Friday, March 4, 2011

My Significant Other

Sports heat was awesome, eventhough I didnt top any of the events unfortunately. HAHA, I came in third for 100m and forth for 100m relay. I was super nervous for my 100m individual, like damn nervous. I let Pantita feel my heartbeat, she got a shock as well. Serious, I was that nervous. Can't really blame ma la, I didnt join sports day last year, so I didnt know how it goes. For the very first time in my life, I got to try the starter position. I was really scared la, but afterwards I managed to calm myself down. I think the starters were quite alright, it was kind of easy in fact. Easier to start off. I was the first you know, but halfway through my right knee gave way suddenly I didnt know why or what happened. Argh, and then I came in third. Xueli came in first, Zien second. But I have no idea how come the papers said Zien was first and Xueli was third. I was really certain that Xueli is first. Cos I missed Zien by one big step. Anyways, that was a really wasted one. But the relay was much easier! Regina went off with a fantastic start, she was the first runner and she came second, Jieni was the second runner, but unfortunately 4E2 overtook her. Then it was Maria's turn, I think she's tired after her 400m run D; But after I grabbed the baton, I really ran like a mad dog. I can feel that I ran better for the relay, I dont know why. Maybe cos I knew how long 100m is like. I managed to clinch 4th position for our class, and yes, we made it to the finals ^^

Long Jump (field event) will be on next thursday if I'm not wrong. I was not really looking forward to it leh, HOW? LOL, not really nervous. But I never tried Long Jump before. I joined cos Xintien told me it's quite fun and easy. HAHAHA.

Anyways, this week was quite hectic for me. I have so many worksheets needed to be done. It's not the quantity that matters, really. Cos I can finish them one, but then the papers are so difficult. Its like, either I dont know why I got it wrong, or I really dont know how to do that kind. Argh, but I managed to clear a few worksheets thanks to our MATHS GOD KEVIN. He's nice man. HAHA. I just cleared the binomial worksheet, woohoo. I dont really care about the dead lines, I just aim to finish the homeworks given this week by this week. LOL, so that I can really start the next week like really nicely.

Yea, like what i replied to Maria's tag. I decided to pick a day out for me to lax myself. That day will most preferably be 26march, the day of the choir concert. Since I will be going out evening that night, I might as well spend my afternoon outside as well. I wanna pierce my ear and shop for a few clothes. Omg, talking about piercing my ear, I'm scared already. I'm also scared that it would act as a distraction in my studies. K, i dont think it will right. LOLOL, it's just a piercing. Other than that day, the rest of the days shall be spent on studying ^^ books books books, I love books. :D

Btw, Sheela and I felt damn stressed up yesterday during Biology excel. Actually before that I alsready felt stressed. It's like the entire thursday, I dont feel happy at all. I'm moody, thinking about my studies and stuffs. We have 17 chapters to study for biology, and that's ONLY biology. What about chemistry and physics, and there's social studies and history as well. During bio excel that day, we got back out bio test papers, I was so disappoined in my results. I really studied you know, but I just pass only. And I studied three days straight for my history paper, and I only got a 16. I'm really disappointed. There's not one test results that I'm satisfied with. Really, from today onwards, after school, clear doubts, go home study. People ask me out, NO COS I WANNA STUDY. Pls people, if you're my friends, you shouldnt blame me for not having enough time to hang out with you guys. I really need to study. You dont want me coming to you and blaming you for my poor results do you?

And really, why are people so selfish. Sorry to say, but it's some cocky classmates in my class. You get good grades, and we ask you how you study. And what's your fucking reply "OH I NEVER STUDY ONE, I GO HOME PLAY COMPUTER GAMES ONLY." -,- Yea, and you thought we're some three year old kids. It's olevel year hello three year old kid! You think we would believe your bullcrap of not studying and getting top in class. Really, I would much rather you just be honest and say "OH I DONT WANNA TELL YOU, LATER YOU SCORE BETTER THAN ME." And I thought our class should be working together to score well together so as to prove those teachers, who keeps thinking we're ruining the thriple science classes reputations, wrong. I get really irritated when I do my part in class, and those cocky boys, yea BOYS, doesnt cooperate at all. Of course I wont scold you guys right, I'm in no position at all. But doesnt Ms Siti's silenced reply meant something to you guys at all. Today we totally disappointed Ms Siti, and I dont really have much to say. I just feel sad too.

I was quite pissed off today. Like when somebody talk to the person beside me, you expect me to stare and listen to them talk? When I actually know the both of them? I will join in the conver la, but then you get totally ignored, like thrice. Motherfuck, seriously. I can feel my face burning, literally. I swear my middle finger should be glued to your face, in between your eyes. Next time you talk to me, I'm gonna ignore you. Like FOUR TIMES! Really, I'm gonna do it. Yea, sorry la, I hold grudges one ma. I remember all the teachers who scolded me before, caught me for cheating during spelling tests, malign me. I remember every single one of them, and you expect me to forget you for ignoring me thrice. Hey guys, when I say ignore me thrice it means he talk, then I call him, he ignore, I call him again, he ignore, then I call again, and he ignore. Cool right? I gonna make that four times to him. So anyone thinks I'm petty? Go put a 'r' after 'p' and before my little 'e'. ^^ Thats the right word for me. HAHAHAHA.

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