Friday, February 25, 2011

CLOSE YOUR EYES, and pray.

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This week is relatively fine, just that I'm all hyped up about the upcoming Sports Heats, WHICH IS TOMORROWWWW -bangs head on wall- I'm so excited, tsk. SOMEBODY MUST SCREAM WITH ME TOMORROW LEH, I feel like I'm the only one excited siah ): ANYWAY, you can scream FOR me if you dont wanna scream WITH me. HEHEHE. I will be participating in 100m, long jump and 1x100m relay.

This week is a good week, I dont know why, I just feel it. LOL, went to library with Sheela last Saturday. Maria came to join us afterwards, but before that we saw Alicia alone. So we invited her to join us. From far, Sheela was like "Fuck that bitch, her hair is so fucking nice I would fucking go to her and snip off her hair." LOL, can imagine her with her face and actions right?! OMG, HAHAHA. And then I was like, it's Alicia la dey. And we kept staring at her hair and talking about it, Alicia was sooo shy "Okayyy, I dont know what to say." LOL, that was her reply. HAHAHA!

Shit, I dont really know what to blog about leh. HAHAHA, oh ya. I had Physics Olevel Spa Assessment today. I expected it to be quite hard, hmm. I wouldnt say it's really easy, but it's really much better than I expected. Cos all those dialy tasks that we did, I just passed? During the last lesson today, me and Sheela were like "FAIL FAIL LA, HECK CARE ALREADY." "Is it too late to say I wana drop physics only now?" "Walau, if the teacher ask me to set up my experiment after I dismantle it, I'm gonna shout FUCK YOU GO DO YOURSELF LA." HAHAHA, sheelaaaaaa. I checked my work a few times before handing it up, I dont know if I am supposed to feel this way but I feel quite confident. HEHE. Hopefully no errors la, but I think Mr Oh minused one of my marks. Cos he was just walking around and checking on us, and he slowed down at my table and checked out my work, then he hurried to his table and wrote something. WALAU, IF I EVER BECOME A TEACHER I WILL ACT UNTIL DAMN GOOD ONE LO. I wont let the students know I minused one of their marks, or else it will make them feel insecure. I'm so good, maybe I should be a teacher.

Oh ya, some of us got the Career Guide book today. Thinking about it, I really dont know what I wanna do in future. What I thought was just get a degree, find a husband and marry. A degree is important as it acts as an insurance just in case I plan to divorce and I can still get a job. LOL, what a thought. NOOO, I will have a happy family. HEHE. I must be a mother that all child wished to have. Since I have been through childhood, I wanna be the kind of mum that is damn cool. LIKE MDM REHANA. HAHA, I dont know why but I think she's damn cool. Me and Yingjie both say, next time grow up be mother must be like her. HAHAHA. But nevertheless, I would ask nothing more from my own mother. I LOVE MY MUMMMM. HEHE. OH YA, WALAU I TALK UNTIL OFF TOPIC. I was talking about career. I was really considering journalism. I read about it. It's about researching, gathering topics to talk about. It's something like what you would do when you're curious you know. So you have to keep asking questions and wondering. And a journalist wil have a sub-editor to correct the spellings and grammar, so language wise is not an issue. LOL, but I think it doesnt really suit me. I want something that is more me. LIKE ME YOU KNOW. Maybe hmm, omg I really dont know. So the best thing to do now is study hard to go to JC, then I can have extra two more years to decide what I really want. I wouldnt mind doing something related to sports as well. Then I can train my kids to have six pacs since young, omg sexy.

Anyway, WE HAD ELEARNING ON WED THIS WEEK. It's like one of the best breaks our school could ever afford to give us. As in, eventhough there's still hw. But I really slept my fill man. It's been 1 whole month since I last woke up at my usual 12pm. LOL. And it felt so good. (TO THE TUNE OF I JUST HAD SEX, LOLOL.) I'm so pleased with myself for not doing English, cos my english teacher is Mrs Raj for goodness sake. Like she cares about IT -,- LOL. I dont think she even know about e-learning day. Had evacuation exercise, it's damn hilarious. Cos it was during english lesson that the evacuation exercise took place. And Mrs Raj was like "It's an evacuation exercise, everybody OUT!" LOLOL. And when all of us headed to the front door, she went back to have a sip of water from her water bottle. And she said "I better get a sip of water before I really get burnt." HAHAHAHA! OMGGG, damn funny. Btw, this year's evacuation exercise is really unexpected. Because normally they would announce it during assembly, and that makes us prepared. But this time round, they didnt inform us about anything anf the alarm was really sudden. BTW, I wanted to bring newspaper to sit on the field, but Rasyidah and Farhan stopped me. They said "Dont be a girl, be a lady." I dont really get what that means, but walauuu. I really didnt wanna dirty my cullotes so I took the class card and stand. And I got to be one of the helpers as well. I was the runner for the missing people forms. Basically it's just forms la, the teachers are filling up the forms with missing students from their classes, and we have to take the slips and run to the Coporate Office and run back. LOL, in order to be in the FIRE DRILL MOOD, I ran abit. But was quite lazy la, in uniform leh, somemore my skirt so loose, I can feel it dropping. LOL. I was quite honoured to be one of the helpers because many people must be wondering like "What are they doing?" HAHAHA, cos I would feel the same way if I didnt get to help out. I would just be sitting on the muddy field wondering what to do, under the hot sun somemore. BTW AH, inside the coporate office, all the teachers are like inside there, laughing and joking around, enjoying the aircon. Pfft.


Btw, there're freaking lots of things I wanna get from Cotton On. I want the dark blue cardigan with pockets and lace sleeveless (The one sacha wore to maria's house! I didnt know it was from Cotton On omg.) And I gotta get myself high waist shorts before it becomes outdated. T.T But I needa studyyy. So many things yet so little time ):

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