses, no? LOLOL. They said I'm a noisy and lame commentator ): AWW, NAH IM NO SAD. JEALOUS PEOPLE! HAHAHA.

Anyways, running for the 100m was quite okay. I was nervous of course, but I really concentrated and focused on the finishing line. But I still came in forth ): HAHAHA, but I didnt really blame myself cos I know I tried my best. However, I was really proud of myself for the class relay! I came in forth during the sports heats and I was quite disappointed in myself cos I really ran like mad and I was very sure I ran better than my individual 100m. But I still came in forth, which is really disappointing. Then last minute changes to our class runners, Alison took over Regina. I was glad Alison took up the challenge despite her old knee injury, I was really worried for her, and proud ^^ ANYWAYSSSSSSSS. I really ran like mad when I took the baton. I was not the first to take the baton. I remembered Kelly took the baton before me. And it felt exactly like the heats. NOOO, I wanted to win cos I know Ms Siti had high hopes on us esp when our group consists of 3 sports players. While running, Kelly was really damn close to me, I can see her omg. It was really a close fight, I think at that point, it's no longer about whose running faster, it was about whose more focused mentally. I'm glad I managed to clinch a bronze medal for our class ^^ Ms Siti hugged me at the end of the race while I hopped around like a mad kangaroo. Seriously dam happy. I wasted so much energy hopping around that I forgot I'm running for my CCA relay. LOL, damn exhausted. But I wanna run you know. HAHAHA. Xueli wanted t run for our CCA relay, was quite glad to hear that. I changed her to the first runner and myself to the second last minute as I was too exhausted and I think I'm better at running the last few for relay. After I grabbed the baton from her, I really ran like mad. And I am very very very very happy that I overtook one of the runners which most claimed to be very very fast. ^^ I passed the baton to Pantita and I can see her legs stammering between her own lane and the one on her left, yes she stepped on other people's lane, like totally go to their lane that kind, but I think the teacher closed one eye. PEOPLE THATS LIFE, C'MON MOVE ON WITH IT. STOP THINKING IT'S UNFAIR OKAY. Somemore I think only I saw lo. HAHAHA. At the last runner, it was between Zien and Hannah. Zien was about halfway there when Hannah started running. Hannah is really fast, and in the end we lost by a few milli seconds. Though we didnt win the champions, but I think we did great! I'M SO PROUD HEHEHE.

When it was time to take the prize, I was damn pissed off. I can't believe such a wonderful day could be spoiled by the inefficiency of the teachers AGAIN. Eventhough we complained about it last year and they 'promised' to improve on it. Seriously, I didnt know this is what we had to go through for taking a prize! Shouldnt we be awarded instantly for the run? Motherfucker, seriously. I was sitting under the scorching sun for half an hour, I almost fainted. I wished someone would just die on the spot to let the teachers know that this is A BIG ISSUE and not to be taken lightly. It was seriously great torture. I finished a bottle of water in less than a minute, take that. I walked angrily to the toilet and threw the water bottle to the ground. And this couldnt even fully describe how I feel, I would fucking walk to the teacher, preferably Mr Lesbian, and shove my middle finger into his nostrils and slamdunk him. He think he's so cool, when he's like a dwarf who keeps spitting saliva when he talks. -,- UNCOOOOL. People who thinks he's hot is blind, I rather they look at Mr Cheong. HAHAHA, k joke.

Had Biology Spa Assessment today. I was really not in the mood to do it cos I was damn tired, and I know all the more I should sleep now but I wanna finish up this post before my train of thoughts are disrupted, HAHAHAHA. I'm so going Mrs Lim Yap. LOLOL. Anyways, I think it was quite easy ^^ But it couldve been easier :O HAHA, nevermind. It's over :D And exams are less than a months' time away, I dont even know which subject revision I should start on now. Omg. And surprisingly, there's no homework for us this week. What happened to Mr Lim's worksheet. I actually like doing his worksheet, quite fun. He make me love binomial now, really.

Anyways, stayed back to wait for Chaoyi after school today with Ariana whose waiting for Shafiq and Pantita whose waiting for Rano. HAHA. Maria joined us and we started talking. It started when maria caught me staring into blank space, looking around at what other people are doing, while I'm just sitting down and looking. Literally looking. LOLOL, I didnt know what to do laaaa. Actually I like looking at other people, like in the train I would stare at pretty people. And I will try hard to find their flaw, and I would tell myself not to be jealous cos noone is perfect. I believe God is fair ^^ Anyways shall end here, i feel like shitting. LOLOL.


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