Thursday, November 18, 2010

Didn't feel appreciated.

Ahh, this is gonna be my last post before my china trip which is in a er, less than 4 hours time. HAHA, yea I didnt intend to sleep tonight. I knew I wont be able to crawl out of bed before the sun does. HAHA. Dont think Pantita and Siewming are sleeping too. Anyway, I got chongwei to pei me! HAHAHA, msning with him since I-dont-know when liao. ^^

Anyway, went out with Qiuheng, Pantita and Xintien today. Watched Megamind at AMKhub. I was freaking hungry, I had actually prepared myself for the Swensens treat to Qiuheng for her birthday. But then turned out amkhub doesnt have swensens, so we had pepperlunch instead. It was my first time eating it, and quite troublesome leh. Need to stir and do so many things before eating it. But it's damn naice. HAHAHA, I almost wanted to say chao naice. See la, Chongwei influenced me so much -,- Then we had Greentea icecream included in the meal, but the icecream totally sucked. Ee, we rushed to buy KOI MILK TEA afterwards. Aw, HAHAHA. I just had it during the games day, and was freaking craving for it then, finally got to drink it again! MUAHAHAH. Our queue number was quite far back, and our movie is starting in 10mins time! AHH, sian diao. We rushed like mad. HAHAHA, the most embarrassing we've ever done in a shopping mall. We ran all the way to the toilet man, and it was a freaking long stretch! So many poeple were looking at us know! WALAU, HAHAHA. But funnnnn! ^^ The movie already started when we got into the cinema. Got our usual seat, but nearer to the screen. Oh ya, forgot to mention! The stupid girl at the movie tickets counter totally suck ttm. Esp her voice, DAMN NAICE I TELL YOU, irritating like hell. Pantita just rated her poor for gods sake.

The movie was AWEEESOMEEE! MANION IS FREAKING CUTEEEE! Esp the exaggerated death part. HAHAHA, and when the megamind says "AHH, my big blue head!" HAHAHA. FREAKIGN HILARIOUS. I love the movie! The girl's hair so naice. LOL. I was looking at her hair when the wind blew on her face. Wah, nice. Some parts were quite sad la. Saw Hannah (senior) and Yanni afterwards.

Qiuheng left with Megan and Jingwen, and Pan and Xintien and I went over to Albert's house. Woah, immediately Liar Game. HAHA, I didnt watch the beginning part. Normally times like this, I wouldnt choose to continue watching it. But I guess if I dont choose to watch it, I'll have nothing else better to do anyway. So I decided to watch it, and hey it's so addictive! I love it immediately, because all their actions are totally unpredictable. Chaoyi will love it, but he wanna watch him Prince of Persia? LOL. And the girl is like, dumb, stupid, whatever. But she's totally naive, innocent and pure la. Damn pure. -,- AIYA THE SHOW JUST ROCKS MY ASS OFF LA, please watch it! It's in japanese, with english subtitles. I'm looking forward to season 2 man! BERTTTT! I wanna watch it after my china trip! HAHAHA, 3december okay! ^^

Home afterwards, quite late. Kas came home with Xintien and I. Albert sent us back home. How sweet! Kas is sleeping in our room, since Xinlerk went to her class chalet. Aw, hugged her before we left house today in the afternoon. Gonna miss her and my brother so much.

Xintien and Kas are asleep now i think. One and a half hour more and I have to wake them up. HAHA. Will be back on 25november, thursday! Aw, jealous of people going to the sc camp -,- Afterwards I'm going to my yeye house until 2 december. And on 3 december I'm staying overnight at bert's house until 4december. And 4 december I got training. Pfft, busy schedule la. But all having fun. When will I ever start my homework man. I got some homeworks long overdue during the holidays alr la. Nevermind, *ignores* HAHAHA!

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