Saturday, December 25, 2010


I love this one! HAHA, one thing is cos it's reddddddd! WOO.


Thursday, 23december

Stayed at home to do up some of the christmas presents and history homework that was long dued, but gotta hand it in the next day. Pfft, I make the mindmap until damn chio okay. HAHA, chio. LOL.

Friday, 24december

Woke up early in the morning, 9am. (CONSIDERED EARLY COS IT'S THE HOLS REMEMBER?!) Went to school to buy books. The most irritating thing is we have to wear school uniform -,- But I wore my sports attire la, duh. I only bought Chinese Workbook A. LOLOL, and 5 A4 exercise books. That's all. And it costs less than $10. Eunice told me it would be less than $50, I was already shocked okay. BTW, I HATE THE BOOKSHOP AUNTIE. I mean, I never liked her, but that day she seriously pissed me off like mad. I feel like slapping her face and pulling her hair, I swear. Cos I lost my booklist, LIKE IM THE ONLY ONE RIGHT! And I kindly asked her if she have any extra booklist, and you know what she say?! "MEI YOU, WO ZI YOU WO ZI JI DE!" WTH, hellooooo?! NO WONDER YOUR SHOP KENA ROB LA! IF I SEE THE BURGLAR I GO JOIN HIM/HER ROB CAN! WALAU. Then I told my mum, and my mum approached her really nicely, and she gave the whole set of booklist to my mum. And I was like, WOW AUNTIE, YOU ARE SO SLUTTY! Pfft. Enough la, I was talking about her the entire ride home.

Anyways, got changed and went out with Xintien. We're gonna shop for somemore Christmas presents and Chinese New Year clothes. I got tons of stuffs to buy.

I want the shorts badly D; (Torn denim shorts and high waist shorts) Anyway, my sister and I went to cwp to take prints first! It was really funny, we ran out of poses and we just did whatever poses that comes to our mind. LOL. And after we took our prints, we almost walked into the glass window! OMG. HAHA. Went to Novena, United Square afterwards to eat Subway and get MADE IN CANDY candies! Then went to Velocity's Cotton On. Sorry, I really suck at directions. So it took us quite a long time to get to Cotton On. Was really irritated, but Cotton On brightened up our day! HAHA. Yesh, I brought some of the Xmas gifts there. Tried on a few clothes. BTW! The COTTON ON shop there is really huge, it takes up 4 units. So I really urge you guys to take a look there okay! They even sell bras, nightgowns and home decorations there. Also, there got a few hot angmoh guys. HAHAHA, and oh ya! Before you buy anything from the shop, please try them on first! Because I realised Cotton On have all the clothes that look really nice at first glance, but after trying them on, it doesnt really look good at all. Maybe it's just me, but seriously la! But I really like some of the clothes that is short at the front and long at the back. Almost bought them, but decided not to. LOL. Then we went to have YAMI YOGHURT! Yanni was really cute that day, she said "Is YAMI YOGHURT OR YANNI YOGHURT?" HAHA. Xinlerk recommend us trying the yoghurt like hell. WOO, it's really nice! I LUV ITTT! Okay, from what I remember. I think we went to Bugis afterwards. YESHHH, I went to my favourite shop and I bought my CNY clothes! K la, it's a dress. But it look like a shirt and a skirt together. It's naice, I really like it. But another one caught my eye as well cos it's a shorts, not skirt. Which is also what I've been looking for. But the thing I regret alot is theee belttttt! -,- I bought it for $10 without even reconsidering la. And I saw at other places, $5 + 3 for $10 T.T I wanna die man. I also bought a green sleeveless, wahaha, last one. I dont know why, everytime they say last one, I will think I very lucky. LOL. After buying my CNY clothes, I realised that I only have $12 left -,- And I bought $100 out that day. I feel like dying. I swear. And then we went to Orchard to walk walk. YESH, I didnt want to buy anything already. NO MONAYYYE! D: I forgot how to go to fareast, so we were like walking around ION ORCHARD aimlessly. Plus, it's raining, so we decided to wait for the rain to stop. We were like walking around, walk until pekcek and sweating alr, finding cotton on. And we couldnt find it, it was when we were on our way to fareast, then we saw cotton on. Which pissed us off like mad dogs. Took the underpass to Fareast, showed off to my sister when walking pass Hyatt. LOL. Of course must show off la, I work in a super grand hotel leh. HAHA. Couldnt find anything suitable in Fareast for my younger sister cos everything is just too mature. I almost spelled mature as machure. HAHAHAHAHA! Sat down for awhile, we shopped too much that day la. Super tired. Then decided to grab a bite at Ion Orchard. Settled at Swensens. AND DO YOU KNOW HOW FREAKING LONG WE TOOK TO FIND THAT BURLARDY SWENSENS?! -,- almost half an hour. It's like damn stupid la, seriously hate the location. But the restaurant inside is nice la. Like damn big, then got Ice cream buffet also. WOO. We ate really slowly, like damn slowly. I LOVE MY BAKERICE! It's Salmon and Mushroom one. DAMN NAICE ZOMG. Went back home after that. Really long day, reached home really late.

Got home, showered and headed to hongye's house. HAHAHA, it was a really long day for me la. CHRISTMAS EVE FEELS TOTALLY LIKE CHRISTMAS. THATS WHY I SAID CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY, LOL. Was watching this damn nice show at hongye's house. That show super nice and touching at the end. But I forgot to check the title of that show, it's seriously nice. K I wanna talk about the show. It's about this girl, her name is HANNA. She sing really well, really really well. But because she's fat and ugly, like damn fat, she have to be a backstage singer. It means the fake singer sings on the stage, but actually HANNA is singing, the person on stage is just lipsinging. Hanna had a crush on her producer (or smth) and she told her bestf that she feel that he like her too. And her bestf said hurtful things. And afterwards Hanna realised that the producer's actions (that made hanna think he likes her) is just to use her or smth. And she became very sad and went abroad to do plastic surgery, FROM HEAD TO TOE. And she became really gorgeous la, like damn pretty. And because she was ugly once, she can totally feel the difference after being pretty. She got this fan who followed her everywhere, and she didnt mind. because she understand how it feels to want that thing so badly, but all you can do is stand at a distance and watch. So she feel that if you want something, just go for it. K, lazy elaborate alr. But her voice is really nice, and some parts of the movie is really funny. HAHA. Watched 100% Entertainment afterwards, Show is really cute. (LOL MARIA, dont kill me.) During the breaks, Hongye and I would play SNAP! And he keep winning me la, I won him once only D: Also, Hongye told me scary things about his house that happened recently. I hate him for telling me, but actually, it's good that he told me la. Then when he went to shower, I was so scared that I called Jiawei to entertain me. He didnt really entertain me though, but at least he still stayed on the line. LOL. I couldnt think of anyone else at the moment la can! I was going to fall asleep really soon alr, then Hongye wanted to go get some food at the 7-11 downstairs. Went down, bought sandwiches and gulp. Settled at the playground, like usual spot siah. HAHA. Chatted alottttt, we didnt feel tired at all after that. HAHA, I ony felt tired when I got up that chair. Damn it. LOL, and I literally dragged myself home T.T Fun day.

Reached home at around 7 to 8am. Showered and went to bed. Woke up at 3pm. OMG. I'm suppose to meet Eunice at her house at 1 plus. And I overslept, and I was suppose to meet Chaoyi as well and Sheela, Maria and Sacha. OMGGGG LA. I rushed like hell, went to meet Sheela and the rest first. Will give Eunice her xmas gift tmr D: I dont like it like that, like belated. Not nice. I'm glad Sheela and Maria liked their gifts. HEHE. I got my presents from Chaoyi and Maria. They both give me clothes siah. LOL. I love the shirt Chaoyi gave me, it's from COTTON ON and it's the shirt that I talked about! Short at the front and long at the back! I almost bought it, but didnt in the end. WOOOO. Btw, I got rubi earpiece from Cotton On at only $9.90. ^^ THANKS MARIA AND CHAOYI. HEHE. I LOVE XMAS THIS YEAR! :D:D

Btw, I'm soooo jealous. -,- Xinlerk is going to get her MACBOOK. Damn it.

Oh ya, I think I forgot to mention. I cut my hair! LOL. Cut about 2 inch? I love it, cos no more unhealthy ends. WOO.

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