Monday, January 3, 2011

Live like heaven is on earth


Woke up damn early in the morning to take my bursary award at Marsiling CC, $400 cheque. It was really boring there, I was just smsing all the way. LOL, Siyao was seated in the same row as me. But damn sad, he never sit beside me. If not at least got somebody to chat with right. I was abit irritated that people keep walking in and out, and we keep have to make way for them. And that idiot sitting infront of me have his back of the chair resting on my knee. I think I saw alot of my primary schoolmates, not exactly my friends la, never talk to them before one. One was seated just beside me. LOLOL. Anyways, I saw Yuping. She texted me, and we were just texting all the way. Saw Mr Siva, think he's one of the committe memebers. Btw, I heard he's gonna be our vice-principal next year. So we'll have two principals in our school next year, one black one white, one tall one short. Ooops. HAHAHA. Forgot who else I saw, but the entire thing was quite boring. And I thought we have to go to the stage one by one and take, but turn out they just distribute to everyone row by row. Maybe cos it's my first time taking it la, cos I finally became Singaporean. LOL. Anyway, I had breakfast with my father before taking the award. I think my new school shoe the size too small -,- Make my feet damn pain. Sian la, how? I dont know what to do.

Anyways, I'm supposed to be doing homework. But i'm damn sian, like confirm cannot finish one la. I think I will just finish one of the emaths worksheet, then continue to finish my chem and physics. YAY, there's training tomorrow. Yes, school starts tomorrow. Quite excited la, I dont know why. I think it's cos I'm attending training tomorrow. WOO. And I wont be going to school on Wednesday. I have doctor's appointment in the morning, but I'll be going back to school after that. Not sure if I can do that. LOL.

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