Saturday, January 1, 2011

Loves, it's TWENTY-ELEVEN (!)


So who caught 11.11pm on 1/1/11? HAHAHA! Bet everyone had fun counting down or whatever right? COS I DID TOO. HEHE.

Met up with Xiaojun at 4,30pm to go to Zena's place together. We were the first to reach there. Rasyidah, Farhan, Matthio, Dillion came afterwards. So there's the seven of us. Settled at the dining table playing card games. Used two stack of cards to play bullshit. Damn fun. HAHA, and yay, I won! WOO. Then separate out the two stacks to play daidi. Farhan really damn suay that day or what, he spilled the drinks twice -,- LOLOL. And his reason to Zena was: You told me to make all the mistakes that I can before 2010 ends. HAHAHA! Everyone was teaching Rasyidah how to play daidi, she damn dumb la. LOL. I thought she smart siah. HAHAHA, joke! Had hawaiian and cheese pizza delivery, but we were not really hungry la. Ate only a few pieces.

Went to watch movies afterwards. DAMN FUN! We watched Scary Movie 1, it's more to the funny side siah! But alot of mature content, seriously alot. -,- BUT FUNNY LA, everyone should watch it ^^ But some might find it lame la. You can watch it over the internet I think. Then we went on to watch another movie called DIRTY DEEDS. Recommended by Farhan. I dont get why Farhan is always laughing at the parts that are not funny T.T LOLOL. But that movie is nice too. BUT ALSO ALOT OF MATURE CONTENT. But the movie is really cool, especially at all the deeds. Woo. I think this movie's mature content is even worse than the previous movie we watched. LOL.

Went on to play GAME OF LIFE on the computer. WALAU, I'm like damn poor I dont know why. And I got the last for ranking D: BUT THE GAME IS FUN! I WANNA PLAY IT AGAIN THE NEXT TIME I GO ZENA'S HOUSE. MUAHAHA, and I'm gonna win. :P Rasyidah damn cheater la, she won like 3 bettings consecutively. WE ALL CANT FIGURE OUT WHY, she's just damn lucky. Pfft. Then played Plants VS Zombies. FUNFUN, luckily I never lose. MUAHAHA. I first time play, I used to think it's lame. Really, but then afterwards I THINK QUITE FUN LEH! HAHAHA. And Matthio ah, tsk tsk, only know how to talk big. Oh yaaaa, my memory fail. We watched BEWITCHED on Channel 5. But before that got the countdown show. And Matthio sent message over to the show, and we were all like camping in front of the TV, waiting for our message to appear. We dumped our GAME OF LIFE aside for awhile know! LOL. But looks like Matthio just wasted his $1 la, Zena also. I wanted to take a photo of it so that I can have a relevant photo for this post. Sighs, but it's okay ^^ Anyways, Rasyidah and Farhan went home afterwards. They can't stay overnight. That's abit sad la! Like, even Xiaojun begged her parents to let her stay, and they cant stay. Walau, bummer.

But anyways, we still had fun. Went into Zena's room after awhile. Matthio and Dillon really like drunk siah. Matthio is like crapping about all sorts of things, distribute cards also got something to talk and act cute about. And Dillon was like laughing all the way. DAMN FUNNY LA, but Matthio was super annoying T.T I really felt like slapping his face. Off-ed the lights, girls on the bed and guys on the mattress on the floor. Played a few rounds of shoot, do, marry. LOL. I think I fell asleep? HAHAHA, and Xiaojun say I punched and kicked her. OOOPS, sorry! I didnt believe it when Matthio say I sleep until very unglam at first la. Then Xiaojun also say. I really didnt know siah. :X I thought I always very glam one?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! And nice Matthio, he say he help me cover blanket. Thanks la. And I realised when I woke up, I'm alone in the room. So I went back to sleep again, and Matthio was sleeping on the mattress on the floor. I stared at him for very long I think, and he woke up. He say everybody waiting for me to wake up. LOLLLLL, I was really tired la. Anyways, we slept only at 6.30am. We realised it was 6.30am when we noticed the sky became brighter. HAHA. And when I woke up, I thought it's 11am plus. BUT TURNED OUT IT'S 2pm plus. WAH SIAOOOO.

Woke up, stalked people on facebook. Laughed at their photos whatever shit, gossiped. Finally went home at about 4pm.

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