Thursday, December 16, 2010

I wanna feel the sun.


Had circuit training in the morning, yea circuit training again! Pfft. Cos everytime there's gym, something crops up. First is cannot find gym room key, second is suddenly no training cos Ms Lim cannot find school key. WAH. So we've been doing circuit for like consecutively 3 times? And I'm so sick of it, cos need to run. And I hate running. Anyway, it was our last training that year. Cos following thursday and saturday trainings will be taken up for friendlys against St.Hildas and Yuying Secondary School. Chongwei, Mingyeow and Minghwee came over to our school to play set games. HAHAHA, Chongwei told me what coach did. He think coach very funny. I was still bored during training la, eventhough it's a teeny weeny bit to watch them play. BUT WHAT BEATS BEING ABLE TO PLAY IN THE GAME ITSELF RIGHT! LOL. Anyway, that's about it. ^^


Went to the hospital to do checkup on my poor little middle finger. Basically the trip was abit lame, the therapist was like look look touch touch talk abit of crappy stuffs and I left. -,- And all that talking was worth $7.50 EAT MY MONEY ONE. WAHLAO. Anyways, the checkup was really short. My appointment was at 11am. And I'm meeting Eden and Qiuheng afterwards at 1pm. To kill time, I actually took the mrt from yishun to jurongeast then bounce back to woodlands. AND LUQIUHENG IS LATE FOR ALMOST ONE HOUR! Luckily I'm not waiting alone, or else I sure angry one. HAHAHA serious. And we were playing the DL game. Like, damn DL one. HAHAH. It started ytd, during our last training. Chaoxin took the wrong bag, cos we all have the same bag. Then Qiuheng say 'Chaoxin diulian!'. Then I was like, 'Walau, chaoxin damn DL.' And Qiuheng shot me the blur look, and I was like DL=DIULIAN. HAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, it means throw face in chinese. HAHAHA. Damn funny. And we were all playing and playing, saying DB when we wanna DABIAN (shit) and XB when we wanna XIAOBIAN (pee). HAHAHAHAHAHA. We went all the way to the furthes Golden Village to watch HELLO STRANGER. VIVOCITY BTW. LOL. We took bus 293 there. And I saw Yuyang and Deion together with some other friends. I DIDNT KNOW THEY KNOW EACH OTHER?! I also saw Sarah, which I didnt dare to confirm it's her in the first place. HAHA, but she said hi, so it's her. LOL. The journey there was super long I tell you, one hour plus. We even slept on the way. But chatted alot too. My hand and butt went numb. My butt damn pain -,- Reached VIVO, got lost for awhile. HAHA. THE SHOPPING MALL IS FREAKING BIG. -,- Got out of Habourfront Centre and searched all over the place for the cinema. Yes, finally found it. Bought the tickets and went to have our lunch at SUBWAY. LOL. I love subway, dont you? Say no and I'll keel you. We were eating damn fast, cos the moovee starts at 4.10pm. And we bought the tickets at 3.30pm. Our seat was like third row from the front. DAMN INFRONT. But because the movie damn nice, so everything seems worth it. The movie is like so realistic leh. I like can feel it happening to me like that. It's like, I wanna have a boyfriend that will show me off to all his friends. And not hide like, oh she's just my friend or neighbour. You know?! And the guy damn cute, esp the statue part. I laugh damn long. HAHAHA. It's like super cute la. The girl also very pretty. The guy abit retarded. Cos he was drinking coke, and the girl said "if you put a coin inside the coke, it will disappear." And the guy started to panic and he said "WHAT HAPPENED? SOMEONE TOOK IT?" WTH LA, LIKE SO DUMB. BUT LIKE CUTE LA. HAHAHA. IT'S A MUST-WATCH FOR EVERYONE ALSO OKAY! I actually recommend this more than Rapunzel. Eventhough both rocks ^^ Bought bubbletea and crispy chicken after the movie before heading home by bus. SIAN LA, QIUHENG SO POOR. If not we would have eaten the yoghurt in the damn cute little shop. Everything looks so mini, I wanna try sitting on the stool to see if it will break or smth. HAHAHA.

Thursday, which is today. LOL.

Met up with the team at 11.15am and headed to St.Hildas Secondary School for friendly match. It was really troublesome to get there. Need to change bus etc. And the school didnt look like a school. And they have lifts that looked like HDB flat lifts. HAHAHA I swear. And the sports hall is damn high, we climbed the stairs until wanna die alr, on the 2nd floor only! We won them one set, one set almost won and lost the other two. I was writing down the proceedings of the game. I really had alot to say. Had debriefs, yeah la. I know I'm always very naggy and stuffs. But I really like to have debriefs, and it's like. There's not alot of chance for me to have a proper debrief alr. In a few months time, the sec threes gonna graduate alr! So I hope you guys understand why okay! And also, I cant play. The only thing I can do is make super use of my eyes and mouth. of course if I see something wrong, I cant keep quiet right. I feel it would be selfish for me to do so. So I will keep commenting and stuffs. But as times passes, I feel I'm less blunt towards you guys. ^^ Which is good? HAHA. But today's debrief, I was not really happy. Because some people are talking at the back and not listening. I can feel it la. But kinda understand that some of you were really not in the mood. So it's okay, I guess? Anyways, had lunch with Eden and Qiuheng at Tampines Central (or wtv. LOL.) Had burgers at er, Carl's Jr. We decided to try it. The fries there are superb, but the burgers are so-so lo. They had free-flow of drinks. I tried the Red Tea (or smth?), and it totally suck. Damn bitter. And realised we had to add Sugar Syrup. Then we played with lemons. And recorded down our reactions. I find it really sour at first. But afterwards, I dont find it sour alr leh. So it was abit fail to capture my reaction. LOL. Home sweet home after trying not to pee in our pants during the bus trip back by 969. HAHAHA. YEAH WE ALL WANTED TO XB LIKE MAD.

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