Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is the best feeling.

Argh, can't believe I used the comp today. T.T Pfft, didnt I say I will only use it once a week? Damn it. Anyways, I just feel like blogging all of a sudden okay. HAHA.

Had training on Saturday, nothing much happened. Just that coach punished Chaoxin and I for the team's bad attire. LOL, it was quite funny la. Hmm, sorry! I got bad memory, I can't really remember what happened that training :x

Sunday, yes! The first day of I went out ever since school reopened. Had plans with Pantita to go Queensway to buy sports bra. Cos we heard that Kelly bought her nike sports bra for only $33, and causeway point's Sports Link freaking sold it for $49. That's alot of difference okay. And we initially wanted to buy the dark purple colour Eden got, but then we saw kelly's one, which is alot nicer and we love it. Went COTTON ON first, tried on a few clothes. I like one of the clothes, but the design in the middle ugly. Yer D: And bought a long sleeveness, grey and black! WOo, same as pan. HAHAHA, so headed to queensway to check the prices. I think we hit the right shop from the start. But we decided to walk around somemore. Sian la, all of them sell $41. D: We asked kelly again to double confirm her price and everything. In total we called her three times to ask where's the shop, price and her size. HAHAHA. Damn funny. Settled at JW SPORTS in the end. I remembered the shop name cos that was where I made the TOO UNIQUE class tee. LOL. Bought the bra and headed for subway.

After subway, we headed to bugis by bus. LOL damn hilarious! We missed our stop, and we thought it might be at the next stop so we didnt get down. And when we were like "shit, I think we're damn far behind. Wanna get down?" One of us will, "Scarly next stop leh? See first, one more stop." HAHAHA, and we overshot by about 6 stops I think! We were quite scared, cos if it goes to the highway, we really lost liao. But then we got down finally, and thanks to Pantita's sharp eyes, she spotted ILUMA! And we walked about the distance of two bus stops to Iluma. Bought KOI GREEN TEA MACHIATO. I swear everyone must try it. Seriously damn nice. For those who love green tea, you'll love it more! And it's damn special, you can't drink it with straw, you have to cut open the side of the cup and drink it like that. Cos it consists of two layers, got creamy part at the top and green tea and the bottom, damn nice! And it's $2.90, even cheaper than KOI MILK TEA lo, somemore nicer.

Shopping @ bugis! My aim that day was to buy shoe. Like sandals that kind, cos xinlerk bought one and it's damn nice. As in, I like it la, and I wanna buy something like that. Somemore I wanna wear for CNY, er I dont wear high heels. I dont wanna fall down on Chinese New Year, damn diulian (throw face) to fall down when you're all dressed up. HAHA. Somemore I want the shoe to be easy to wear and take off one, so visits people house wont be so ma fan (troublesome). Yes, I did manage to buy that kind of shoe in the end. For $19.90. I wouldnt say it's damn nice, but I wouldnt expect too much for the requirements I had. LOL, so that was the best shoe so far. But sad to say! It's not really comfortable wearing it, it's like, the shoe looks abit too just nice for my feet, but it's quite loose you know. Alamak.

A white button up shirt, with the material of waitress uniform caught Pan's eye. HAHAHA, I dont know how to describe it la okay. I quite like it at first sight. Pan said I would definitely look good in it, so I bought. LOL $10. Cheap la, for that kind of good material. So now, I think all I wanna get damn badly is a high waist shorts ): I dont think the one I want will be available in singapore leh. I reblogged the one I wanted in my tumblr: Go check it out, tell me if you see any stores selling it. Cheap please. LOL. Continued walking around with empty wallet. Damn sian, Pan even had to pay that white shirt for me. I bought $110 that day and I'm left with 50cents. HAHAHA. Bought crispy chicken as usual, I had money to pay for it, and went home by bus.

Wanxin sent me home, woohoo. K la, he's nice. But abit dumb also. T.T BUT THANKS LA, I doubt he'll see this anyway. HAHAHA.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KASANDRA ON TUESDAY! HAHAHA. I almost quarreled with Xintien cos of her birthdate, and in the end xintien won, damn it. LOL.

Had NZ competition against Yishun sec. We might have won, but we could've done better. That match was way off our standard. JIAYOUS FOR THE FOLLOWING MATCHES. HAHA, and jiaolian say I can consider helping out to be assisstant coach. Actually, I dont mind! HAHAHA, part time can? At least can earn some money. LOL. I really thought xinlerk should work. But now abit too late la. Went back to school for training, WALAU. Played libero siah. It's quite fun actually! Just that I'm abit used to following the setter, so I keep moving in front, but I'm supposed to stay at the back. Missed two balls cos of that and two balls flew out of my hands cos I didnt move back in time. LOLOL. FIRST TIME PLAYING LIBERO, not bad la. Cass and Tiffy came back. TIFFY, our legendary server. HAHAHA. Damn cool la.

Anyways, had today was a confusing day for me. I couldnt decide what to do. I had doctor's appointment today after school, but then there's chemistry makeup lesson and bio makeup practical for the volleyballers. So I didnt go for my appointment. Mummy told me not to go anymore. I dont wanna go alr also, waste money and time. Cos I dont think my finger will recover anyways. I totally embarrassed myself during biology practical la. SO PAISEH, but luckily just the few of us. And Yingjie only laugh at me, never tell me whats wrong. Damn stupid la, I find myself so silly. LOLLLL. I like the way Mr Chong smile, very genuine and real. Like you know sometimes you say something lame, some people will just give you a sarcatic laugh or a slight smile like shy or smth. Cheyy. Mr Chong just laugh, squeezing his wrinkles out, and his eyes like one line like that. Then the mouth open big big. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He's naice. Apart from Ms Siti, I think he's my fav teacher. Somemore he teach my fav subject. Woo.

Oh ya, LOL, suddenly I got so many things to say. Got back our English diagnostic test paper, compo on AN EMBARRASSING MOMENT. I was really scared to get back my paper, cos the test was meant to differentiate those who is weaker in English. And worst comes to worst, they might get tranfered to another band. I didnt want that to happen, cos some of the students already got listed. But luckily Mrs Rag said I was not bad. LOL, she comment everybody's compo know, she just said not bad for mine and kept quiet. YAYY, I got 18/30. Quite good for me already la, I wouldnt ask for more.

NZ competition tomorrow against Woodlands Sec. Please put up a good fight, noone should take the match lightly okay? ^^ Will be leaving class damn early, 9.45am. Siao eh. Celebrating Kas's Birthday on Saturday. My god, my week is already packed! Ask me something from my formspring leh, I damn sian leh! I wanna log in and see like 20 new questions for me. HAHAHA!

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