Monday, December 13, 2010


Yes as stated in my previous post, Eden and Qiuheng came over to my house today. They just left. LOL. I went down to look for them at around 12.30pm. They were suppose to reach my house at 12pm -,- LOL. Qiuheng even wanted 11am! HAHAHA. Bought some stuffs from seven eleven. I introduced Durian Iceblend to them, walau then they dont want. Bought Tom Yam cup noodles, and drinks. Damn hot weather today! I really think Earth is dying! D: I remember kelly saying that she must have sex before she die cos she dont wanna die as a virgin. L-O-L. HAHAHA. As usual, they played with my brother. Then my parents went to Malaysia after awhile. Went inside the study room, ON AIRCON. WAH, so shiok. HAHA. We were really bored, okay actually not really. We played UNO STACKO. HAHA, we knew qiuheng's gonna screw it up. AND SHE REALLY DID! THE UNO STACKO STACK UNTIL DAMN JIALAT I TELL YOU. Seriously! LIKE, I never play until like that before la. Damn funny. Then ate cup noodles. Played games. I still cant figure out how Eden win the Shopper's Paradise game! Pfft. I keep losing and I dont know why. Even after she teach me how to play! We used the comp at 4pm, yea got time slot one. Cos needa share with my two sisters. YAY, damn fun. We did some funny stuffs, that send us almost rolling to the floor. HAHAHA. Gossips as usual inside the room. Girls cant live without gossips, I admit. Nyahaha. LOL. Xintien was being very naice and bought all of us Durian Iceblend. NAICE RIGHT! It's damn nice, I recommend. HEHE. It started from Xiaojun btw. She recommended, and I went to try it. And that was how it spreaded so far. I tell alot of people. LOL, then the shop business damn good. HAHAHA. I scared the shop close down, so must give her alot of business. LOL, k la crap. Cant really remember what else we did, but we were busy at the comp. HAHA, sometimes laughing at other people's picture etc. Like who dont right, if it's funny we laugh la. And we still have unfinished business to do. Tomorrow after training! YAY. LOL.

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