Monday, January 31, 2011


Gosh gosh, I'm really sorry for not updating for 11 days. HAHAHA. Anyway, school was alright and every weekends of mine is either packed with homeworks or birthday celebrations. LOL.

Last last Saturday, OMG, I feel like I havent been updating for like super duper long that I have to use last times two. ): HAHAHA. Anyways, had training which was abit disappointing. But nevermind, everyone was like moodless. Went over to Kas's house after training to celebrate her birthday. Training ended at 1pm, so we had time to go back home and shower before coming out to meet up again. Bought her a phiten necklace, seriously I'm so jealous. HAHAHA, I feel like using all the money from everyone to buy the necklace for myshelf! HEHEHE. MAISHELF. So kas, you better love your phiten necklace, pan and I lurveeee it. LOL. The food was really nice, finally got a chance to taste the chocolate rice. I feel that all the food there is so healthy, I dont know why. Even the fried chicken wings taste so healthy. LOL, k wth is wrong with me, but seriously leh. SOMEBARDY TELL ME WHAI! HAHA. I love all the photos we took that day. The one in this post, is da boomxsz. Except I look abit shitty la, but who cares. HEHE.

Had NZ match against Hougang last Tuesday, it was our critical match to get into the second round of the NZ Championships. Almost lost the first set, but got it back with a bit of luck on our side. First set was 24-26, and the second set was definitely well played with a score of 25-9. Of course as usual, I had a lot of comments while writing the statistics outside the court. HAHAHA. I stayed back at PHS to draw lots for the second round. Aiya, I didnt really draw anything. I just went there and they were like 'Representatives for Woodlands Ring?' and I raised up my hand frantically in case they were looking for a teacher instead. HAHAHA. We were in the same group as Presbytarian and Anderson. I wouldnt say it's the bad draw, kind of equal to the other group with ChungCheng, Xinmin and Sembawang. So for those who thought it was a bad draw, I dont know what the hell was in your head. You would rather play with Xinmin than PHS? Please. Sorry I was abit offended when people said I had unlucky hands because it seems as though if the team didnt get in the second round, it's my fault cos I picked a lousy draw. You know what I mean? It's like, the fate of the team is in my hands and the wind blew them to the stormy side. K I dont know what the hell I'm yakking about, but smart people should get it. So if you wanna be smart, pretend you get it even if you dont. MUAHAHA. LOL.

Played our first game in the second round against PHS on Friday. I wouldnt say it was that bad, everyone was determined for sure. I can feel the "walau, damn it' feeling when you guys made a mistake. HAHA, so everything was quite understood la. It's not totally the end yet okay, we still have an upcoming match on 8Feb against Anderson. Went back to class for Community Afternoon, giving out madarin oranges to our school's neighbourhood. Quite boring la, I was grouped together with Maria, Sufei, Germaine, Nadiah and one more person I forgot. OOOPS. HAHAHA, we were the last group to finish cos we're like taking our own sweet time liddat. LOL, man man lai ma, what's the rush. Rush to go back and do reflection?!?! HAHA. I was really tired during reflection time. I even slept and Maria had to nudge me to wake me up. LOL. But I didnt go home straight after that. I went out with Cliques and met at 888Plaza. LOL, I'm so addicted to Zena's "MUSCAL, SEXY" dance. HAHAHA, I feel like doing it now siah. Imagine Sport's Day we do that, OMG SO COOL LA. LOL, oh yaaaaa. Talking about Sport's Day. How come I feel like I'm the only one excited for Sport's Day ah? (or maybe pan as well) Seriously, I thought like all the sports people should be jumping for joy. Like excuse me, this is our thang. You know. This is for the sports people, like our talent show. Aiya, I dont know how to say la. Like I cant sense the enthusiasm from anyone. Like when teacher ask me to join the whatever race, I will be like, YESYESYES OKOKOK. The only reason I have to reject it is that I'm already signed up to limited number of races. You knowwww. Aiya, I can never stand being an audience during Sport's Day and see people running and winning the first. And in my heart, I will be like "I think I can beat her." THAT KIND OF FEELING YOU KNOW. I think I said you know like four times, but seriously! YOU KNOW! LOL. Btw, I took part in 100m and Long Jump individual and 1x100m relay with Maria, Nadia, and Regina. I just realised alot people join Long Jump I DAMN SIAN. I thought I win already one ): Pantita, Chaoxin and Rau also join Long Jump (I initially wanted to spell it as LJ-shortform, and I realised it looks wrong. HAHAHA.) I abit scared liao. HAHA, but nevermind, got competition, I loike. HEHE. Later the first second and third all volleyballers, wah shiok. Like that I wouldnt mind being the third, but it would be so damn cool to be the shortest of them all and win first doncha think? HEHE. I think so much, make me excited alr.

HOOKAY, what was I talking about before sports day ah? WAH, off topic alr. LOL. Anyways, I was quite pissed off with the students who refused to gimme their baby photos for the birthday calendar. I feel like killing them, like really, use a knife and stab them everywhere. IT'S JUST A BABY PHOTO, WOULD IT KILL YOU? IF IT WOULD, THEN LEMME KILL YOU. Walau. Like I imagine someone from other class comes into our class and sees the birthday corner, and they would realise how 'UNITED' our class is. Can't even collect zhunzhun 46 photos. T.T I shouldve just used their IC photo right. I'm so dumb to have trusted everyone would bring. Oh ya, thinking that now our class only have 46 students make me miss Yeonhao suddenly. I miss how halfway through the lessons, the teacher would be like 'YEONHAO WAKE UP.' HAHAHA, and how his sleeping posture is damn smart.

Oh ya, I cant believe I finished all my homeworks during the weekends and the CNY BOARD draft and the Birthday Corner and revise for Emaths test. K talking about emaths test, it was kinda fail la. I wont fail, but I dont think I'll reach the 85% of distinction. I last minute thought of the solution to the last question, and just as I was writing the last sentence,,,,,, the teacher said stop writing ): Today is an unlucky day. But I was quite pleased with my English Composition. I wrote about Leadership, I love my starting and ending and my contents, omg I love everything I cant wait to know how I score hopefully it wouldnt turn out disappointing cos I really have high hopes for it omgomgomg i'm just so excited I can die HAHA joke. I dont wanna talk about getting sent to the borderless today. 2011 just couldnt get any worser than this right? For me, the first month of 2011 kinda suck. OH YAAA, Pan and I went to cwp that day to eat Mos Burger. For those who're still living in their own little cave, IT'S TIME TO TAKE A LOOK AT CWP MAN. YEA IT'S CWP AND IT'S GONNA LOOK LIKE ION ORCHARD SOON. HAHAHA. K Ion Orchard is abit far, but maybe Northpoint? Or AMKhub? HAHA. I dont know la, it had a new extension already and I love walking there with pantita. LOLLL, we can do the dumbest thing ever. You know what we did? We went around stepping on every corner of the floor like we're stepping on ends. HAHAHA, you know why? Cos we thought like we might be the first to step on any small piece of area on the new tile. HAHAHA, I dont think you get it but it's freaking funny. The look on the auntie's face when she stared at us was goddamn epic I swear. And to think I scolded Pantita that she was lame and childish when I was the one who actually thought of this silly thing. I didnt know I'm so dumb siah. I must be crazieee when I thought of it. Must be one of the days me and pan got extremely high for nothing. Which is almost everytime? K no, there are times when we are serious. LOL.

Oh ya, and there's a damn big crazyyyyy chocolate sale at cwp first level. I CAN GO BONKERS MAN. THEY SELL CADBURY CARAMELO @ 2 FOR $8. And normally it's sold for about $5 each. Somemore it's quite hard to find cos not all places sell it. I tried looking for it at Fairprice and Cold storage. According to my sister, Shop and Save sells it. BUT ITS FREAKING CHEAP! I finished it already. Nevermind, Jiawei's gonna buy that for me instead of koi. MUAHAHA, this pays for wanting to bet his height with me. Like obviously he's shorter. LOL, Jiawei will read this because he always stalk me. MUAHAHA. Okay this post is sooo long. LOL. But I larve it.

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