Monday, December 13, 2010

He had learnt to see her imperfections, perfectly.

K nothing much today. I dont know why, I feel like blogging all of a sudden. It's always like this, everytime I wanna blog, there's nothing to talk about, and everytime I dont feel like blogging, there're a million things to talk about. Sometimes heavens like to joke around too. LOL, but dont worry. I'll make sure this post is reasonably long and nice to read. HEHE.

I was reading Pantita's tumblr, . She hasn't been updating lately! Pfft. LOL but anyways, I saw this thing that totally made me go 'aww', like seriously.

A 5-year-old girl asked a boy seated next to her: What is

And the boy answered: Love is when you keep stealing my
chocolates from my bag everyday, but I still keep them at the same spot.

HOOKAY, I'm ready for your reaction. Some of you may think this is like totally shit. But any guy, just any. If they were to say such sweet stuffs, any girls heart would totally melt! Provided they're not some sweet talkers la. -,- But that's sweet okay! Admit it!

Another thing I saw is, er. Quite funny la, HAHA.

Friend A: I will only talk to you if you don't say 'so',
'totally' and 'oh my god'.

Friend B: I'm so doing it.

Friend B: And I totally just said 'so', oh and 'totally'.

Friend B: OH MY GOD!

HAHAHA, funny la. And recently I downloaded this app on my BB. It's like 5001 amazing facts. And I posted some of them on twitter. Some of them la, those that I find interesting.

If the world's population is reduced to exactly 100 people, 49
would be women and 51 would be men. The world's currency will be held by 6
people. One person would be nearly dead, and one nearly born.

COOL RIGHT! I find it amazing. There's still somemore.

Blue birds can't see the colour blue.

A capon is a name for castrated rooster.

A rabbit's tooth never stop growing.

AHH, LOL. That's all I remember, forgotten some of them already. Anyways, Eden and Qiuheng are coming over to my house tomorrow at 12pm. YES, we've got important and silly things to do. NYAHAHAH, and best still, my parents are not gonna be at home, from er, 3 plus onwards. BUT STILL. HEHEHE, K shall end here. ^^

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