Wednesday, December 29, 2010






Sorry for not updating, eventhough it's just a few days. LOL, cos people stopped asking me out and I'm forced to stay at home to complete my homework. I think I finished alot of homeworks, but I think I have alot of homeworks left too. I think many people neglected Chinese. HAHAHA. So I'm left with one History mindmap, Chinese, Chemistry, Amaths, Emaths, Physics. Omg, is that alot? D:

Nevermind, let's dump homework aside for awhile. School's starting on Tuesday anyways, got one more day. Heaven's will? Thank god, at least he spared us one day. HAHA. So, my whole family decided to go to Malaysia yesterday. I was wearing green at first, then my father told me to change to black cos we all wanna steal attention. HAHAHA, JOKING! Our whole family decided to wear black! WOO, like black society like that. LOL. Yesterday was damn fun, I feel like I'm in a happy family after so long. I swear. It's the best outing with my family ever.

We went to have our usual and favourite beef meatballs soup. It was still nice, but we didnt see the usual owner. Then heard the news that he died about half a year before. It was kinda expected, but after hearing the news, you can't help but still feel shocked. Then we headed to JUSCO to shop. Yea, it's the place we shopped at during the last day of the Kota Tinggi Leadership Camp. That place is still nice, just that everything is still so expensive -,- Pfft. Anyways, we bought a twister chips (?) and mango puddings! Sat down on a bench to eat. My father was peeling the chips and feeding us. He even fed my mum. That scene was the sweetest la. I even whispered to Xinlerk: Happy family. Didnt really buy anything there, except xinlerk got a dark blue belt. Yesh it's nice. HAHA.

Then we went to another place, it's been a super duper long time since we went there. I think I was damn young then, cos xinlerk and I would always run to see the damn big gigantic fish area. The fish is damn big. But we didnt get a chance to go back to that place again. HAHA, cos we were busy shopping! But before we got into serious shopping time, papa decided to have foot massage and invited us to join him. Yesh, so it's the three of us plus our father. It's my second time having foot massage, I think this time is better. I didnt move so much due to the itch or pain. I think it's not even itchy la, most of the time is painful. I THINK I GREW UP AGAIN. HAHAHA. We had one hour of massage, we even fell asleep. LOL.

Then it's serious shopping. We went into a shop selling jeans. I wanted a dark coloured jeans. I saw one that immediately caught my eye, I swear. It's damn nice. I took one size bigger for myself cos it's more comfortable. I LOVE IT! I think it's like the best buy that day la. I immediately changed into my jeans and walk everywhere, LOOKING AND FEELING GOOD. WOO. Then I went to buy a white belt for my jeans, and I wore it immediately as well. HEHE. I was in no mood to buy any shirt leh, I dont know why. I only know I want shoes, but mummy say we'll buy it at my Auntie's place. She sell Moda Paolo shoes. We headed to another supermarket I hate alot to buy our school shoes. So that day, I only bought my beautiful jeans, belt and school shoes.

THEN IT'S DINNER TIME! We went to our old place, LAO DI FANG, to eat er, I dont know how to call it. It's all damn nice food la okay. My father made me accompany him to drink beer. LOL, he said he wanted to train us to not get drunk easily. But I cannot la, I get drunk easily :X I know that myself, so my father said I can only drink when I'm with him. The crab there is still nice, I love all the food there la. We really ate alot that day. I went back home with my face and ears damn red, my face feels damn hot. -,-


I love my jeans.

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